UM Hoops Podcast 1.4: Bill Frieder and Inside The Hall’s Alex Bozich


For this podcast we violated, pretty egregiously, John Beilein’s mantra of taking each game as it comes; Dave and I spent the entirety of our conversations with the guests on Michigan’s match-up against Indiana on Saturday. We didn’t get to Wednesday’s game against Northwestern until much later in the show.

  • Alex Bozich is co-founder of Inside the Hall, the standard for college basketball blogs and a good friend of the site. Bozich joins us to preview Michigan’s game against the Hoosiers at Assembly Hall on Saturday. We discuss individual match-ups, project what sort of pace the game will be played at, and debate who means more to Indiana at this point: Cody Zeller or Victor Oladipo.
  • We are then joined by former Michigan basketball coach Bill Frieder. Frieder will be calling the Michigan-Indiana game for Westward One Radio and has been watching Michigan with great interest all season. Frieder talked abut his decision to announce he was leaving Michigan prior to the NCAA Tournament in 1989 a few days ago, so we focused on what he sees out of Michigan and comparing this year’s team to the 1989 National Champions. 
  • Finally, Dave and I delve into Michigan’s second game against Northwestern and examine what has changed since the Wolverines played the Wildcats in their first Big Ten game of the season. We also review the Illinois game and talk about the impact of possibly losing Jordan Morgan for an extended period of time.

The music was all Eric B and Rakim, mostly just the instrumentals. We figured we throw it back to the early 90’s in honor of the last time Michigan was ranked No. 1 in the country. In sequential order: Microphone Fiend, Don’t Sweat The Technique, My Melody and Make ‘Em Clap To This.

You can listen using the embedded media player below, subscribe to the RSS feed, or download the MP3. You can also subscribe via iTunes.

  • Mattski

    So the instrumental trax from those raps are available? Got to dig them up. That was right when I got out of college, was teaching in Roxbury; all my kids were listening to that stuff.

  • greymarch

    I subscribed to the the podcast via iTunes, and the new 1.4 podcast is not showing up in iTunes. I also subscribed to the podcast via RSS using Podkicker on my android phone, and podcast 1.4 is also not showing up in podkicker.

    • Podcast should be on the RSS feed. Try pinging it or refreshing. Not sure about iTunes, it seems to be very slow to update.

      • greymarch

        Episode 1.4 still not showing up in iTunes, although episodes 1.3 – 1.1 are there. Episode 1.4 still not showing up in podkicker, although episodes 1.3 – 1.1 are there. Your link to directly download the mp3 for episode 1.4 does not work. When I view the RSS feed in Google Reader, the 1.4 episode is there.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Great podcast. Great musical choices. Would love to hear Frieder just talk on and on about the old days and those late 80s players. Also, I agree 100% on Trey’s recent tendency to go one-on-one a little too much and pound the air out of the ball. Hopefully he pulls back on that the next two games. Still, he’s been amazing.

  • rlcBlue

    Have to admit I was surprised to learn that none of Frieder’s teams were ever ranked #1 in the AP poll.

  • Mr_Sledge

    Joe, I’m a little disappointed….
    1) One of the greatest MC’s of all time is pronounced Rah-KIM!
    2) It’s not Eric D!!
    3) They were not a BAND!!!

    “OK Dave… fa sho”… LOL

  • Chris

    Joe and Dave,

    I have been reading UM Hoops for 3 years now, and I really enjoy the podcast. I think it is good how you have been able to interview a variety of guests like Myron Medcalf, Stu Douglass, Bill Frieder, and Alex Bozich. I listen to both this podcast and the Mgoblog podcast, and I think the guests that you have provide a nice variety to the show.

    One of the biggest problems I have had with your podcast however is that sometimes the voices of the guests do not come in very clearly. I listen on my iPod, and last time, Myron’s voice was much softer than that of Joe or Dave, which meant I had to constantly change the volume.

    This week, especially when interviewing Alex Bozich, the reception was really scratchy and hard to hear at some points. I have never had this problem with the Mgoblog podcast, although I know they do theirs at WTKA. Hopefully you will look into this and hopefully try and fix some of these technical issues.

    I look forward to listening to the next podcast, and maybe you will see my Maize shirt and foam finger in Assembly Hall this weekend!

  • DingoBlue

    Just for some quick feedback. I love the podcasts. Great discussion, and I think one of my favorite aspects is getting guests in who I don’t typically hear perspectives from outside of journalism. For example, getting some of the MLive folks (i.e. Nick Baumgardner) on for a segment or perhaps even doing a dual podcast with MGoBlog, I think would be interesting. Also, I always enjoy the “opposing view” content on this site. Whether it’s Q&A on the site, or in a podcast format like this (or both!).

    That said, I won’t tell you guys how to run your site/podcast. Please just keep these coming with the regularity of the last two episodes as possible/appropriate.