Michigan to headline 2013 Puerto Rico Tip Off

Dylan Burkhardt

2013PuertoRicoAnnouncement-InsideLogo[1]Michigan will play in the Puerto Rico Tip Off next season.

The event will include Auburn, Charlotte, Florida State, Georgetown, Kansas State, Long Beach State, VCU and Michigan.

The 2013 Puerto Rico Tip-Off will feature a bracket format with 12 games over three days. Each team will compete in one game per day, advancing through the bracket. The two teams that remain undefeated throughout will face off in a  game on the final day of competition.

Exact dates and games for the event are to be announced.

Find a full run down of future Michigan basketball scheduling dates here.

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  • Interesting that Kansas State is in the field, when there’s a good possibility that we’ll play them in the championship of the Preseason NIT this year.

    • geoffclarke

      Like the confidence in beating Pitt. Dislike the jinx factor.

      • I didn’t say we’d beat them. I said there’s a good possibility. What I was actually thinking is it’s unlikely that KSU loses, so if we win, that’s who we’d face.

        At any rate, I don’t think my confidence level in the team has anything to with whether we win or not.

        • geoffclarke

          Must’ve been my own confidence/jinx…when I read that I automatically thought we were advancing and KSU was the “good possibility”.

      • Steve2081

        I guarantee a win! :)

        • geoffclarke


  • James

    Meh. Pretty mediocre field.

    Hopefully Beilein and Brandon are working on scheduling a couple more big name opponents for next year.

    • Seems like a pretty solid field. Maybe not Maui level but Georgetown, VCU, Florida State, those are good programs.

      • James

        It’s a second rate field for a preseason tournament, and it’ll be the second year in a row that Michigan is not in a 1st rate preseason tourney, which is a little bit disappointing.

        If they schedule another powerhouse or two, then it probably makes sense that they decided against a stacked field. Maybe they’re expecting UNC, who they haven’t played in forever, in the B10/ACC challenge. UNC, Zona and this tourney would be a very acceptable non-conference schedule.

        • Second rate seems like a pretty rash judgment on this field… It’s not Maui but nothing really is and you can’t go there every year.

          • DingoBlue

            I agree, that’s a pretty interesting set of matchups based on recent history. K-State, VCU (if Smart is still there), Long Beach, and Georgetown. Honestly, I think that’s a great field to prove we are awesome against. A bunch of not elite but quality opponents imho.

          • DingoBlue

            Oh, lets combine this field with Iowa State and Arizona as well, sorry for the additional posts. I’m very happy with this announcement.

        • If this s a 2nd rate field then there are only 1 or two first rate tourneys every year, which maybe there are, but only one B1G team can go to any given tournament.

      • Kris

        I agree with the part about Georgetown, VCU and FSU but we need to get into a Maui or similar equivalent tournament.

    • A2JD

      I think it’s pretty damn solid but I do hope Michigan gets 1 or 2 big name opponents at home next year in the non-conference schedule. Another home and home with Kansas would be nice. dooook is always a top choice too.

  • Loving the Blue

    who is the 8th team? Or I’m I missing that part?

  • A2JD

    That looks like a tourney with a lot of good names in it. I don’t think Michigan has ever beaten Georgetown so I hope they get the chance.

  • David

    Shoot, you can pretty much build the bracket already. The group of Michigan, Florida State, G’Town and K State will play one of the Auburn, Charlotte, Long Beach VCU group, my guess is they’ll pair VCU against K State and fill in the rest after that. As the programs with the most history attached, Georgetown and Michigan will be on opposite sides of the bracket, hoping to set them up in the finals. I would guess Florida State will be on Michigan’s side and K State on G’Town’s side to avoid what MaizeNBlueJ mentioned about us most likely playing K State this year.

  • Northern Blue

    If Florida State gets a committment from Wiggins, they could be a top ten team next year. Would love to see him pick the seminoles instead of Kentucky

  • Alex

    Very solid field IMO. We should get another good ACC Big Ten matchup and Arizona should make for a nice foundation. Get some IUPUI and Cleveland State level programs in there would be great.

    • Also have a game @Iowa State next season. They’ve become a solid program again under Hoiberg.

  • section13row15

    Hey, remember when Amaker was coach and the best out of conference teams we played were binghampton and high point? Let’s be thankful we’re playing any type of non-conf competition. It’s not MSU’s schedule but at least they’re trying to get some big games.

  • matt becke

    were going to own this tournament with the talent we got coming in n the talent we will have coming back watch out NCAA…