This Weekend at the Nike EYBL: Hampton, VA

Dylan Burkhardt

478355[1]A summary of how Michigan recruiting targets performed in Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League over the weekend.

The April evaluation period came to a close on Sunday afternoon and, for the second week in a row, the top event on the AAU travel circuit was the Nike EYBL in Hampton, VA. The Nike EYBL brings together the top 40 Nike sponsored travel teams and puts them under one roof. Michigan assistant coach Bacari Alexander made his presence felt in Hampton while tracking Wolverine prospects throughout the weekend.

Michigan targets Reggie Cameron, Devin Booker and Trevon Bluiett all impressed throughout the weekend and drew praise from scouts across the country.

After the jump find a rundown of statistics, scouting reports, tidbits and more on how Wolverine targets played in this week’s EYBL session.

EYBL Session 2 Game Averages

Name Pts Reb AST FG FGA 3FG 3FGA FT FTA TO Blk stl Min
Devin Booker 13.0 2.4 1.8 5.0 12.0 1.0 3.2 2.0 2.8 2.0 0.0 1.2 23.3
41.7% 31.3% 71.4%
Reggie Cameron 16.6 3.6 1.6 6.0 12.2 3.6 6.8 1.0 1.2 0.8 0.2 0.6 27.6
49.2% 52.9% 83.3%
Jaren Sina 6.8 2.0 1.2 2.2 6.2 1.2 4.2 1.2 1.4 0.8 0.0 0.6 25.2
35.5% 28.6% 85.7%
James Young 12.2 8.0 2.2 4.6 11.4 1.2 3.8 1.8 2.6 2.0 0.2 1.4 26.2
40.4% 31.6% 69.2%
EC Matthews 19.8 4.0 1.8 8.2 13.0 1.0 3.2 2.4 2.8 1.8 0.0 0.2 24.0
63.1% 31.3% 85.7%
Trevon Bluiett 15.4 2.8 1.4 6.0 10.0 3.2 5.8 0.2 0.6 0.8 0.2 0.4 20.6
60.0% 55.2% 33.3%

Notes and Observations

  • 2014 Spiece Indy Heat guard Trevon Bluiett had a monster weekend on the stat sheet, averaging 15 points per game while shooting the lights out from the field. Bluiett is a scorer, and a winner, and he’s a likely bet for a Michigan offer on June 15th.
  • Devin Booker struggled with his shot throughout the weekend but still drew some praise from national media – it’s impressive for a player labeled as a shooter to look good while missing shots.
  • Reggie Cameron had a couple of monster performances including a 26 point, seven rebound, 10-of-15 (5-5 3pt) shooting game against All Iowa Attack. He hit five threes in two of five games on the weekend.
  • James Young is making it clear that he wants a Kentucky offer and had another strong weekend but not nearly as strong as a week ago. Don’t hold your breath while waiting for any mutual interest to spark between Michigan and Young.

Scouts Say

NBE Basketball was at Boo Williams and came away impressed with a pair of Michigan targets, 2013 Reggie Cameron and 2014 Trevon Blueitt.

Reggie Cameron (NJ Playaz 2013) – Eventually the rest of the country is going to learn what the Northeast already knows that Reggie Cameron is a big time scorer. The 6’8” forward has one of the smoothest jumpers in America and is comfortable with it well past the college 3 point line. His basketball IQ also stands out as he has excellent footwork and sees the floor very well. Quickness remains an issue but is something that Cameron is constantly working on to improve his overall game.

Trevon Blueitt (Indy Spiece 2014) – In the best game I watched today, Blueitt was the star among stars. The 6’5” physical wing buried countless jumpers and also mixed it up in the lane. He’s a pure scorer in every sense always looking for his shot but not in a selfish way. Blueitt understands his role and plays to that role by putting the ball in the basket through any means necessary.

NBE wasn’t the only outlet that noticed Trevon Bluiett’s strong play, 247 sports noted that Bluiett has seen his recruitment take off in recent weeks including new interest from Florida.

With his strong play, 6-foot-5 Indy Spiece 2014 shooting guardTrevon Bluiett has seen his recruitment take off recently, with several new schools entering the fray.

Through three games in Hampton, Bluiett averaged 16.6 points while shooting 47 percent (8 of 17) from beyond the arc. Saturday morning, Bluiett torched Houston Hoops for 22 points including 4 of 7 3-pointers in a 75-73 win.

“Florida called me yesterday or two days ago,” said Bluiett, who also rattled off Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan Notre Dame, Indiana, Butler and Xavier.

“I’m looking for a brotherhood on and off the court, a special connection. As long as I feel I’m right for that program.”


Up Next: Session Three of the Nike EYBL takes place May 11th through 13th in Dallas, Texas.


Photo: 247 Sports

  • mbball

    Just curious, any reason Kentucky hasn’t offered Young yet?

  • BlueRev

    Love the stats thanks. Like to see RC having 2-1 a/to ratio (tho just 5 games) for a wing. Maybe he’s more catch and shoot than drive, keeping to’s down tho–possibly evidenced by somewhat low rebounds per minute played assuming he’s playing forward spot? Definatley targeting shooters, and of course… I like ’em all!

    • Steve2081

      Maybe he just knows his limitations. That was Evan’s biggest problem. He was somewhat skilled but seemed to think he was Magic Johnson which led to him trying to do too much too often.

  • Is there any news on Michigan recruiting EC Matthews? I think he could grow into a really good player. He is a very good wing who gets to the basket, something we are currently lacking. He needs to improve his ball handling but overall I really like his game.

  • Quick Darshan

    A Mark Donnal-Reggie Cameron-Zak Irvin-Nick Stauskas-Derrick Walton lineup would have a frightening combination of shooting and ball-handling.

    • Steve2081

      Yes, yes it would.

  • Dimitri

    Devin booker gone be nice..!!