ESPN: Mitch’s Memos: D-Day looms

Dylan Burkhardt

images[1]Mitch McGary’s final ESPN blog before his Thursday decision was posted this morning. McGary will announce his choice between Duke, Florida and Michigan Thursday evening at 5 p.m on ESPNU. Here’s what McGary had to say on Michigan:

What I really like about Michigan is its coaching staff, especially Bacari Alexander. He’s probably one of the most underrated coaches in the country. He really knows what he’s doing with the big men.

I just like that I can trust the coaches there, and I actually like that they’re not on the biggest stage yet. That gives me the opportunity to go there and make a huge impact from day one.

A con for Michigan is that the Big Ten has a reputation for being a slow paced conference with slow big men who don’t really get out and run the floor at all. That’s not the way that I want to play so I’ve definitely got to take that into consideration. I know that if I went there it would help change the perceptions a lot.

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  • storm33

    If I were to base a decision solely on this article, I would say Duke is the likely favorite.  I know everyone is saying he’s leaning to Michigan, but this article doesn’t sit very well with that opinion.

    • But what do we think about his music taste?

      • Cza

        I’ll go out on a limb and say the new Mac Miller album will lead to more embarrassing videos and as new people get exposed to it, wondering if Eminem has a slightly-retarded, not as talented younger cousin.

    • Hungry

      Hmmm I didn’t read that at all. I read that he trusts the MIchigan coaches and not ‘some’ other coaches. I read that he thinks the big 10 has a certain reputation and that he is going to come to Michigan and attempt to change that reputation….we’ll know at 5pm thursday, I guess

      • skitchbeatz

        Oh man. that’s tomorrow! Landing McGary could launch Michigan’s recruiting to the stratosphere. 

      • storm33

        My point is that all these recruiting analysts say that McGary is in the bag for Michigan, and judging from this article, McGary hasn’t decided at all. (now whether that’s true or not….that’s another issue)

        • ColinNer

          I think you are getting buck (Mitch??) fever with the decision set for tomorrow. He has played his entire recruitment close to the vest. If he really hasn’t decided yet, he wouldn’t be committing tomorrow.

    • sane1

      Nah. He gave a pro and con for each school. He’s deliberately not tipping his hand.

  • Mattski

    What I’ve been saying! (And what Stu in a recent interview also hinted.) Michigan is going to be running more, and McGary will be in something of a PF role. Wow is this team going to be fun the next few years. 

    • Mattski

      Just actually read the article (never a bad idea). I would take him at his word that he hasn’t decided. Looks like FL is ruled out. If he goes with his gut he chooses us. 

    • gpsimms

      they say we’re going to run every year, and we always have an extremely slow pace.  this DOESN’T mean that we don’t run, though.  this is just the perception. 

      because we don’t crash the glass on offense, we never let the other team run, and that keeps the tempo low.  darius got out on transition quite a bit last year, though.


      • Mattski

        Yeah, I think you and I went back and forth on this once before. And I think it makes all the sense in the world to be opportunistic, run when you have the advantage but be very deliberate in working for the right shot in the halfcourt. 

        But I do see hints that we start to run a little more. And I think that it’s creative passing and guys very comfortable in the offense that makes for great fast-break offense. A very large guy who can run and dribble cannot hurt. 

        • gpsimms

           ya, sorry, i couldn’t remember if that was you or someone else.  anyway, i agree, there are a few things that might be different which lead to more transition:

          1.) success of the 1-3-1 at the end of the year…last year we rarely ran it, and then all the sudden near the end used it quite a bit.  with more experience on the floor, they might use it more.

          2.)  trey/carlton is probably faster than dmo.  of course dmo was the best in the country at turning transition into buckets, but he’s not exactly fast.

          3.)  THJr worked on his handle…no one is faster than timmy, but the kid couldn’t dribble to save his life.  hopefully he improved on that.

          4.)  Smot might be faster…last year smot could handle the ball, and I would be comfortable with him pushing after a board…HOWEVA he rarely got boards and was usually the slowest dude on the court.  hopefully all the weight he gained was all muscle, and he increased his speed/explosion, because he has the skill to be deadly in transition

          5.) more pt for vogrich.  he is way underrated as an athlete.  kid has speed and ups for a skinny kid.  if he’s improved enough defensively (he was active last year in the 1-3-1) then we could see him creating some transition opportunities.

  • Dr TimFox

    Hello Duke!!!

  • Cgraham1231

    While I agree the big ten is slow, I think Michigan is one of the faster teams, and probably can’t play as fast as they want to w/ their current big men.  But I think Evan S., Novak, and even Morgan can run decently well down the floor for being big men…in Novak’s case playing a big man.

    • Kenny

      Michigan is a fast break team, as Beilein emphasizes on creating turn-overs over offensive rebounding, and in turn limit the fast break opportunities of the opposing team. 
      Novak is a guard playing 4, not a big, but Evan is capable of going coast to coast, as he did after a steel against MSU last year. Morgan runs the floor well on the fast break, but cannot go coast to coast all by himself.  

      • Matt

        Check out kenpom.  Michigan ranked in the bottom 10% of teams with regard to pace.  So not a fast break team.

        • Kenny

          Misleading statistics when used to say if a team is a fast break team or not. When there is no fast break opportunities, we do take care of the ball and be patience, which brings up the average time per possession. A team turn over the ball or takes a shoot every 20 second has a fast pace game but is not necessarily a fast break team. 

  • SamGoBlue

    I absolutely cannot wait for about the next 27 hours to pass to find out where McGary is going. It genuinely sounds like he still is undecided, but if I had to guess at this point it seems like it’s down to us and Duke (dook). I really think he could be a program-changer here, not only on the court, but in terms of recruiting and bringing Michigan back to the days where we were consistently a national powerhouse, and I think that is something he really wants.

    Plus, with his initials, can he really go anywhere but Michigan?

    • Guest

      he already made the decision,hence the announcement date.  All signs points to Michigan and even Duke insider conceded McGary to Michigan.  Duke began to make Parker, a big man, their top priority which is an another sign.

      • SamGoBlue

        If you actually read the article, he clearly says that he has NOT made up his decision, so unless you think he is blatantly lying for some reason, you are wrong. He also says that the decision and the whole recruitment has caused a lot of stress on him and his parents, so maybe he just wants to get it over with even though he hasn’t completely decided. Just a thought…

        • ColinNer

          I think he has made up his mind on where he will be committing tomorrow. I think when he says he “doesn’t know where I’m heading at this point” has a more generic meaning. Maybe it refers to life?

  • Dr. Z.

    Never underestimate the recruiting power of committed recruits and current players. In the Fab Five documentary, J. Howard took credit for recruiting Jimmy King and Chris Webber. Rose and Webber was a package deal… So, if one considers Novak and his connection with Mitch, as well as Glenn Robinson’s relation with Mitch, I am willing to bet that both Robinson and Novak were calling Mitch every day, and I am sure they have a pretty good idea where Mitch is going.  

  • kainkitizen

    This has to be the most nerve racking event, we have gone through in a very long time.  Sitting and waiting is just not emotionally healthy.  The reward for this hopefully is excitement and the thrill of victory!!! 

  • ColinNer

    Best of luck to MM tomorrow. Hopefully he comes to Ann Arbor!

  • philip balger

    I haven’t been this excited for an announcement since C Webb in 91! Come on down Mitch, this is as close to a perfect fit as it gets…BLUE.