2012 point guard Spike Albrecht to visit Thursday


On Thursday, 2012 point guard Spike Albrecht of Northfield Mount Hermon (Mass.) will visit Michigan and coach John Beilein. If all goes well, there’s a good chance Albrecht will be returning not long after to begin workouts as a freshman guard for the Wolverines. We caught up with the point guard’s coach to discuss his recruitment and upcoming visit.

According to John Carroll, the head coach at Northfield Mount Hermon, Beilein will offer Albrecht following the visit.

“That’s the expectation, for sure,” Carroll said in a phone interview with umhoops.com earlier this evening.

Though it will be Albrecht’s first time in Ann Arbor, it certainly won’t be the first time he and Beilein have met.

According to Carroll, Beilein has been heavily recruiting Albrecht for about five weeks. Two weeks ago, Beilein visited Albrecht and his family at their home. Last week, Beilein visited the NMH campus to meet with Albrecht and watch him play.

All in all, Beilein has seen Albrecht, a 6-foot-1, 180-pound point guard, play in eight games either live or on tape — and he’s liked what he’s seen.

“(The Michigan coaches) are really excited about Spike,” Carroll said. “We run a very similar offense to Michigan, and Spike is a wizard at it. It’s not hard to see where he would fit with Michigan. He is really good at dribble penetration and finding open shooters, and (Beilein and assistant coach Jeff Meyer) just love the way he plays.”

Carroll said that in an hour and a half workout featuring 18 future Division I players, Albrecht had just one turnover and “probably 20 or 25 assists.”

Beilein was there to see it.

“That’s what those guys were seeing and talking about,” Carroll said. “He’s a kid that really takes care of the ball, and he really knows how to control the tempo and pace of a game. If there’s a shot, he’s smart enough to take it. If there’s a pass, he’s smart enough to make it. Whatever the best decision is, he makes it.”

Albrecht, who attends NMH but is from Crown Point, IN, seemingly came out of nowhere on the recruiting trails about a month ago. After a strong showing in the NEPSAC AAA playoffs, Albrecht began to turn a few heads.

But Michigan was there recruiting him before most — even before Albrecht and NMH knocked off Brewster Academy, Mitch McGary’s school, in the semifinals. Given the circumstances, it’s not too surprising.

According to Carroll, Albrecht and former Michigan guard Zack Novak “go way back, they’re family friends” and they text each other often. Albrecht played in the same conference as Novak in high school. Albrecht also played on the same AAU team as commits McGary and Glenn Robinson III.

“They’ve known each other for a long time, and they know each other pretty well,” Carroll said of Albrecht’s relationship with McGary and Robinson.

All in all, according to Carroll, Albrecht’s choice has been narrowed down to Appalachian State and Michigan. That’s not to say he hasn’t had other interest.

“There’s been a lot of schools interested, but really he’s focused on Appalachian State and Michigan,” Carroll said. “Spike is very comfortable with the idea of heading back to the Midwest, but he also really like Appalachian State and understands where he fits with them. He’s had some high level schools interested, but it just didn’t fit.”

Carroll is about as positive as one can be that Albrecht would fit in without a hitch at Michigan.

“(The coaching staff) connected with Spike and his family off the court, and it makes 100 percent sense on the court,” Caroll said. “There really wasn’t anything that didn’t click.”

Several times, Carroll mentioned the character and high class of Beilein as very important in Albrecht’s recruitment process. He said that’s something Albrecht is looking for in a coaching staff because that’s how he wants to be as a player.

“Spike is the most low-maintenance kid I’ve ever coached,” Carroll said. “He wants to be in a place where he can continue that. He wants to be around kids that understand what it means to be a student athlete, he wants to be around kids that understand what it means to compete, and he wants his coaches to understand that too. And he’s found all of that so far at Michigan.”

Beilein and his staff will surely hope that thought continues when Albrecht visits on Thursday. The big question will now be, if Beilein does offer, will Albrecht accept?

“Being a low-maintenance kid, he’ll make a decision when it feels right,” Carroll said. “I think that could easily happen on the visit. I think whenever he’s comfortable, he’ll just make the decision. There won’t be a lot of debate going on, won’t be a lot of flip-flopping. Once he feels at home, he’ll make a decision.”

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  • is there a catch? this seems like a match made in heaven

    • Flwolve

       The catch is we’re stealing a kid from Appy State.

      • This has “got caught with my pants down when Burke left” written all over it doesnt it? I think JB is a really good coach and pretty nice recruiter. But you dont jump on a kid you’ve been unwilling to offer after trailing for years the day after reports come out about your stud PG leaving for the draft because you want to. It’s a need move. I give JB credit for having a last minute option in the bag, but I think we all see what happened here. You’d have to wonder about his mindset if he chooses App over UM. Oh there’s that App State again UM fans….not this time App. NOT THIS TIME.

  • Peterstljunkmail

    Yawn hopefully it’s a one year trial thing like baker

  • DongForest

    I just watched this kid’s video, and he seems like quite a good find by Beilein. Seems like a Senior late bloomer, ala Burke. Good find, JB. Good find.

  • Quaint06

    I’m heartened by his coach’s comments that their h.s. offense is (in his view) similar to ours. I think that helps a lot–maybe he’ll be a very solid contributor, or at least a good stop-gap until we can bring in better recruits in 13 and 14 (I know Walton is on the way, but we might go for another point in that class).

  • DingoBlue

    I still maintain that Spike would be a good addition in a position of need (regardless of what else happens with M Hoops).  I have faith in Beilein and after watching his film, Spike looks like he could be a contributor.  At the very least, he should have enough talent around him to distribute to and his handle is good enough to minimize turnovers.  Color me intrigued for Thursday.

  • rick dunaway

    NINO JACKSON visting michigan 4starpg2012 pg from ok. 4 star. yessssssssssssssss
    Started by: see you there

    • B Allsop

      That would be cool…..but why tease?

  • Andy

    I think we need to bring in a PG (whether it is Spike or someone else) this year regardless of what Burke does. We should have 2 PG on the team at any given time. What if Burke gets hurt? And we can’t have him playing 38-40 minutes every game. Spike seems like a safe pickup who is smart player and can shoot it. We don’t have to have a scorer or creator there with guys like Hardaway, Robinson III, Stauskas, McGary, etc.

    • Mr_Sledge

      I couldn’t agree with this more.  In my opinion Burke looked burned out at the end of the season which is understandable considering he played ridiculous minutes.  We need a legit 4 year guy that can handle the rock – bring some consistency to the program.  Beilein is bringing in scorers. 

      How does this kid differ from the freshman PG at NW or Jordan Hulls?  Either one of them one be a great fit for Michigan right now.

  • Alex

    There is a benefit that Spike has played with some of the likely contributors/starters. Never hurts to have that chemistry.

    Come to AA Spike.

  • anton

    please, just say no.

  • Mattski

    He’s taller than Trey, right? Not as athletic, but a great dribbler. If he can threaten from three, that might be enough, given the fire-power Michigan will bring to the other four positions next year. We saw other teams trap Akunne this year in very worrying ways. . . and it’s not like Beilein can pluck kids from hats at this stage; he needs to bring in the best possible available player, assuming Burke is gone, that is available. 

    • Mattski

      GREAT interview, btw–kudos. 

  • Kevin in GR

    Found this writeup after ESPN saw him at the NEPSAC tourney:

    Surprise performer

    Spike Albrecht (Crown Point, Ind./Northfield Mount Hermon)

    2012, PG, 6-1, 180

    Albrecht showed great resiliency and endurance, playing all 40
    minutes of an incredibly hard fought AAA final and serving as the team’s
    primary ballhandler from start to finish. He was at his best down the
    stretch, knocking down a deep 3-pointer and two clutch free throws in
    the game’s final 30 seconds. Albrecht is a cerebral point guard who is
    super crafty inside and is especially adept at keeping his dribble. 

    • ForeverBlue

      Give me a cerebral PG to run Beilein’s offense and surround him with talent…I like that mix.

  • Jaisdaddy1

    2 things… one i didn’t know he played AAU with Mc Gary and Robinson if anyone can find some video of them playing together that would be great and two on another website they’re saying that Nino Jackson PG from Oklahoma is now showing some interest in U of M now… glad to see Coach B and staff are coming up with Plan B,C and D incase Trey does decide to go…

    • Jaysmith1114

      Where did you hear this?

      • Jaisdaddy1

        scout.com Crisler Corner

    • SamGoBlue

       A quick Google search on “Nino Jackson” turns up some…interesting results. Seems to be a great talent, but Jeff Borzello named him as the “Biggest Risk” recruit in the class, he apparently has tons of academic issues and didn’t play in a single game this past season for his high school, is apparently very difficult to “track down”, and has also allegedly disappeared for a few months. Don’t think we are going to be interested.

      • Jaisdaddy1

        interesting… well i say go with Spike… he seems to have some chemistry with 2 of the 3 guys coming in… don’t really need him and come in and be the main scoring threat.. just come in dribble drive and hit the open man and open  3 now and than…

    • MGoTweeter

      dont know this for certain, but I would bet that the Nino Jackson rumor was just started by a fan that saw Burke might be leaving and did a quick search on rivals for the top uncommitted point guard.  If all the “issues” off the court on Jackson are true, I highly doubt Beilein has any interest.  Once you get past the top three or four guys who are uncommitted at this point in the recruiting season, most of the rest of the uncommitted guys have a lot of baggage.  

      However, all that said, if Michigan does get Spike, I would not mind them taking a flyer on a high potential guy that might not pan out.  As long as the off the court stuff is not of the legal nature and is just grade issues.  

  • WTHef?

    How much better is Albrecht than Josh Bartelstein?  I thought I remembered Bartelstein receiving some low-D1 interest and saw he averaged 15 pts/7ast at Philips Exeter – which I’m thinking might be in the same NH Prep league as Albrecht.  Even if he wasn’t as good in high school – he’s had 3 years of working with the team and learning the system.

    • Sood

      This seems like a fair question.

  • Wayman Britt

    Spike is not going to replace Trey in scoring and is no way the same player.  But, with the added firepower coming in, a PG who can dribble and distribute the ball might be suffice to stay within the top four of the Big Ten.  

  • MGoTweeter

    at this point, if Burke is leaving, don’t think anyone should be concerned about where the kid has offers from or what his rating is.  Michigan needs to get a couple guards in who can handle the ball.  They do not need to be allstars, just have to be serviceable and be able to play defense.  That is the only concern I have on Spike.  Can he defend?  I like the way he plays on offense, but if he cannot guard anybody than that is a different issue.  But in terms of who has offered him, who cares?  I seem to remember Beilein stealing a couple kids from Harvard and Valparaiso a few years back, how’d those two turn out?

    • Jaisdaddy1


    • Jengoblue

      Haha. Should have read all the comments before I made my post regarding Zack and Stu. Glad to see I’m not the only one thinking along those lines. 

  • Kevin in GR

    Video of Albrecht v McGary


  • Jaysmith1114

    So a prospect who has no profile and Appy St is his only other suiter .  Am I the only one worried out of me effing mind?

    • MGoTweeter

      have u watched him play?  The only question I have on him is his ability to defend.  Other than that, he seems like a kid that can come in handle the ball, knock down open threes and make the occasional drive to the basket.  That is all Michigan needs out of it’s point guard next season.  They do not have a ton of options at this point and I would not be surprised to see Michigan take both Albrecht and Della Valle. 

    • Jengoblue

      Well, the two unknowns from Indiana with Harvard and nothing as their other offers worked out for us just fine. And don’t forget that Trey himself was passed over by lots of schools. I think John Beilein knows what he’s doing. 

      • Jalen Rose

         He wasn’t passed over by Cincinnati, a program which actually…you know…didn’t embarrass itself in the tournament

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    Spike will be great glue if he should end up here and Trey does in fact leave. Lil dude’s  chemistry w MM and GR3 could be special. Maybe Albrecht and ADV after all huh? Beilein will fill the gap either way,  Plus i am pretty stoked at the opportunity this presents for Nik!!! 

    Good luck to Burke. I think he has the skills, speed, work ethic and mentality to stick in the NBA but will sorely miss watching him wear the maize and blue. TB3 made  his mark, probably can’t imagine strappin’  it on wo Zack and Stu.

  • Guest

    Where have all these posters come from lately? Seems like a lot of people think that since they’ve watched a few games this season, they’re in a better position to judge the quality of the team/direction of the program than the coaches or the guys actually playing. Relax everyone, next year’s team will still have A LOT of talent.

    End rant.

    As for Spike, he seems like he has some very good PG instincts (when to drive, dish, etc.), doesn’t turn the ball over, and has a very quick shot. I loved how he operated in some of his team’s handoff sets, with a fake handoff then blow by. His tape shows he did pretty well in a tough league, I say why not give him a chance? As we saw with Burke, if someone just has natural PG skills (which I would say Spike does ) and is willing to put in the work and adopt a mindset where they simply will succeed no matter what others say, they will do very well.

  • AC1997

    I know a lot of people, including Dylan are down on Spike as a scholarship candidate, but I think it is a great fit.  Sure, maybe he’d ideally be a preferred walk-on, but I think he’s the perfect back-up point guard for us.  He played AAU with our two best recruits, he’s an average size for a PG, he’s known to have a great handle, he can hit an occassional open three, he’s a cerebral player who can pick up the offense, and he seems like the type of player who will relish the chance at a big-time scholarship to prove himself.

    I think you always need two true point-guards on the roster and I don’t consider Akunne a PG.  Why not give the 13th scholarship to someone that fits a specific position need? 

    For those of you who hate this idea, what about how Novak and Douglas have been the foundation of this franchise for four years when they had basically no offers or rankings?  I think they held up just fine in the B10 for four years and that was playing 30+ minutes per game.  I’m fine with giving him a scholarship and looking forward to seeing him prove people wrong. 

  • With all the concerns about his athleticism being the only real concern I’d like to briefly dwell on the Beilein system and focus on the other talent on the team.  
    -Ball movement & Motion: This is what the Beilein offense is all about, this wasn’t always the way that Burke and Morris handled it, but the offense really is about moving off the ball and passing the ball around a lot (similar to a Princeton offense).  This doesn’t mean that we need another guy that will dribble the air out of the ball the last couple years like Morris and Burke did.  yes it worked having them run the point, but Beilein’s preferred system doesn’t really need that type of player.
    -Other talent: With the wealth of talent at the 2/3/4/5 next year, it will be okay to have a 1 that will focus on running the offense, distributing to his teammates, and making great decisions.  The primary concern comes when other teams press a PG with limited athleticism, this can be overcome by having a lot of height at the other positions that can pass out of the press (Stauskas, Hardaway, GR-III, and McGary should help here).  We don’t need Albrecht to be the kind of penetrator and scorer that Burke and Morris have been the last couple years when we have a guy like GR-III coming in and replacing Novak, he should be able to pick up a lot of the penetrating opportunities (and I’d expect Hardaway to penetrate a lot more next year).  If Albrecht can come in, learn the offense, take care of the ball, and knock down the occasional open 3, he should do a decent job considering the type of talent that he has around him (same goes for Della Valle if he comes in and runs the point).

  • Calichrome14

    Last time I checked, my best memories come from freshman starters…

  • Morga2aj

    I think that Spike would be a nice addition and could really contribute. I like the comparisons of him to stu and zack. However, I feel like Michigan should be moving away from recruiting “under the radar, only mid major offers” type of recruit. They need to be moving on to elite players and fighting off other power programs to get recruits. I realize that attrition and burke leaving have called for alternate plans. But i hope that michigan hoops will break away from being known as being the place that finds “under the radar players that no one knows about.” I just dont want to be content with making the tourney and competing. 

    Go Blue!

  • Albrecht ready to commit if offered according to Scout

    • wolverine_longhorn

       Not a shocker.  I’m pretty sure we can beat Appalachian State for his signature.  Though to be fair, App State does have a catchy tune:


      • Draymond11

        Are you a student at UT? Sorry, Im a die-hard M fan here in Austin. Trying to unite with other fans.

        • wolverine_longhorn

           I’m an alum of both…undergrad at Michigan and grad at UT.  Austin is a great town so enjoy.  I’m not in the area anymore, but there was a sizable group of M fans that would get together for the football games at the Tavern.  Not sure if it’s still taking place, though.

          • A2JD

            They started going to Pluckers on South Lamar a few years ago. I was in Austin from late ’08 until the end of ’10 and that was the spot.  Not as cool as The Tavern but still good to see Wolverine fans.

  • wolverine_longhorn

    This is payback Appalachian State :-)

  • John

    Not really all that impressed.He doesn’t look bad, just not great either. WIth that said, if Burke leaves we do need to bring in a PG really bad and there aren’t too many options this late.

  • Mpartington

    This kid looks legit. We need someone who can basically distribute well to McGary and GRIII, and it appears that this kid has the potential to do so.

  • JR

    Best name ever for point guard: SPIKE
    We have plenty of scoring fire power coming in. I LOVED Spike’s very accurate lobs in the video, something Trey was not very good at. I can Spike airmailing to GRIll for many a throw down.  

  • Bud

    McGary  Robinson  Stauskas  Albrecht  DellaValle  five freshmen sound like you heard this before?

    • Indiana_Matt

      Maybe… it kind of sounds like a menu of deli cheeses and meats…

      “Oh, the DellaValle is great. Spread it on that Stauskas. Delicious!”

      Now if you were referencing the Fab 5, that would be ridiculous.

      • Quaint06

        Particularly since we’ve signed only 3 of them. But, yeah, Albrecht wouldn’t last five seconds guarding Jalen Rose and DellaValle is nowhere near Jimmy King. There’s no comparison.

    • Mattski

      Now THAT really is irrational exuberance. 

    • Go Blue hoops

      Sounds like a low level law or accounting firm.

  • Mac

    So ESPN says Nino Jackson(the other kid visiting 3 star/4star, offer from Baylor, Kansas, and MIZZOU) is a SG.  I’d take him over ADV I think.  But will Spike start next year? I’d be cool with that I just wonder if he can play defense?

    • Guest

       JB isn’t going after Nino Jackson. Too much of an academic risk and apparently has big time off-court issues.

    • Guest

      Any truth to the interest in Nino Jackson? Also not to repeat the obvious, but Ray Lee please?

      • Guest

         JB isn’t going after Nino Jackson and Ray Lee. Both are huge academic risks and are major headaches off the court.

  • Mattski

    Just highlights, but if we get this kid I will be very hopeful. He played against a pretty high level of competition, right? 

    I LIKE SPIKE. Print up my bumper sticker.  

  • Go Blue hoops

    So let me get this straight:   We’re now pinning our hopes on a 5’11,” prep school PG who isn’t even profiled or ranked on any major scouting service, and who went to prep school instead of college after high school, because he had no D1 offers?  Me no likey.   Frankly, I’m not too happy about the fact that our incoming class may be featuring two overaged prep school freshman – McGary will be 20 years old in June, and only made the national radar when he was a nearly 19 y/o big playing against kids 2-4 years younger than him.  Now, we are hanging our hats on him & a possible guy who is also 19 and not even sniffing the national radar?  If he does get an offer from Beilein, this will be his ONLY DIVISION 1 OFFER.  He was mentioned as “having interest from Vermont ,” but no actual offer.   JB struck gold with both Darius & Trey, but at least they were guys who had been profiled & earned offers from D1 schools, and major conference schools at that.   I’m as optimistic as anybody else on here, but c’mon guys, this has disaster written all over it. There’s a reason he wasn’t recruited by anybody out of HS, and prep school.

    • UM Hoops Fan

      No, we are not pinning our hopes on Spike.  JB and co are considering offering him one of 13 scholarships.  We are also attempting to recruit a combo guard, ADV.  We are pinning our hopes on JB and co being able to make it happen with ADV, Spike, Stauskus, Eso, etc.  If Burke leaves, I will not be as confident, but based on past performance and what else we’ll have, I’ll still expect a solid year.  Then next year we have Walton coming in, and are looking at others too.

      • Go Blue hoops

        Thanks for the reply, and I hear ya RE: pinning our hopes on JB & the team, not any one individual player.  But in the same breath, how many people on here are pinning our futures on McGary (and now that we’ve seen the sick dunks in the highlight video, Big Dog Jr)?

        he fact that JB only has one PG on the team as it stands right now (and that PG is a former walk-on who has missed a lot of time to both injuries & academic issues) doesn’t give me a ton of faith in his ability to stack the PG position.  As it stands right now, the only PG on the team (Ekunne) has played 35 career games, while U-M has played 101 games in his time on campus.  He only played more than 6 minutes in one game last season, and only appeared in 3 conference games last year, for a total of 10 minutes & 2 points.  Not average, total.

        I think the main reason we were so good this year is that Tey was great at getting the ball to the right guys, in the right spots.  How many times did TH Jr or Novack get a perfect pass when he was wide open on the perimeter, bc Trey drew a second defender to him as he cut to the lane?

        I woudl love to share your optimism, but Spike just doesn’t seem to be a real, legit D1 (not much less, Big Ten) player.  If he was, he would have been discovered, ranked, and had offers from real schools, either in high school , or in prep school.  And Walton can’t do anything for us this upcoming season.

        • Mattski

          Feel free to complain–that’s what the internets are for. But in case you haven’t gotten the memo, Beilein is preparing to make the best of a –possibly–difficult situation (as yet unconfirmed) by–possibly–taking a kid at the last minute. 

          Pick your drawers off the floor. Unknot them. Breathe. Beilein just got UM its first B1G championship in 13 years and doesn’t really want Burke leaving either. I dare say Brandon’s gonna keep him around for a while. 

        • UM Hoops Fan

          While Trey was great overall, he was not that great at getting the ball to the right guys in the right spots.  Did he make some great passes, get some assists, and get guys some open looks?  Yes.  Did we rely a lot on Trey making something happen?  Yes.  But he did not excel at running the offense, missed a lot of looks, often did not make the pass before the assist that was there, and was pretty much taken out of his game at times by the hard hedge even though there were options to exploit that defense.

          That being said, I would really like for Trey to come back, and I would be much more confident if he did.  However, I think we’ll be okay if he doesn’t.  And, for some of the reasons you’ve mentioned, I would guess that if Trey leaves, we’ll see significant minutes next year with a backcourt with two of Stauskus, Vogrich, and ADV.   

          • Go Blue hoops

            I appreciate the response & analysis, but I have to disagree with you that Trey wasn’t good at getting the ball to the right man in the right spots.  Look at the insane offensive ratings that Novack, Douglasss, & even Smotrycz had last season.  Those are all guys who we can safely say, didn’t excel at creating their own shots.  They were reliant on, and their games predicated on, getting to their spot, and getting the ball in the perfect position to shot, once their man left them.  Other than Evan blowing past Payne in the MSU game, I can’t ever remember him even putting the ball on the floor last season!  And Zack was the only one of those three who crashed the offensive boards and got some points on putbacks.

            My point is, those guys all had career season, in no small part due to the play of Trey.

          • Go Blue hoops

            Oh and Trey’s assist % was 28.6, good for 3rd in conference.

    • Death Reau

      “I’m as optimistic as anybody else on here”

      We can tell.

      • Go Blue hoops

        “I’m as optimistic as anybody else on here”We can tell.Then you should also be able to tell that I’m more realistic than anybody on here.

        • Death Reau

          As optimistic and more realistic than anyone here.  You’re quite the man.

          • Go Blue hoops

            Thanks, I appreciate the compliment!  And I’m glad to see that you go for quick personal “digs,” instead of some type of intelligent, basketball related response to my entirely basketball related concerns. 

            How JB doens’t have PG talent lined up to come in every year is beyond me.  Look at MSU, three seasons ago they lost their best player, a PG, in the Big Dance, yet still made the final four, because they had depth.

            This past season, they were expecting to have starting at PG a seasoned senior, but kicked him off the team, yet still won the league & got a 1 seed because they had depth at the position.  

            Like I said in my original post, JB struck gold with Darius & Trey.  He not only found the talent, but coached it up, and I loved that!  But I just don’t see that happening a third time, especially with someone so lightly regarded.  If Albrecht was a legit d1, Big Ten talent, he’d have the offers to prove it.  Trey had actually comitted to a different Big Ten school, and had offers from at least two more, when he switched to U-M on signing day.

            Think about it, how shitty would we have been last season had he not switched to here at the last minute?  We may have been playing Spike Albrecht THIS SEASON.

          • Death Reau

            Ok, I will give you that.  There’s no way Beilein could turn a lightly recruited kid from Indiana into a legit Big Ten player.  No way.

          • Go Blue hoops

            Thanks.  But at least Novak was a legit talent, a consensus 3 star with offers from Dayton & Valpo, among other D1 teams that have some sembelance of a basketball tradition.  And don’t forget, he’s the all-time leading scorer in Chersteron HS history, and was a consensus first team all-stater as a senior.  Not exactly “low-profile.”

            Albrecht is far lower in profile than even Stu Douglass was in HS, and Douglass at least had other D1 offers, plus didn’t have to spend a year in prep school to earn them, either.

  • Guest

    Jay Shunnar, a U Toledo guard (Ann Arbor, Huron HS) who played 23 min/g in 2010-11 is transferring to Michigan.  The article I saw indicates his intent is to concentrate on academics – probably he won’t play basketball; but it’s another name to have in the conversation.

    • Go Blue hoops

      Great, Shunnar has a career assist to turnover ratio of 0.9 (which means more TOs than assists), and last season, was 0.7.  Though at least here, he would be playing with much better talent than at Toledo, which would affect his impact on the court.

  • Graham Brown

    I heard that Darius Morris is coming back, and Burke is gonna take his place in the D-League.  They are gonna trade identities like John Travolta and Nicholas Cage in FACE OFF.

    • no time for clowns

      grow up

  • MichganMan

    Spike would be a great pick up for apa st. but not for Michigan.  We are better than that.  Michigan need a point guard that can create his own shot like D morris and Trey.  If you watch Michigan basketball you will understand that the point guard finds himself with the ball in his hand with little time on the shot clock alot, so he need to be able to create his own shot.  We just built a player development center to help improve out players and to impress the recruits, but we are still trying to recruit players that are being recruited by school like apa st??? why is this?? IDK why JB isnt going after players like Jerron Wilbut and Nino Jackson who are shooting guards in high school but Michigan can easy develop into PG.

    • Guest

       Not with the incoming freshmen and THJ. They can let GRIII to break down defense with dribble penetration because he’s their best athlete and most likely going to be a #1 scoring option.  There’s Stauskas who is a good shooter. 

      JB offense is not predicated on PG who can create.  Morris and Burke weren’t your typical JB’s PG mold.  Spike would fit in nicely as a distributor at PG position.

  • UMbballFAN

    Why does Michigan need a PG that can create his own shot when they are bringing in GR3, Stauskas and McGary and have THJ, and Morgan returning?? And what makes you think that Albrecht can’t create his own shot, he did it several times in his highlight film and if you have actually watched real game films you will see he did it there also when needed…..yes he is more of a facilitator and with the talent there and coming in, he would fit in perfect. JB likes him, I like him and to me that is enough…I dont need an offer list to validate what I have seen from actual game film.  He is not Burke but mark my words he will be a 4 year contributor at Michigan and when all is said and done we will be glad that we landed him….assuming that we do.

  • rick dunaway

    if we take this kid im just going to take a year off from michigan basketball. i will not watch one game next year. bye bye 

  • LexLuger

    Spike? Is he a WWE character?

  • Michiganman_777

    Some of you are just ridiculous. This kid is a GREAT fit. If burke leaves we NEED a solid ball handler. Would you rather have ESO bringing the ball up? Have you forgotton how well we did with CJ Lee and D Merritt? Were they not walk-ons? Those guys barely broke 5points a game and we were a good team with them. In fact, after they left we had a HORRIBLE (1st)year with d-mo.  Yes its great having studs like Morris and Burke, but this is NOT the end of the world. Not having someone who can bring the ball up and run the offense IS.

    And stop hating on Beilein. Just over a year ago he had a great SO with a great FR coming in. Loaded at PG. At that time he was focused on recruiting other positions (which he did very well at). Now they both (burke still up in the air) wanna get paid to play. Do any of you realize how early you have to get in on these stud players out of HS? And now you all wanna complain that we dont magically have some stud PG waiting to jump on our bus. Newsflash, when Beilein and all of us thought we were loaded at PG , those stud 12′ PGs were commiting to other schools. We dont need a star PG, we just need a solid PG. And with beileins track record of dealing with these short notice situations in the past, how can you really be all that worried?

    • Michiganman_777

      Also, having played on the same AAU team as McGary and GR3, chemistry should already be in the mix.