Game 17: Northwestern at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan and Northwestern have an early 6:30 p.m. start tonight thanks to some fluky scheduling from the Big Ten Network. Tom Hart and Greg Kelser are on the call as Michigan looks to defend its perfect home record against John Shurna and Drew Crawford.

Join us in the comments section below to participate in discussion before, during and after the game.

Pre-Game Reading:

  • Baxter Allen


  • woo bailed out

  • Scott1222

    What…Timmy what u thinkn…

  • RikSmits

    Hardaway’s gonna be running all day in practice tomorrow win or lose for that. He can join Morgan for his Tech

    • Scott1222


  • RikSmits

    Every win is a good win. It’s been real boys and girls. Thanks for the chat

  • JDR

    Burke, you are such a legend

    • Alex

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Go Blue.

  • Mattski

    Kinda fun, in a totally freaking terrifying way. . . 

  • AG2

    An RPI Top 50 win is an RPI Top 50 win.

    • Kokobear

      Was Northwestern RPI top 50?? Would not have guessed that

      • jemblue

        They were #29 according to realtimeRPI.

  • gooman85

    torrent at mgovideo?   miss it sigh.  GO BLUE!

  • JDiesel

    holy s**t!  Couldn’t make the game live so watched on DVR.  I agree that a win is a win, and NW shot the lights out for a good portion of the game.  The D in the 5 min of regulation and in OT was pretty amazing.  Tough, gritty win, and a lot to improve upon