Beilein: Horford Improving, Will Be Re-Evaluated Next Week

Dylan Burkhardt

We’ll have full coverage from media availability this afternoon but here’s the latest on Jon Horford and his injured foot. Horford was x-rayed on Monday afternoon and Tuesday’s results were encouraging. Beilein reported that Horford will begin doing light workouts this week and will be re-evaluated next week before practicing at full speed:

“There’s improvement in his foot. This week he’s actually going to begin to start shooting on his own. We are going to do a lot of water therapy and physical therapy with him just to get him ready. It’ll be at least one week until we try to go full speed, if he’s really feeling good after seven days and we have a game in three days, can he see spot action?”

Despite the encouraging reports, Beilein didn’t rule out the chance that Horford could still be out for the season with a medical red-shirt if his condition regresses.

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  • Mac

    A medical redshirt actually would be kind of awesome because it would appease the big man logjam somewhat.

    • Somewhat but I’d rather redshirt someone next year if you HAD to take a medical redshirt. Michigan could DEFINITELY use Horford over the next two months.