Michigan to play Ohio State, Illinois, Northwestern and Penn State once in 2013-14

Dylan Burkhardt

big-ten-logo-pentagram[1]Single plays for the 2014 Big Ten basketball season were announced this afternoon and Michigan will play Ohio State (road), Illinois (road), Northwestern (home) and Penn State (home) just once next season.

Single plays are not guaranteed to flip home and away in the 2014-15 season as they have in previous years due to the addition of Rutgers and Maryland to the conference. However, the Big Ten is unlikley to go to a divisional structure in basketball but could consider protected rivalries – according to The Gazette.

Michigan’s entire schedule is expected to be released later this summer. The Wolverines have already established a challenging non-conference slate, hosting Arizona, traveling to Duke and Iowa State, facing Stanford at the Barclays Center and participating in the Puerto Rico Tip Off which is features Auburn, Charlotte, Florida State, Georgetown, Kansas State, Long Beach State and VCU.

Find the complete list of Big Ten single plays after the jump.

  • Illinois: Michigan, Purdue, at Northwestern, at Minnesota
  • Indiana: Ohio State, Iowa, at Purdue, at Minnesota
  • Iowa: Purdue, Nebraska, at Penn State, at Indiana
  • Michigan: Northwestern, Penn State, at Ohio State, at Illinois
  • Michigan State: Nebraska, Minnesota, at Purdue, at Wisconsin
  • Minnesota: Indiana, Illinois, at Michigan State, at Nebraska
  • Nebraska: Wisconsin, Minnesota, at Iowa, at Michigan State
  • Northwestern: Illinois, Penn State, at Ohio State, at Michigan
  • Ohio State: Michigan, Northwestern, at Wisconsin, at Indiana
  • Penn State: Iowa, Wisconsin, at Michigan, at Northwestern
  • Purdue: Indiana, Michigan State, at Illinois, at Iowa
  • Wisconsin: Ohio State, Michigan State, at Penn State, at Nebraska

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  • Don

    Thoughts, Dylan? Feels disadvantageous…only get top-3 OSU on the road, and then only get home games against teams we’d likely beat on the road.

    • It’s not a great draw. Penn State will be better this year but this means Michigan will play on the road against all the top teams.

  • Davester

    OSU might’ve just become the favorite, no?

  • Erob

    According to twitter, Wisconsin gets single plays with OSU and MSU both at home. That’s two years in a row they have had single plays with two of the top 4 teams in the conference.

    • Don

      Further proof that Bo Ryan is the devil, or at least has a deal with him.

  • Northern Blue

    The OSU games are always so much fun, and I think they are one of the teams that really gets you ready for the tournament.

    I really want to see the boys take two from Wisconsin. Just can’t stand the way they play and how they can never win in the tournament.

    • And OSU is the only road venue that doesn’t credential us. Bad break.

      • Mark Worthley

        What is that about?

  • Steve2081

    Pretty lopsided draw for Michigan but I’m just happy we play in Champaign.

  • Mattski

    Not great. But if you break it down it’s only the missed shot at OSU at home that really hurts, especially if this team gels. Wisconsin’s sked is a little more annoying, but no one wanted to WATCH those games with OSU and MSU, anyway.

  • suckit

    Wisconsin owns the conference, W


    Big surprise a Wisconsin sports team benefits from favorable scheduling. It has become laughable.