Scouting Video: Reggie Cameron at IS8/Nike Tournament

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan has been in hot pursuit of 2013 combo forward Reggie Cameron this spring. The 6-foot-8 New Jersey native has emerged as one of the top perimeter shooters on the summer circuit and is eyeing a potential Michigan visit this summer. We’ve spoken with Cameron quite a bit but the video footage available on the internet has been limited. The Basketball Diary posted video footage from several of Cameron’s games at the Nike IS8 Spring Tournament in Queens, NY from April and we’ve compiled two games worth of footage into the following scouting video:

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  • Adam

    Man that dude can shoot the lights out

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    That gym looks like it was taken right out of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Tiny looking court.

  • SamGoBlue

    When a guy goes from being called “Reg” to being called “The Shooter” within a span of one AAU game, you know he can stroke it.

    • A2JD

      That guy was annoying. When it’s not an And-1 or Rucker league game, there shouldn’t be a hype guy doing PBP.

      • C’mon man! It’s New York.

        • Steve2081

          Yeah that is the problem.

        • A2JD

          I live in NY. I don’t care. :-)

          Like I said, if it’s the Rucker then it’s all part of the show. If it’s a high school (somewhat organized) AAU game, I don’t need a guy talking in between buckets and whistles. Leave the trash talk for the players to handle, if they want. I know if I’m a 16 year old kid, I don’t want some fat guy with a mic yapping about how my shot got blocked.

      • Billiam

        I’m with Dylan on this one. Makes the game much more interesting. Then again, I am only 21.

        • A2JD

          To me, the game is interesting enough on it’s own. I don’t really need a soundtrack to an event if the story is interesting enough.

  • gobluemd16

    I know I may come off as negative but from seeing his (limited) tapes he looks like primarily just a shooter to me. He is clearly lights-out, but he doesn’t show much ability to get to the rim or any real speed, and there isn’t much lift on his jumper or when he rebounds either. I know he has been praised in his play and with some of the interest he is getting from really quality programs, so I am probably wrong but he seems to be missing something that would make him an elite prospect.

    • He’s not the most versatile player but he’s 6-foot-8 and (from what I’ve seen) has some elite shooting ability. At 6-foot-8, a sweet shooting stroke like that is quite a weapon. I plan on cutting up a few of his HS games soon which should give more of a taste.

    • A2JD

      I agree about the lack of all-around game and athleticism but 10 for 17 from the H.S. 3 ain’t bad. He certainly could fill a role for us.

    • Kenny

      very tense and rigid, not as skilled as Smotrysz

      • Steve2081

        Evan was 5 year high schooler. This kid has 30 months to work on his game and body before he is at the age Evan was when he stepped onto the court for the first time. I also don’t think being able to get to the hoop at will is a must have skill for the 4 position. It’d be a nice bonus to have but just being able to handle the ball on the perimeter should enough. Especially early on in his college career.

    • geoffclarke

      Everything that’s been written about him has been about his elite shooting BUT his below-average athleticism (quickness, hops, etc.), so it’s not too surprising I guess. I think Smotrycz was probably ranked higher coming out of high school, but there’s still time for Cameron to work on his physical skills. You can definitely pretty systematically increase your vertical. Thanks for the video!

  • A2JD

    Smotrycz seems like a good comparison.

  • Wayman Britt

    I need to see more of this player. I always worry when a high school player shoots set shots for threes. In college if you can not jump or are not quick, it just does not matter how good you can shoot, nobody will leave you open to take the three.
    I am not saying he is a bad player, just that the standards at UM have increased tremendously.

  • geoffclarke

    If he does end up at Michigan, maybe we implement that double ball screen, where Cameron as the second screener cuts in front of the ballhandler after setting the screen, leaving his man and getting open for a 3. Of course, college defenses would be MUCH better at defending it, but it seems like a good play to sprinkle in. And if Cameron’s defender stays with him, then our PG would hopefully have some options. With that said, I’d like to see Walton really work on his outside shot.

  • Retiredat23

    A stroke like that you can’t teach….you either got it or you don’t. You can improve athletically, add weight, drop weight, add inches to vertical, learn defensive schemes, etc. etc., but most kids don’t “learn to shoot” in college. Have we forgotten what Morgan looked like before he redshirted? Cameron can improve physically, but he will shoot the lights out wherever he plays, and that’s a good enough skill for me. I’d offer him a scholarship, no doubt.

  • Class of ’76

    I think Wayman would know. He played in the 1976 National Championship. I agree we need to see more on this talented shooter before we determine that he’s going to star at the Big Ten level.

  • like Wayman need to see more of him ; though I do believe there is and will be and adjustment in his mechanics at the next level ? Can’t put my finger on it but he is not there yet. A ways to go . Don’t anoint him just yet– there is promise !–Coach–Z