Regents Approve Crisler Arena Makeover

Dylan Burkhardt

The University of Michigan Regents approved the schematic designs of the $52 million makover to Crisler Arena. The overhaul will include new fan entrances, additional retail and ticketing spaces as well as a private club space.

The Basketball Player Development Center is currently under construction and is expected to be completed later this year. The first phase of Crisler Arena renovations was previously approved for $20 million and will focus on infrastructure improvements. New scoreboards are also being installed in Crisler Arena this summer. The entire project is expected to be completed by the winter of 2014.

Full release and more photos after the jump

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The University of Michigan Board of Regents today (Thursday, May 19) approved the schematic design for the second phase of renovations and expansion to Crisler Arena.

The expansion will add approximately 63,000 gross square feet for new fan entrances, additional retail spaces and ticketing areas, as well as a private club space.

The renovation will improve seating for people with disabilities and provide expanded and renovated concourses to allow for an increase in restrooms, concessions and other fan amenities. All seats throughout the arena will be replaced.

Athletic resources and gifts will fund the $52 million project. The construction schedule for the second phase will be presented to the regents when approval is sought for the schematic design.

TMP Architecture, assisted by Sink Combs Dethlefs, will begin the design work immediately. Those firms designed the new $23.2 million Basketball Player Development Center, which is scheduled to be completed later this year.

In October 2010, the Board of Regents approved the first phase of the Crisler renovation at a cost of $20 million. This initial phase addresses the highest priority infrastructure needs such as repair of the roof, electrical, plumbing and air handling systems.

During the last decade, improvements to Crisler Arena have included renovations to the men’s and women’s locker rooms, new lighting and sound systems, installation of courtside seating and updates to the strength and conditioning areas.

Construction of Crisler Arena initially was completed in 1968.

If you are wondering what Crisler Arena looks like this moment:



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  • Anonymous

     Much more believable than the $52,000 the Ann Arbor Chronicle reported.  :-)

  • Anonymous

    Oh how sweet it is to be a Michigan Basketball Fan!!!  Any word on a video rendering instead of just photos?

  • Anonymous

     Wider concourses.  Yay!  That’ll definitely help the traffic flow after a game.

  • Wayman Britt

    Z. Irvin, M. McGary & D. Walton this could be your house, join the rapidly rising UM bandwagon before it’s to late.

    • Anonymous

      found this vid interview from pgu with Mitch McGary.   He lists off the schools that are recruiting him the hardest and its basically a who’s who of college basketball: Duke, Arizona, Uconn, Florida, Kansas, Texas A&M, Indiana, West Virginia and Marquette. 

      I absolutely love this kids game and he might be the prototypical Beilein center, but its going to be tough sledding even to just get an on campus visit.  He also stated that he plans on deciding before his senior season, but not any time soon.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like we’re not even on the radar.  Too bad for us.

        • RollHoosiers

          Hes coming to IU to join the best 2012 recruiting class in the country!! 

          • Anonymous

             whats with all you Hoosiers coming out of the woodwork?  ot that I have any problem with you guys, just odd to see two of you posting in the same thread.  

            I do have a question for you though, how is Indiana going to make room for McGary?  Aren’t they also going after Harris?  Im not sure if anyone knows, but where are these extra scholarships coming from?

          • Anonymous

            I’ll believe it when I see it … and when I see Tom Crean finish above 10th in the conference.

  • BP2MU

     Been to IU’s basketball facility, I think they still got us.

    • @37318ea1b3cb563b7cee00eed4900869:disqus : I’m curious how you define ‘us”? All of your comments appear to have been on Inside The Hall. :-)

      • gpsimms

        boom disqus’d! 

      • BP2MU

         Michigan resident, IU fan!!!!! Boom 

        • Anonymous

          Now your comment makes even less sense. 

        • Anonymous

           Love the job Tom Crean is doing.

  • Anonymous

    Looks good.  I still wish the atrium/main entrance was facing stadium, but I dont know if that was possible considering how large it appears in the rendering.  It looks like it may be partially blocked out of view from the street by the new pdc.  The stadium entrance always seemed to be the most used entrance in my experience but I guess that would change if the ticket sales/will call box was moved over to where the atrium is and I assume that is plan. 

    The club area looks a little over-done to me.  I thought it would be more of a railed off area of seats that have their own concessions/bathroom access behind it.  It appears like they are envisioning a much more exclusive combined suite-type atmosphere.  Which is fine I guess but a little over the top for a college bball facility.  I’m all for improving amenities at Crisler, cause lord knows it needs it, but I don’t like the distractions that take away from a college basketball atmosphere. 

    • Anonymous

       Yeah, I really agree with your second comments here. While the changes/upgrades look really nice and will certainly make Crisler more modern, I really love the homey feeling of Crisler today (well, before it went under construction). It’s college basketball, I don’t want the arena looking like Breslin where it’s almost an NBA arena. But I am probably in the tiny minority here.

    • sane1

      Actually, the atrium will be a LOT more impressive on the east side where it rises up from the parking areas to the main concourse level. If it were on the west side, there would not be room between the entrance and Stadium Blvd. to do much. Also, keep in mind that the whole exterior of Crisler will be pushed out and there will be glass all around the top of the walls.

      • Anonymous

        that was kind of what I was saying.  That there probably was not enough room on the south, stadium side, to put it in the way they envision it.  I still wish it was on that side though, not just for gameday reasons, but also because of the view you get when you drive by. 

        Based on what they have planned, I am sure it will look good driving in from the east, but if you are driving in from the west, you will not even notice the main entrance to Crisler.  This is not a huge deal at all, just something that will bother me in a small, inconsequential way. 

        Also, did not know about this glass thing.  From the pictures it does not look like glass extends all the way around at all.  Where did you see this?

        • sane1

          Look at the concourse interior rendering. You can see the glass at the top of the exterior walls. Also, from the exterior, you will notice that the brick walls stop short of the roof line. That space is glass, even though you can’t actually see the glass from those pictures.

  • Anonymous

    Dylan, do you know if the seating numbers and everything will be the same after the new seats are installed this off-season?  i.e., will season ticket holders be sitting in the same place with the same people around them or will everyone be shuffled around?  I’m assuming you have season tickets too.

    • Gary

      The renovation is really needed, but I am wondering about the rearrangement of seating that will occur.  I like my seats and don’t want to get worse ones.  

      • sane1

        I was told that they will try to put you in equivalent seats. All of the seating is being reconfigured so you will not be in exactly the same location.

  • bridge

     will it be ready for december graduation?

  • Brian_W_97

     According to the following, Michigan will play Nebraska once next season, on the road…

  • Grdbrian
    • Bluebufoon

      German Martin Breunig, a 6-9 Forward who signed in November Maryland, but gained his release following Gary Williams retirement, is supposedly considering Michigan, Florida and Washington. Here is a smal link

      • Bluebufoon

         From Adam Zagoria at earlier this week:

        In related news, German power forward Martin Breunig, another former Maryland signee who obtained his release, is currently visiting Washington.

        “He’s at Washington,” said St. John’s Northwest Military assistant Bryan Clayton.
        “That’s the only hard visit he has set up now. He’s going to get back
        and digest that decision and figure out where he wants to go from there.

        “We’ve heard from pretty much everyone — Michigan, Florida, USC, Tennessee, UAB and Providence.”

      • Sood

        Hopefully this isn’t another swing and a miss. I’m not sure how much longer this program can survive without a German wing.  

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