Zak Irvin Senior Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Via Ballers Block:

  • Indiana_Matt

    I recall Beilein saying something interesting about recruiting high school players who, at the high school level, can’t be guarded. They are just a step-a-head both athletically and mentally. Irvin seems to fit the bill.


    I can’t wait to see him in Maize & Blue!!!

  • Adam

    He doesn’t have as much of a vertical jump as I would expect from a 6’7″ guard. The dunks at 0:52 and 1:05 look like he’s really taking off only to clear the rim by a few inches. Some plyometrics at Michigan and the nice facilities will really help him. He is very skilled though, which is great.

  • Mitch

    This kid is the next Grant Hill

    • Northern Blue

      I see a thinner Evan Turner with a better jump shot. That is optimistic, but everything just looks so effortless to him, and winning mr basketball in indiana over guys like demetrius jackson is very impressive. I think his biggest area of improvement, is strength and explosiveness, skill wise he is really advanced.

  • blackie6

    Irvin hasn’t won Mr. Basketball yet, has he? I don’t think it’s been announced……

  • Champswest

    I believe he was chosen as POY in Indiana.
    Zak will be a top notch addition. Depending on how many players we lose this year, it will be nice to have a great class coming in that we don’t have to rely on to be starters (although some of them may very well start next year, at some point).

  • Mattski

    Like that little side jumper.

  • Ryan

    If Hardaway and Robinson stay, along with Stauskas, Michigan will have a ridiculous amount of talent on the wings.

    • Steve2081

      Yeah it should help Walton’s transition to the next level be as smooth as possible having so much firepower around him. Something neither DMo or Trey really had as freshmen PG’s.

  • P-nickel

    Kid can hoop!

  • mstein23

    I see a bit of Ray Allen @ UConn in Zak’s game.

  • gobluemd16

    DId anyone notice that behind the basket in his high school gym, their team’s motto is “Nothing Given, Everything Earned.” Exactly the same as the slogan for Michigan basketball on all the posters this year.. coincidence?