NWI Times: “Albrecht expected to sign at Michigan on Friday”

Dylan Burkhardt

nosa-a4-spike-albrecht-23-points-defended-by-torin-childs-harris[1]The fact that Spike Albrecht is expected to commit to Michigan on his official visit to Ann Arbor this weekend is hardly a well kept secret. Albrecht’s prep school coach, John Carroll, laid out Albrecht’s visit plans in detail on Wednesday.

The Northwest Indiana Times caught up with Spike’s family, prep and AAU coaches and is reporting that the Crown Point native will commit to Michigan on Friday. SYF AAU coach Wayne Brumm feels strongly that things will be finalized shortly:

“I knew they needed a point guard and I let them know I had a kid,” Brumm said. “Spike played well all season but he really finished strong. I know Beilein likes Spike and so does Meyer. I think it’s going to happen. You never say for sure until it does but I expect for everything to be finalized (today).”

Albrecht’s visit began on Thursday but is expected to extend into the weekend as he’s joined by his family. The late signing period for the class of 2012 begins on April 11th.

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  • Paul

    Awesome!  Hope he becomes our pass-first ball wizard! :-)

  • ZRL

    Can you say SYF pipeline? Do you know if they have any good 2013 or 2014 players?

  • storm33

    Any chance he’s a preferred walk-on?

    • sane1

      Not with out of state room, board and tuition at close to $50,000 per year.

      • storm33

        in fairness, Josh Bartelstein and Sai Tummala are out-of-state walk ons.  Not totally out of the question.

    • MGoTweeter

      Don’t think it matters at this point. Scholarships are really no longer an issue

      • A2JD

        Since there’s a finite number, Scholarships are always an issue. You really don’t want to make a “mistake” with any of them.  

        I’m not saying Coach Beilein would be making such an error, though. We’ll have to wait and see on that.

        If he’s a solid back-up or better, that would be well worth it.

  • kainkitizen

    This is great news for the basketball team and the program.  Spike will do just fine being a back-up PG if Trey decides to stay for another season.  I’m a little worried if he gets thrown into the fire from day 1 as the starting PG, it’s going to be a little shaky during the non-conference schedule.  He’s the type of player that will work hard to improve and make himself and the team better as time progresses.  Welcome aboard Spike!! 

  • Mattski

    Neat. Just glad I’m going away for a few months because I could sit here and obsess about this team and its fortunes until September. 

    • MGoTweeter

      Safe travels mattski. We’ll miss you

  • MGoTweeter

    premature welcome aboard Spike!  Glad to have you here if this is true and you sign tomorrow. 

    I don’t think Spike is going to be a game changer like Darius or Trey were, but I think a lot of Michigan fans that question this will be extremely surprised at how good he is.  The offense is going to take a dramatic turn in terms of the way they play next season if Trey leaves, and Spike is going to lead that.  Hopefully he focuses on his defense this offseason and gives Michigan a turnover-free and 40+ percent three point shooter on offense.  If that happens, this team could be great.

  • DingoBlue

    Under the assumption things do get finalized around April 11th, welcome Spike!  I gotta think UM will continue to be in touch with Wayne Brumm (and SYF) moving forward.

  • Jayjames616

    Im glad we got another pg but I don’t think Spike will be able to handle being our starting pg especially as a freshman. If Spike has to be the guy we will be in serious trouble next season. Spike and no one behind him is scary. I like him as a backup pg but he is not a starting pg for a Big Ten contender. Im not sold on Della Valle either. PLEASE come back Trey !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaisdaddy1

    so that’s one schollie down what to do with the other 2? i for one am glad that they offering this kid… even if Trey Burke does stay we need a serviceable PG to spell him…

  • Scott1222

    Has Spike playd w MM and GRIII before? Thought I may have read that somewhere…Do know his squad gave MM Brewsters powerhouse only loss this year….mayb I read in a post or article here….he looks like a facilitator first w an above average handle and does show promise on quick catch and shoot…..haven’t seen much but court vision and awareness seems solid….I have FAITH in our program and do believe JB and staff will continue working aggressively moving forward…..Still think TREY should return…anyone have any additional feedback on Spikes game? Thanks in advance….

    • Sven187

      Yes he played AAU ball with them for SYF and Wayne Brumm. Max also played for SYF. I’m not sure if they were all on the same roster together though.

  • Scott1222

    BTW with everthing going on w the uncertainty of Treys status and all the hype surrounding incoming fresh class , not much has been said about Jordan Morgan.. I’m very excited that he’s back next season!! JoMo is ready to beast on everyone… Also THJ will b back w a vengeance…and a heavy chip on his shoulder coming off his sub par sophomore year…let’s think and stay positive fellas…..GO BLUE!!!!

  • ScottGoBlue

    Welcome to the fold, Spike.  A needed addition even if Burke stays, life-and-death if Burke leaves.  It’s funny how fast the composition of the team will change.  The first 5 seasons of Beilein ball have been “small ball” by necessity.  Not enough quality big men to field a traditional lineup.  Now all of the sudden we have a dearth of guards and a boon of bigs.  Next year will be a whole new thing.  Interested to see what the coaches do and how the team comes together.

    Burke leaving creates not only a PG void but also a leadership void.  I had him pegged as a captain for next year.  If he’s gone, who are our leaders/captains?  I guess Hardaway, then maybe Jordan Morgan? Matt Vogrich? Maybe Eso?  I like each of those guys, but it feels like there isn’t a clear leader for the team among them.  The leadership void sunk the 2009-10 squad.  That will be an interesting storyline to follow, should Burke go pro.

    Next up: “Amedeo Della Valle, COME ON DOWN!”

  • gpsimms

    this is good.  it’s another “busted down the doors to get to michigan” type.  i’ve been complaining about attrition.  this is a great move, get a four year solid kid with lots of praise from his coaches.

  • BrianW

    Sweet.  U-M is adding three guys who have a familiarity with each other’s games and that should help some with team chemistry, or at least make the freshmen more comfortable when they get to campus.

    Really surprising that Kevin Borseth is leaving to go back to Green Bay.  The women’s team was starting to gain some momentum.  Hopefully the next coach can keep it rolling.

  • Tom Too

    This comment area is like a public bathroom wall…I should read them when I’m sitting on the throne.  This kid could be real good….you guys haven’t a clue from a highlight reel..

  • A2JD

    If he’s coming, welcome and I hope you are as great as your name, Spike!

  • C_weezy27

    Kinda off subject but I had a chance to watch GR III, I must say his game reminds me of T-Mac!! Not a rookie T-Mac either, more like when he was Orlando. I must say i’m very excited!! The thing that excites me the most is that he wants to be a WOLVERINE

    • Guest

      GRIII was known as a jump shooter before the growth spurt and athleticism explosion.  He has NBA game and is a definite candidate for one and done if he has a great freshman year.  Of course, the bloodline with his dad doesn’t hurt either.

      • C_weezy27

        One and done ? I hope not.. lol

        • Guest

           Me too, but if given GRIII meteoric rise to #18 in ESPN ranking and his strong showing at AAU and HS ball. He could very well become a 1 and done candidate. He has NBA athleticism, decent size at SF and is a pretty good shooter.

  • “Downtown” Graham Brown

    Welcome Spike! Run the show!

  • I think we’re in good shape.  His statement below is all we really need to compliment the incoming (and existing) talent.

    “I think one of the things I do best is my leadership role, court awareness. I try to use my basketball IQ to my advantage. I’m not as athletic or as big as other guys I go against, but it’s always been like that. I play with a chip on my shoulder. You’ve got to be tough. I try to get in the paint and create shots for teammates.”

  • Mitchigan

    Not sure if people have seen this yet, but CBS Sports posted a list of all transfers.  There are a few guys who could be eligible right away that would be nice if we went after as an insurance policy (hopefully we won’t need it).  Let me know your thoughts. 


    • sane1

      Don’t see anyone who could play PG for us and be eligible immediately. Who did you have in mind?

      • Mitchigan

        I thought RJ Evans and Kyle Randall look like decent options

        • ElReyMateo

           RJ Evan does look intriguing although one rumour I saw had headed to UConn

          • jtong

             why would he choose UConn though, they can’t play in tourney next season due to bad academic scores of team, they just lost their appeal on that too.

          • Tenz23

            What about Wes Washpun, ALExis Moore, Trent LOCKett (Trey’s friend) or my favorite Nurideen Lindsey!!!

            Let get Nurideen LIndsey

        • sane1

          I read that Evans is a very poor shooter. I’d be surprised if UConn picks him up, although they are banned from post season in 2013 and could be scrambling. Don’t know anything about Randall.

    • Mbee1

      I did see Mike Talley on the list. He’s the son of former player Michael Talley. Only a sophomore so he would nt be eligible next year. And we probably don’t need him yelling at Mitch McGary to call timeout in the final four next year

  • Kokbear

    Unrelated to spike…but very relevant to the program.

    ESPN released it’s final basketball rankings.
    GRIII is now #18 and is a 5*
    Mitch McGary is now #27 and is a 4*
    Nik Stauskas is now #76 and is a 4*.

  • Rebecca

    I was sitting in Angell Hall yesterday (Thursday), and I saw him walk through with Coach Beilein, Coach Jordan, Zack Novak and Josh Bartelstein.  I wish I could say I had something to do with him coming here, but I don’t think Coach Beilein saying hi to me counts for anything.  Still, it was awesome to see them, and I’m so glad he’s coming here.

    • Jengoblue

      Coach Beilein saying hi to you is cool in its own right though. 

  • storm33

    can we just steal Mike Gesell from Iowa? Dude clearly could connect with GRIII

  • Kokbear

    Looking at recruiting profiles, skill sets, game and highlight videos…I think Spike is similar (slightly worse) to Dave Sobolewski from northwestern, who had a good freshman year for them. If he ends up performing at that level, I think we will be just fine.

    • Kokbear

      Rephrase at that level from the last sentence to near that level. 

  • q-sac

    any word on a commitment

  • Fred Z in Ann Arbor

    not being a hater, but looks pretty scrawny