Derrick Walton Senior Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Over six minutes of highlights from Michigan’s 2013 point guard commitment, and Mr. Basketball finalist, Derrick Walton

  • Dustin

    Silky smooth

  • Drae

    I think U of M is in good hands if Burke is gone next year… Go Blue

  • gobluemd16

    Looks really good

  • David

    Hate being a hater, but over the past year I actually haven’t been that impressed by Walton’s highlights. He’s definitely guru-approved; it’s just his tape doesn’t jump out to me like Burke’s did when he came out of Northland. His jumper doesn’t look consistently smooth, and he tends to finger roll a lot of the bunnies. I question his touch around the rim. On the other hand, I do like his vision, and he’s got good quicks especially of the pick-and-roll, which will be big in Beilein’s offense.

    We’ll see next year I guess how he adapts. I hope well. I will be rooting for him.

    • blackie6

      interesting… I think his jumper has improved and will continue to under Beilein and Co. I agree on his layups, finger rolls them a LOT. It’s an odd thing, but seems successful. He’s a pretty put together kid for a HS kid…. Moreso then Burke as a SR. IMO…. Although, Burke did have a heck of an off season going into his freshmen year with the video’s he filmed workin’…… Not as yoked as Yogi Ferrell I dont think, but more that build….

      IF we only lose Burke, Vogi, Big Bird Blake, Pearson and Eso, but pick up Walton, Irvin and Donnal and get a full off season of work from Nik, Glenn, Spike, Mitch, Tim, Caris, Max, Jon H, Morgan, etc. – I like our prospects moving forward….

      We’ll have to play differently, but can still be very successful… VERY. I”m not sure what Valenti was talking about yesterday, he basically said that after Burke leaves, Michigan will take a major fall. Dude must be sleeping at the wheel…..

    • sane1

      His AAU film is more impressive. His high school team played a lot of weaker competition, although he stepped up when they played tougher, higher class schools. What impresses me is that he plays under control and has that second gear, in addition to his passing and court vision. It’s impossible to evaluate his outside shooting on a highlight reel.

      • David

        Fair point on evaluating shooting off a highlight reel. My general concern is that his shot isn’t that smooth and doesn’t really pass the eye test to me. He seems to use too much upper body on jumpers, so he’ll lose accuracy. On the other hand, Stu Douglass had a silky stroke and never got above 33% from 3, so you never know (though he’s % was depressed because of shot selection issues).

  • hailtoyourvictor

    How is he against full court pressure? Smart with the ball?

  • johnnyumfan

    I think David is a bit harsh in his criticism of Walton. The kid might not have Burke’s shot but he does everything else as good as Burke. Walton’s ball handling is top notch, his court vision and passing is also top notch. And Walton is hardly a bad shooter, he can score.

    Besides, Walton will have some pretty good shooters to pass to. Zackery Irvin is the real deal if you haven’t seen him. I think Walton will be more of a facilitator then Burke and will make his teammates look better, like Morris. I’m not discounting Burke, who is a great one on one player, but sometimes our offense stalls because everyone is watching Burke go by himself.

    I think many Michigan fans will be pleasantly surprised with Walton next year. Guys like Valenti may be eating his words about Michigan taking a step back next year without Burke.

    • hailtoyourvictor

      I remember a post on the old mlive board 2 years ago….

      “Our offense is dribble and pass around the arch for 25 seconds and then hope Darius Morris can make something happen.”Two years later and that is what we see time to time. Hopefully It is not going to be a trend.