Donte Grantham to announce college choice next week

Dylan Burkhardt
on reports that Michigan target Donte Grantham will announce his college choice next week, according to his coach at Hargrave Academy.

6-8 Donte Grantham of Hargrave Prep, VA should have his decision next week his coach said Thursday, and that decision is down to Clemson and Michigan. Grantham, the West Virginia player of the year last season, made an unofficial visit to Clemson for the Georgia football game. He took an official visit to Clemson last spring. He made official visits to Michigan and Cincinnati as well this month. Clemson recruiter Steve Smith visited Grantham Tuesday and Tiger head coach Brad Brownell has made several stops by the schools. “They’ve done a great job recruiting him,” said Hargrave coach AW Hamilton. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he chooses either one. Clemson has been recruiting him the longest. I’m impressed with those guys.” As of Thursday, Grantham was still working on the decision. “He’s still going back and forth,” his coach said. Hamilton said when the decision is reached they will simply contact the two head coaches. Hamilton said Grantham is an excellent outside shooter who is very skilled and handles the basketball well.

There are also reports that Grantham will make a return visit to Clemson this weekend.

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  • mattD

    Slightly concerned that the story was first reported by a South Carolina based publication. Of course also broke the story, but I assume Dylan went with the first release. Hopefully we’re not set up for failure, I would absolutely love to have this kid be part of the program.

    Dylan – you are presumably privy to some info that the average fan isn’t, that being said should we be concerned that a South Carolina publication is seemingly the first to get the scoop?

    • sane1

      The Wolverine was merely relaying the info from the Palmetto publication. I don’t think that a South Carolina publication reporting it means anything one way of the other. In fact, they very likely asked the coach about Clemson, and that’s why he complimented their coach on the job they did recruiting Donte. His praise for Beilein and his staff has been effusive.

    • Palmetto Sports was the only one to run the story. The reporter might have a connection to Hargrave coach, not sure.

  • mattD

    Quick search from Clemson related sites indicates that they believe Mom is pushing Clemson while DC Assault(AAU team) coach is pushing UM. Twitter page doesn’t seem favorable to UM………pic of what appears to be Donte and his Mom at a Clemson football game.

  • Fresh

    All the chatter the last week plus has all been michigan, not to concerned about other sites, including as of today.

  • jkuofm27

    I am assuming that if Grantham were to announce for UM that it might be the kind of boost that we need to land some of the other big names on our wish list? Presumably, GRIII committing helped land McGary down the road. Grantham will add more validity to the class and could help attract Booker/Blackmon/Chatman, etc.

    As discussed before, people don’t go to Kentucky because of the growth potential they go there to win a title and boost their national profile to get drafted. If guys like Booker/Blackmon/Kennard are attracted to that kind of atmosphere it stands to reason that they will not be the first top 50’s to commit to a class for a school. They are wanting to go to a stacked team. With what we have in the cupboard, adding Grantham, Doyle and one of any of them makes their expectations more realistic at UM.

    • CraigP

      If it’s true that recruits want to go where they can win a title and boost their national profile, then there is no way we should lose Grantham to Clemson. Clemson was sub .500 last year.

      • jkuofm27

        I was speaking about Booker and Blackmon mostly. I don’t know about Grantham. From the things that I have read he is a quite and shy guy. He might be more comfortable near the South and closer to home. But from a pure basketball point of view I hear you. Maybe he can play TE or DE for the Clemson football team. They are a national contender.

        Each kid has their own reasons for choosing a school, but I would not want to be a Clemson basketball player right now, with Cuse/ND/Pitt/Louisville being added to an already extremely difficult ACC.

      • section13row15

        Plus, doesn’t Grantham realize that U-M beat Clemson twice in basketball in the past four years? :)

  • mattD

    Not feeling good about this one. When a recruit is taking a second visit to one his 2 finalists just prior to a decision, I think that speaks volumes as to where that recruit may be leaning. Can’t speak on basketball, but in football, the second visit is often to get parental approval, which in this case it already seems that Mom is pushing Clemson, and it might be more about Mom trying to convince Donte to pick Clemson.
    We’ll have clarity soon enough………..hopefull the clarity is advantageous to Michigan, but I wouldn’t hold my breath at this point.

    • gobluemd16

      I thought the same thing. Either that his Mom is trying to convince him that Clemson should be his choice, or he wants to be sure (for either M or Clemson) that he is correct about his decision. Clemson being his last visit also isn’t a good sign. I understand that Clemson has been recruiting him for far longer than us, but there is absolutely nothing they bring to the table that is better than Michigan, besides possibly playing time. Especially now that the ACC is gaining those former Big East teams, their record should suffer even more.