Open Thread: Mitch McGary Announcement

Dylan Burkhardt

Mitch McGary will announce his college decision between Duke, Florida and Michigan at 5 p.m. ET on ESPNU and all signs point toward McGary selecting Michigan.

Join the discussion below during the build up and actual event to share your thoughts, predictions, worries or excitement.

Pre-Announcement Coverage:

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  • Those of you with Time Warner, Verizon FiOS or Bright House can watch the announcement live online at

    Let’s hear your predictions this afternoon!

    • Misha Dhar

      For those of you without those providers, head over here:

      Click sports and choose the ESPNU channel.

  • Dshugan

    1st one commenting on I WANT MITCH!!!!  @dshugan and #mitchtomichigan C’Mon @mitchmcgary33 you gotta come to MEEEECCCCHHHHIGAN!

  • G Man

    Just what we need, a real inside threat.  A big man that can move.  Doesn’t hurt that he is a lefty either.  Hope he goes BLUE!!

  • Cullen3

    Ahahahahahaahaha look at the kid on the rights face in the picture above….omg Dylan.  That  mouth is exposed huh? LOL

    • mikey_mac

      looks like Predator

    • Kenny

      should audit for the next Vampire movie.

      • bballscout

        forget mm, i want that kid’s tenacity in maize and blue

    • BlueRev

      Aw man I was gonna post about that–he’d be a good fallback option… imagine trying to score against a kid like that–you’d either run away scared or be laughing too hard to do anything! Maybe it because M2’s elbow was in his throat?

  • A notable tweet from Mark Watson of Blue Devil Nation: “Look Duke fans! Mitch aint coming to #Duke and you can take that to the bank unless the sky opens for a miracle.”

    • Sven187

       He is trying to jinx us!

      • Da1starr


  • mikey_mac

    Oddly, I feel like I would be a little more comfortable if there were a sign or two pointing against UMich … Just paranoia, I suppose. I’m too used to this type of prospect not even considering us.

  • Dalberts

    Am I correct that coaches can comment on recruits, till the letter is signed?  How is Bacari going to keep silent if it goes our way

    • Can’t comment until Wednesday.

      Something like this: RT @bacari34 Twitter Question of the day: With Halloween passing, what is you favorite candy? Mine is M&M’s! HALOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • skitchbeatz


      • Dalberts

        Has McGary said he is signing in the early period?

      • MGoTweeter

        omg that is an awesome tweet

  • FGCU Maize Rage

    I’m pumped. Hopefully I can get out of work to see the announcement…

  • Michman

    Mitch come to michigan!!!  Go Blue!!!

  • Billiam

    Question, guys: MM’s game seems to be like that of Bosh.  IE, a 10-15 ft away-away-from-the-rim guy.  Do you think Bacari alters his game a little to be more of a post player?  It seems like we’re going for traditional post-players (Morgan, Horford) at the five.  So, there are two questions:
    1.) Does anyone think we’re gonna see MM in the post quite a bit?
    2.) Do we see him playing as a 5 (4=Smot) or a 4 (5=Morgan/Horford, 3=Smot/THY depending on whether we wanna go big or not)

    • storm33

      I agree with the Bosh comparison.  I think he’s going to be put in the post no-question, but he’s a versatile player so you never know and he could be a Smotrycz-style hybrid.  

      Also, anyone else remember that Chris Bosh had Michigan in his top schools? Daniel Horton (from the same area and year) was trying to get him to come with him…

    • Lankownia

      Don’t think so.  He’s bigger, more aggressive inside plus lacks Bosh’s range or consistency. Garnett’s a better comp.

  • AC1997

    I was trying to think about the past top-10 recruits that Michigan has signed.  I remembered Webber  and Jarod Ward were the top players in their class.  I had forgotten that Blanchard was ranked so high.  I remember there being some wider variation in his rankings, but he was the gatorade player of the year.  Anyone else I’m missing?

    • Sven187

      Daniel Horton was top 10 on Rivals I believe.

      • Lankownia

        He was outside the top 10 to most but in the top 20-30 range generally.

    • Kenny

      Traylor is ranked #1.

      • SBell

        Traylor ahead of Kevin Garnett? By the Milwaukee Bucks maybe.

        • Kenny

          you are right. Traylor probably is in the top 5 but not #1 overall. But his class (together with albert White and Louis Bullock) was ranked #1.  If I remember correctly, Garnett would’ve been Maize and Blue if his SAT or ACT was an inch hight. Well, that are old glory days.  

    • WTHef?

      Jevohn Shepherd was the #1 player in the country – in Canada

    • A2JD

      Juwan & Jalen were both top 10.  I think Juwan was #4.

  • Here’s a question for you guys… More anticipation for: 
    1. Today
    2. Selection Sunday in 2009
    3. Selection Sunday last year
    4. An NCAA Tournament game
    5. Other

    • BlimpyBlue

      4, without a doubt

    • Jetsgreen

      today is an important day but it doesn’t compare to in-season big games

      • Jetsgreen

        or selection sunday for that matter

    • UM Hoops Fan

      1. NCAA Selection Sunday 2009 — jeez louise, that was a weight off.
      2. Today — promise of taking the ceiling off this baby.  If this goes down, I put UM’s next 10 years against anyone’s.
      3. NCAA Selection Sunday 2011 — felt pretty confident UM was getting in.
      4. NCAA tournament games — I feel so excited for tourney games, but the anticipation is different because in that case I know it’s in our players’ and coaches’ control.  This is the best to watch, of course, but I feel less nervous about it through the day.     

      • DLup06

        Have to agree with you Selection Sunday 2009 as number 1.  I was at Crisler for that, and the release of tension was crazy!

    • dustindbo

      Other- Duke-Michigan last year in the second round of the Big Dance

    • Guest

      Selection Sunday 2009 without a doubt…Everyone who was at Crisler would probably agree. So tense, so hopeful, then pure excitement…It had been a loooong time coming. Then actually going to Kansas City and performing well was just as awesome

      • Yup. I think I have to side with you guys, was an awesome experience. Down the road today could lead to bigger and better things though, and that’s truly exciting. 

  • In other news, Trey Burke won’t start the scrimmage tomorrow. Beilein is going with his veterans.

    • Buddy Garrity


    • dustindbo

      Stu running the point is not the solution and Beilein knows it, no way it lasts the whole season, he’s gotta put Burke in at some point.

      • Kenny

        Stu is not the answer, but the offense will run through THJr, if it is too much to say that he will run the offense.

    • Billiam

      You think that’s a bad sign or just a situational, respect to seniors thing?  I have to admit, if Trey were better, I don’t see why Belein wouldn’t try to get him more experience.

      • I think it could be a lot of different things… John Beilein has never been against playing mind games with his line-ups, especially in an exhibition game. 

      • Kenny

        need to protect the freshmen by taking off pressure from them.

      • BlimpyBlue

        My take… Burke is still learning the offense, and the other 4 players are the floor are more effective when you have a point guard that knows the offense inside and out.  Starting Stu right now means the execution on offense at the start of the game is better.  Burke will get his minutes from the start of the season, and I expect that he’ll move into the starting lineup by the time Big Ten season rolls around.

        • Buddy Garrity

          Do you honestly think we could beat Memphis with Stu at the point?
          Best-case scenario: No.
          Worst-case scenario: Burke doesn’t get it, Timmy is forced to take on too much load and reverts to chuck and duck/turnover/manny 2009 mode.

          • Yes I think we probably could. And “duck/turnover/manny 2009 mode” was a complex situation, including his hamstring injuries. 

            Douglass is going to play minutes at the point guard position this year — period. How many is the question and it will shift over the season. I think it’s too early to panic about Douglass starting a game that doesn’t count. 

          • BlimpyBlue

            Let’s also not forget that, even though Morris was our best player and MVP last year, there were still a few times during the season when Stu was getting crunch time minutes at the 1 at the end of games over Morris because the offense as a whole was running better under Stu.

            This obviously wasn’t the norm, but it was a function of Morris having episodes where he was dominating the ball (aka looking to create on his own rather than allowing the offense to use ball movement to create opportunities) to the point where it was detrimental to the offense.  Burke is going to be a very good player for this team, but in addition to adjusting to the size and speed of the game, he also needs to learn an offense that is more complex than the set play or dribble drive offenses that many teams run.

          • BlimpyBlue

            I think if and when Burke is ready, he’ll take the starting job.  Burke is already a bigger threat to create plays and score than Stu is, but my assumption is that he’s still learning how to run the offense from the point guard position.

            In other words, he’s learning when and where to get the ball to players, how to read the spacing of the offense and the defense to make passes to backdoor cutters, and how to move when he doesn’t have the ball in his hands.  These are the types of things that are key to having Beilein’s offense run at peak efficiency, which creates open looks on the perimeter and easy baskets around the hoop as the defense is forced to extend while guarding the 4-out offense.  And this is especially important at the start of the game when a coach wants his team to start off running the offense in rhythm.

            And even if Stu is starting, I doubt he’ll get the bulk of the minutes at the 1.  Burke will probably play 20-25 minutes with Brundidge getting a few minutes at the 1 (along with minutes at the 2), while Stu slide over to the 2 when Novak and/or Hardaway is resting or when the team goes small.

          • MGoTweeter

            if u think Stu starting over Burke is the difference not just between UM beating Memphis, but even having a chance, then you must have pretty low expectations for the season, or think Stu is terrible at basketball, or have insanely high expectations for Burke.  

            Lets remember that Burke is just a freshman and Stu has shown that he can play the point for stretches.  The best long term lineup takes some time and game play to develop, who starts for the first ten or so games does not really matter.  

    • HHW

      My guess is that he will play more minutes at the PG spot than Stu.

    • sane1

      Good move, IMO. You have to bring young ‘uns along. Let his work his PT up gradually.

    • Lankownia

      Good decision.  We all expect Burke to earn it eventually, but I like that coach is making him earn it.

  • Does this post need updating? 

    Momentum Shift: A Look Back at the Last 16 Months :

  • Tyler

    Dylan, I have two questions for you (I do realize that they might be tough to answer)
    Where do you expect this team to finish in the big ten? I’m thinking 4th
    Where would you have expected them to finish had Morris stayed? I would have guessed 2nd.

    Just can’t overstate the value of having a point guard that can involve his teammates while also creating his own offense.

    On a side note, Carl Brundidge is really be forgotten about this season. Let’s do keep in mind that some sites actually had Brundidge rated higher than Burke. I mean I don’t believe that Brundidge will recieve nearly as much playing time as Burke, but at the same time I also believe he brings a lot to the table. I mean the kid looks at strong as a bull out on the court. I’m curious to see how his season goes.

  • Guest

    Dylan seems very active and upbeat…Could he know something? Good news perhaps?…

  • ZRL

    Wow, people seem to be blaming all of 2009 on Stu playing PG. To those who asked, I think we can beat Memphis and be a top 25 team with Stu playing 20 mpg at the 1 all year. Sure, having a PG who can penetrate is important, but seniority is even more important in cbb. Why can’t Stu be a rich man’s C.J. Lee this year?

  • Dave Telep twitpicing in the ESPNU Studio for the McGary Announcement.!/DaveTelep/status/132175375517220864

  • ChrisgoCAW

    Is there anywhere on the internets that one can watch this announcement?  please advice 

  • mmccrae

    anyone know of a non stream?

    • I’ll be looking for a public live stream and will post it here ASAP when the time comes..

      • Alan

         Dumb question…but im watching online and i dont see the press conference scheduled. Just college football live. Are you sure its ESPNU?

  • Trey Robinson tweets: RT @G_Rob_THR33: Shoutout to my bro @MitchMcGary33 he will announce today on espnU at 4 everyone watch it.#GoBlue

  • FGCU Maize Rage

    Looks like I’ll be getting out of the office and able to watch the decision soon. Does he do it like Zeigler and announce 5 minutes in? Or will it be drawn out till the last few moments?

  • Zgayer

    anybody know where i can stream espnu online?

  • Kevin in GR

    No matter where he ends up, what are the chances that he’s a “one and done” player?

  • MGoTweeter

    so this show starts at 5…are we expecting the announcement to come right away or are they going to tease us until 5:55?

  • MGoTweeter

    Mitch goes with a salmon colored shirt….hmmm

  • A2JD

    I’m got my Mitch McGary rally hat on.

    GO BLUE!!!

  • MGoTweeter

    here we goooo

  • MGoTweeter


  • MGoTweeter

    GO BLUE!

  • Kevin in GR

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME Mitch! GO BLUE!

  • Mikebainbridge20


  • Indiana_Matt


  • Misha Dhar


  • MGoTweeter

    Welcome Mitch!  Can’t wait to see you in Maize n Blue!

  • Umichmadness

    yes! woooh!!! go blue!!

  • FGCU Maize Rage


  • A2JD


  • Is there video of him committing? I missed it.

    • Home page, or here:

  • Kalkell

    Overrated…..just kidding. Great pick up for Michigan. Go Blue!