Game 21: Northwestern at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Dustin Johnston

Michigan hosts Northwestern this evening with an early 6:30 tip off at Crisler Center. The Wolverines handled the Wildcats by 28 points in the first meeting in Evanston and will look to cruise at home despite the reinsertion of Reggie Hearn into the Northwestern lineup. Join in the discussion below at any point before or during the game.

Pre-Game Reading:

  • Zach

    Who’s starting for Morgan tonight ?

    • Morgan not in warm ups. No starter announced yet.

      • RT @Mark__Snyder Jordan Morgan walks out to court with his foot in a boot

        • Zach JOnes

          I hope its McGary, It would be cool to have three freshman starters tonight.

    • jemblue

      It’s Horford.

  • Mike

    Michigan by 9 at half, win by 16….. relatively easy win

  • MGoTweeter

    Lets Go Blue!

  • MGoTweeter

    These flashing blue glasses are not helping my headache

  • AJ Turner in the house. GR3 throwing down windmills in warmups.

  • Jon Horford will start for Michigan.

    • Zach JOnes

      Mcgary will still pry play 20 minutes

      • Yep. I’d expect close to a 50-50 split, with a shift or two thrown in for Max.

    • hailtoyourvictor

      What do put the chances at the Morgan sees the court on Saturday?

      • Mattski

        Slim or none.

  • That Stauskas three was just perfect offensive basketball. Horford strong rebound, Burke drive and kick, two extra passes. Wide open triple.

  • Anyone have a stream?

  • DB

    I love when the fans cheer for Stauskas before he even catches the ball because they know what’s coming.

  • z

    argh no streams working

  • JDR

    I should be used to it by now, but I still giggle involuntarily when Stauskas hits one.

  • If you score every time down the floor, it doesn’t really matter if your defense is just pretty good.

  • JDR

    Here’s a novel idea: maybe Michigan isn’t looking ahead to IU because they just like playing basketball together?

  • Jon Pence
  • jemblue

    McGary’s hustle is just infectious. Love to watch it.

  • Michigan kept on chugging along with Burke out of the game but then he comes back in and the difference is like night and day. He’s playing flawless basketball.

    • DB

      Spike’s role is basically to avoid negative plays and maybe chip in a positive one.

      • And he does that fine. Michigan could probably beat NW with Albrecht running show. With Burke running the show they make the game look something like a video game demo.

  • JDR

    I don’t think he knows what ironic means…

  • jemblue

    When GRIII stepped out of bounds at the beginning of the game, that wasn’t a turnover?

    • DB

      I think they said he never had possession on the steal.

    • It isn’t listed as one in the box score. Probably scored like a deflection out of bounds.

  • Mandingo

    My expert analysis is that Michigan is very good at offense and Northwestern is very not good at defense.

  • Michigan 1.52 PPP, NW .91 PPP.

    Michigan 72% eFG%, 0 TO, 11% OR Rate, 17% FTA/FGA
    NW:48% eFG%, 22% TO Rate, 31% OR Rate, 0 FTA

    • JDR

      NBD, just 1.52 PPP with 0 turnovers.

    • Northwestern controlled the tempo of the game but had no chance of controlling Michigan.

    • MLaw

      Love seeing those 0’s in a halftime report.

  • davis104

    Wonder what Carmody is going to do… Up the tempo and attempt a comeback and possibly (probably) lose by 30-40 or go into a shell, hope to hit every three and lose by only 15-20?

  • Chazer

    Can’t get the feed in NY but thanks for the update Gentlemen. Really glad John H got the start….tough 2 years and i think he’s not only earned it but has the respect of the team. Hard work should be rewarded and IMO Mitch is a beast off the bench.

    I hope this team reads some of the feedback from “scouting title contenders”….it’s certainly worthy material for the bulletin board….if they even have one!

    Perhaps they can paste it to the IPOD….

    Go blue!

  • Navray

    Stauskas: I’m baaaack

  • davis104

    Stauskas is really good at the pocket pass of the pick and roll

  • MLaw

    Good thing we played perfect basketball in the first half. Must be something about that basket because NW has been perfect this half. I don’t think they can keep it up for 20 minutes though.

  • Northwestern wants no part in coming back. Three missed free throws, throwing a n bounds straight out of bounds.

    • gobluemd16

      I considered that a “Ball don’t lie” because that was NOT a foul on trey on the three point attempt

  • davis104

    This is ugly

  • Did the ref just feel bad for Sobolewski?

    • MLaw

      epitome of a late call. so late possession had changed.

  • DB

    According to the announcers, Stauskas isn’t just a shooter. Who would have thought?

    • JDR

      They’re wrong – he is just a shooter, he just sometimes shoots from far away and sometimes he shoots from like right over the rim.

  • Really nice to see Jon Horford put in a solid performance – encouraging going forward.

    • davis104

      He might have to take Zeller on Saturday for big portions.

  • Mattski

    McGary 14 boards–does CBS have that right? Day-rum.

  • Alex

    Looks like this game should help the efficiency numbers. Also encouraging to hear that Horford played well. Hope all hands on deck are available soon but this should be some good experience.

  • JDR

    The best part of this team might be the fact that the team can run, but everybody is willing to sacrifice their bodies for the team.

  • DB

    I think it’s time for a line change

  • davis104

    Eso three point time!

    • JDR

      My favorite kind of drama – 1:34. How many can he shoot? Over/under is three.