Scouting Video & Evaluation: Donte Grantham

Dylan Burkhardt

Donte Grantham is widely reported to be nearing a decision after taking official visits to Clemson, Michigan and Cincinnati within the last month. While the Michigan coaching staff tracked Grantham throughout July, we didn’t have a chance to see him in person over the summer. However, we did come across some game footage from this July in Milwaukee and put together a scouting video and detailed written report. Watch the video below and find the full scouting report after the jump.

Strengths: Grantham has a solid frame at 6-foot-8 and 200 pounds but he’ll likely add a bit more muscle to his upper body to play combo forward at the next level. He’s a plus athlete but what stands out is his motor. He plays hard on both ends of the floor and there’s little wasted motion in his game. He makes hustle plays, gets after loose balls and defends but he never looks out of control. He demonstrated good rebounding ability outside of his area on both ends of the floor against quality competition.

He’s not a high usage offensive player but he makes things happen whenever he has the opportunity. Grantham is more than capable of putting the ball on the floor for straight line drives to the basket. His above average athleticism takes over and he’s able to draw fouls with ease and finish through contact. He also showed off a bit of a back-to-the-basket offensive game as well, remnant of how he had to score at the high school level.

While his athleticism and motor stands out, he’s also very capable of making the smart play offensively. He has good vision, ball skills and looks to make the right pass as in halfcourt and fullcourt offensive situations.

Weaknesses: Grantham didn’t show off a lot of his jump shot and that will be the biggest question he has to answer at the next level. The concept of a “three-and-D” player – athleticism to guard opposing wings with a reliable three point stroke – is common in the NBA and Grantham will aspire to be that sort of player eventually. Although he didn’t show off a lot of his jump shot, he did appear to have a somewhat reliable free throw stroke despite an awkward lean forward which provides some promise.

At this point in time, Grantham is still a tweener. He doesn’t look quite big enough to guard college fours and probably doesn’t have the entire offensive skillset that Michigan would hope to see from a legitimate wing forward.

Overall: Grantham is the sort of player you need on a winning team. Right now he’d be a combo forward at Michigan but he would bring the sort of attitude that Michigan wants at that position. He appears more than willing to battle larger players down low or play out on the perimeter. He’s also the type of player that you would want to slot next to more finesse wings like Nik Stauskas and Zak Irvin. The Wolverines have shooting ability on the wings but Grantham would add an element of athleticism and toughness to the lineup whether he plays the four or three position.

  • mattD

    I really like Grantham’s game, good ball handler, finishes well, rebounds in traffic, and is extremely long. In my opinion, he is underrated. Would love to have him in maize and blue.

    • Agree. Really like his fit both with the current pieces on the Michigan roster and the other targets on the board in ’14. Don’t think U-M could go wrong adding him and he’s a significant upgrade over Vince Edwards IMO.

      • mattD

        Can’t believe I forgot to mention one of his best attributes……passing. Other than Chatman I think he may be our best passing prospect for the 14 class. Love his potential to essentially grab a rebound from the 4 spot, take it coast to coast, and either finish above the rim or make a great pass to a teammate. With the exception of Mitch, no player on the current roster has the that ability. Perhaps Irvin in time, but Grantham appears to be the more natural rebounder at the same stage of development.

        • Mattski

          That’s what stood out especially for me in the film above–inventive passer. What makes both the game and Beilein’s teams fun to watch. Also seems like a guy still very much coming into his own, who could really grow in the program.

  • jkuofm27

    From that couple of minutes I would say he has the length and potential body to be the 3/4 option UM is looking for and has a Novak jack of all trades aspect to him. Obviously yet to see if he has Novak’s shot, but he definitely came out better from the gene pool.

  • Alex

    He really reminds me of Mitch McGary with all of the attributes you mentioned. Strong motor, good passing, big man (not quite as big as Mitch), not the best long range shot to start. Not sure if he is at McGary’s level yet but sounds like he would be a fabulous get from a potential and attitude perspective.