Mark Donnal Senior Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Highlights from Mark Donnal’s senior season at Anthony Wayne.


  • Kevodo

    He is a

  • Kevodo

    He is a perfect fit for the system. He will be part of the rotation and doesn’t duplicate the other bigs because of his outside shot.

  • DollarBill$

    I was about to say “throw it down, big man” all sarcastic-like. But I’m not going to do that, because they showed some dunks at the end.

    Seriously. Will be a great stretch 4.

  • Salmaan Noor

    Agreed, very nice fit. He will have to get bigger and he will need to develop his post game further as he wont have the luxury to go against smaller guys. That said his jumper should get him some regular playing time. Not sure why he would get redshirted when he is our only big who can stretch the floor. Playing him and McGary should give us a lot more flexiblity offensively as opposed to pairing McGary with Horford/Morgan which limits the offense. And having him at the 4 should allow GR3 to avoid consistenly guard guys who are too big for him as Donnal would be not oversized.

    • Champswest

      Playing the 4, he will be going against smaller guys most games (our 4 was 6’6″ this year. Donnal is 6’9″). Robinson will play the 3 (per JB), so Donnal will be backing up Mitch at the 4.

  • MGoTweeter

    Offensively, I think Donnal will be fine next year. He is a good enough ball handler and shooter to get some minutes. Whether he actually gets some minutes or is a candidate for a redshirt is going to depend on his defense. I am not sure he will be big enough next year to play the 5 and frankly Michigan has a bunch of solid options at the 5 anyway. So the question becomes can he guard opposing 4 men? There are certainly minutes to be had at the 4 especially if GRIII to the 3 works out. It is impossible to tell from the highlights whether he has the lateral quickness and overall speed to match up at the 4.

    In year’s past, I would say there is no question that he is going to play. However, next season there is so much depth and potential minute hogs (GRIII and McGary) in the front court, that even if he is capable, it might be very difficult to get him on the court for anything more than a couple minutes every other game.

    • Champswest

      Disagree. I am beginning to wonder if we will ever see another red shirt if we keep recruiting 4 & 5 star players. He, along with Max, will back up Mitch at the 4, while Horford & Morgan man the 5. I see MM playing 30 minutes and Max & Donnal split the rest.

  • kenny

    anyone know his 3pt percentage in high school, if he can consistently hit them. he will play next year.

    • KC

      Lol…. Derrick and Walton was in the 3 point contest in Atlanta and mad the Finals… I think he had 19…. not bad… he was better than Irvin in the event.

  • David

    I love his tape. It jumps out at me a little bit like Trey’s did a few years ago. I think Donnal is similarly underrated by the recruiting services.

    Conversely, judging by internet highlights alone, I think Walton is probably a bit overrated by the services. But I hope I’m wrong!

    • Adam

      Really? What is it about Walton’s game that you don’t like? The kid is a stud.. great passer, tremendous floor vision, good shooter.. I don’t get it

      • David

        Hey, please don’t get me wrong; I hope he is a stud. I want him to succeed. I’m just some guy on the internet.

        Basically, I’m not sold that he can really shoot it, and he doesn’t finish as well as I’d expect. In high school, he seems to get by more on his superior athleticism than on his skill. I wonder if there’s a bit of Carlton Brundidge-ness in his game in that respect. I know people will disagree, but it’s what I see when I watch the tape.

        • Ian Burr

          Walton doesn’t need to be Burke for Michigan to have success next year. Vision is what impresses me the most with Walton and with the talent around him he won’t need to be the “big shot” guy, giving him more time to develop his college game and leadership.

          • Steve2081

            Yeah Walton will have a ton more weapons around him than Burke did as a freshman.

            Stauskas, Robinson, Mitch, Irvin, Caris > Soph Tim, Novak, Douglas, Vogrich, Smot

            Also Morgan and Horford both have two more years of experience and Max and Mark provide a crazy amount of front court depth

            We also have a legit back up at the point. I love Stu Douglas but he was not a very good point guard. His handles were solid at the 2 but a bit below average for the 1.

          • Kenny

            Stu has good handle, but he does not create, worries more about not turning over than putting the ball into the basket. Spike is more fearless at the position and actually attacks.

            The transition Walton faces now is to get into the offensive flow and master the ball screen and build connection with the bigs. The sophomore burke differs drastically from the freshmen burke on the ability connecting with our bigs.

    • Ratatat

      I actually think Walton is gonna be the best player from this class. Not quite as good of an athlete as Trey but he’s got sick handles and court awareness. He looked like a good shooter in the high school skills thing, made the final 3 I think Irvin came in 5th as well.

  • Steve2081

    Love his touch around the rim.

  • DingoBlue

    I seriously feel Donnal is underrated. His playing time next year is hard to determine, but he seems to good as a potential four man stretching the floor to keep him out. Honestly, I think he’s the ideal candidate to back up McGary. Then we would have a rotation of Morgan/Horford at the 5 and Bielfeldt getting in minutes as foul trouble hits.

    • troy

      Yes, underrated. A la Trey Burke.

  • mstein23

    Love what I see in his game. He will be the first prototypical Beilein 4 man at UM so it will be interesting to see how the offense flows when he’s playing. As for playing time as a freshman, I don’t think he will redshirt and will play some minutes. But how much will be determined by his strength and defense, because his offensive game will clearly be there from day one.

  • fresh

    Donnal isn’t mclimans, he doesn’t need to gain much weight………..there is no reason for him to redshirt………like others have said……..he offers something that our current bigs don’t………….3 pt ability if his defense is good then he will get plenty of mins……….i don’t understand why anybody would think this kid would be redshirting……..makes absolutely no sense at all

    • John

      People are saying that because we already have a ton of players at the 4 and 5. Its jammed up, we have Mcgary, Morgan, Horford, GR3 and Bieldfelt. That is 5 players that are potentially above him, not to mention both GR3 and Bieldfelt (supposedly, at least coming out of HS) can hit the 3. He could move ahead of Bieldfelt, but he won’t move ahead of GR3, Mcgary, Horford, or Morgan. There is definitely some legitimacy to redshirting him if the only playing time he will get is 2 minutes at the end of blowouts.

      • fresh

        please read above reply to kenny

        • John

          Beilein has already said that Mcgary is going to play the 4 this year. That means that GR3 will play mostly 3 with some 4, and mcgary will play mostly 4. In competitive games, that will be probably the only people getting minutes at the 4, except for maybe a minute here and there by someone else.

          • Champswest

            There is no reason to play Robinson at the 4 this year. In most games, I don’t see McGary playing more than 30 minutes (too hard on a big man). That leaves plenty of minutes for Donnal as backup.

          • kenny

            yes, there are reasons. if irvin becomes the third best player, and stauskas further improves. beilein always likes to put his 5 best players out there.

          • Champswest

            1. In your example, then play Irvin at the 4. 2. Are you saying JB doesn’t already believe Irvin is one of his 5 best players? He isn’t better than Morgan?

          • Kenny

            Morgan is on the big ten all-defensive team, until he proves to me, I will not put Irvin ahead of Morgan.

            And obviously having 5 best players on the court need to have all position covered, not all the players can play all the positions.

          • Retiredat23

            Irvin is a SG/SF, with a clear SG at the forefront.

    • John

      I would also like to add that redshirting is not just for adding weight. While that is definitely 1 of the main reasons, it does not account for everything. Redshirting allows for someone to hone their offensive and defensive abilities an additional year against good competition in practice. It sometimes takes young kids(especially bigs) a while to adjust to the college game. He no longer will be bigger then everyone he plays like he is in HS and can just power to the basket, he will be facing people as big if not bigger then him, which can take some adjusting.

      • Champswest

        As already stated, 4 stars are not likely to stay around for a 5th year. Lately, they aren’t even staying for their third year. Plus, there is a lot to be said for getting some game experience their freshman year (like LeVert did this year). We will see.

        • John

          That isn’t true though. Many 4 stars stay their entire. Last year our only 4 star was Stauskas, who will most likely be a 4 year player. Year before that Brundidge was our 4 star player, he would have stayed all 4 years if he would have remained at michigan. The year before that Smotrycz was our 4 star player that we brought in, and he would also have stayed all 4 years had he stayed at michigan. In the past 3 recruiting classes 100% of our 4 star players were 4 year players, and were not good enough to go before the 4th year. (granted we don’t know all of this for sure , but its very likely to be the case)

          • BlueRev

            Yeah–its the three stars that go early!

    • Kenny

      the front court is very crowded with veteran players.

      Donnal brings skills that Smotrycz had, only without experience. Smotrycz transferred, playing time may or may not be the deciding factor, but has to be one of his concerns.

      Yes, Donnal brings something unique to the table, but redshirting absolutely still make sense. This is no guarantee that Beilein’s experiment of playing two post will be an overwhelming success and if back court players, especially Irvin and Levert, develop nicely, he may go back to the smaller lineup with GRIII at 4, or at least split time between 3 and 4.

      I am not saying that Donnal should necessarily redshirt, but at the point it is an option. If Beilein decides to play him, it would be a similar timeline of Levert.

      • fresh

        smotrycz couldn’t bang and couldnt rebound to save his life, i’m assuming it was becuase he could only jump about 3 inches in the air………donnal can, he is way more physical…………nobody other than GRIII has proven they can play the 4 and make 3s or really do anything at that position…….whether michigan has veterans or not……..none of the current big men can play the 4 other than to spare GRIII for a few mins to rest………….i see donnal getting major mins unless one of these “veterans” drastically transforms over the off season

        • Northern Blue

          If he is the best option to have in there for those minutes he will play, but if not, he won’t regardless of skill set. Does look extremely encouraging though. Defence, will be important for him if he is to play. If I had to predict right now, i think he won’t get too much time this year, but a year of strength and conditioning and polishing on both ends should get him on floor next three years.

      • CDeSana

        You do not think that Mitch can develop a face up game?

    • saw Donnal at the penn state game, in the will call line behind him and he didn’t seem big enough in street clothes to handle to full load of the B1G, if Bielfeldt, McGary, Morgan and Horford are all in the fold, it makes sense to me to redshirt him and know you have someone when Mitch leaves next year

  • Northern Blue

    Looks like a perfect fit for the four position, or a stretch 5.

  • Wayman Britt

    Mark has very good foot work, even though he had 6 to 8 inches over his competition in this video. I think his offense game is college ready, but the big question is his defense ready.

  • A2JD

    Donnal looks like he’s got a pure shot and has increased his explosiveness in the last year. I’m surprised he didn’t move a few ticks up in Rivals’ rankings. He may not get a ton of PT next year but I think he’ll be quite valuable his Sophomore season. He reminds me of the kind of guy that Wisconsin always lands.

    • David

      ESPN, which is the best b-ball recruiting service with Dave Telep, has him higher at #86. Still seems low to me though.

      • Cbear

        Is that their final ranking of the year?

        • Steve2081

          Yeah I’m pretty sure they have updated since the end of the high school season.

  • Dyenimator

    I can’t believe so many people are buying that Robinson will play the 3. Wasn’t JB saying this time last year that we’d be going to a 2 post offense?

    • CDeSana

      Have to have the tools to do it; which until late in the season he did not. Now with Mitch expanding his face up game and Donnal on the way he does.

  • James

    If Donnal can defend and rebound, he doesn’t redshirt. If he can’t, he redshirts. I don’t think there’s more to the discussion than that. Obviously, his offensive game is extremely polished for a 5 coming out of HS.

  • CDeSana

    Looks like coach be has found himself another rising star. He brings so many talents that most here have been looking for in a Bog Man I Coach B’s offense; the ability to play both inside and outside. Pick an Pop, jump out and hit the 3 and also take it to the rim with what appears to be a very mature low post game for a HS Sr.

  • Retiredat23

    Very Impressive

  • Alex

    Wonder if coach B thinks Donnal = Pittsnoggle?