Game 31: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt
Indiana 81, Michigan 73 - #19

Michigan will play for a share of the Big Ten Championship this afternoon. The Wolverines host Indiana in what is easily the highest profile game at the Crisler Center for over a decade. A Michigan win would give the Wolverines a share of the Big Ten Championship for the second year in a row while a loss would likely mean that the Wolverines will be playing on Thursday in the Big Ten Tournament.

Tip off is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. eastern at the Crisler Center with with Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg on the call for CBS.

Join in the discussion below before, during and after the game to share your thoughts, predictions and observations.

Pre-Game Reading:

  • vinchar

    25-6/12-6, even after losing a brutal conference closer to the consensus pre-season national #1. With one of the youngest teams in the country. Applause for our boys and the coaching staff for a TREMENDOUS regular season and the most positive of vibes for the post season.

    • Indiana_Matt

      Agree one hundred percent. 25-6! This team has been great! Can’t wait for the coming weeks.

  • sigh

    Path to BTT finals now goes through teams Michigan is a combined 1-4 against!

    • Indiana_Matt

      I know I could easily eat my words on this in the coming days… But I thought they played so tough today. So much heart. Not intimated at all. I think their heads are right (finally). If they use this as motivation and have a chip on their shoulder… we could put together a run. I hope they feel like people are overlooking them now and it pisses them off.

  • JB

    Have to question not having Stauskas on the floor as the primary or secondary option when FTs need to be made. Not like LeVert has been great in late-game situations defensively. Give me the 85% FT shooter over Hardaway all day.

    • Joel_C

      In hindsight, yeah wish we had him in & got him the ball to take the foul, but I really thought Trey would come through

  • tgio24

    Burke, Hardaway, GRIII, Stauskas and Morgan all played well at home and we still lose which tells me we have ZERO chance of beating this Indiana team on a neutral floor. If they fed Zeller every possession down low we couldnt stop it. The team played fine but we cannot match up with them or even come close to rebounding with them. If we play Indiana on neutral court I legitimately think we have no chance at beating them.

    • JB

      We must have different definitions of “played well”. Burke shot 35% and had 4 TOs. THJ was 1-6 from 3pt and struggled defensively. The rebounding is clearly a major issue, however the team played well enough to win today but nowhere near their ceiling.

      • tgio24

        My point is they played well enough to win and we still did not pull it off. It’s not like Indiana played to their ceiling either. If both teams played to their “ceiling” Indiana is still the better team overall.

        • JB

          Agreed. As Beilein mentioned after the MSU game, this would have been another nice win where the team didn’t play perfect ball. Hopefully they get that 3rd opportunity against IU in Chicago.

      • Mattski

        I thought that everyone but Trey played pretty darned close to our ceiling in the first half, but the bigs in foul trouble and them in the bonus in the second half was a tall hill to climb. Position by position they have a little more veteran talent, but to lose by one when the ball rims out is nothing to hang your head for too long about.

    • adam st patrick

      Indiana is better than Michigan. They defend better, they rebound better, and they run their offense better. There were a few times where I was just amazed at how patient they are on offense. Making the extra pass a few different times, getting a great shot.

      Screw Zeller, though. None of that Best Supporting Actor crap is going to go down in the pros. Earlier I thought he was just kind of a savvy guy who gets his share of calls, but it seems like half his game is reliant on the refs. NBA bust.

    • Indiana_Matt

      The only time there is ZERO chance is when a 16 seed plays a 1. Haven’t seen Duke play much, but to me it seems IU is the best in the nation. I think if they were a little better coached they’d be the HEAVY favorite to win it all. But they are vulnerable and that’s the beauty of the tournament. In a one game situation anything can happen. Wolverines played with real guts today. I like what I am seeing at this time of year. And it is about time after that stretch we had. With the right draw I think we could still be a Final Four squad. The ’89 team got beat twice by the Flyin’ Illini and then knocked them off on the way to the title. Anything can happen in March.

  • Adam St Patrick

    Frustrating. I hate to be refs-focused, but I had a pair of Indiana fans next to me whining about all the calls, and I certainly thought Michigan could have done a bit better on that end. Wow how painful to lose this one like this, and man I so wanted Trey’s last shot in his last home game to go down in that environment. But hopefully it’s a lesson learned. Bigger games to come in the next month, and no reason to dial down expectations — this team can make the Final Four.

    I continue to hope for the #2 seed out West, cause at this point it seems that a #1 is out of the question. IMO #3 is out of the question too, unless we lose to PSU in the tournament. Big Ten teams shouldn’t be punished by the selection committee for playing each other.

  • CDeSana

    Look at the stats over the course of the season; only 4 assists by Trey is a bad stat – 4 turnovers another bad stat and last but not least when he takes 20 shots another bad stat.

    Nik had Zero turnovers – Timmy only 1; if you would have told me those stats plus b4 the game I would think M wins. That said Timmy goes 1-6 from the 3 pt line – J Mo shoots under 50% and Mitch is 1-5 how can we honestly expect a win?

  • Adam St Patrick

    What did anyone make of Stauskas? He had a fine game, and the MSU thing seems to have been good for him, but against Hulls you really need someone who can put it on the floor a little more to exploit that size mismatch. I would have like to see a double-big lineup in which we could have slid TH2 to guard.