Video: Player Development Center Virtual Tour

Dylan Burkhardt

Here is a video from Sink Combs (the architect of the project) that takes you through a virtual tour of the new facility. The Player Development Center is still expected to be completed by fall 2011.

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  • the_white_tiger

    I guess the athletic department really wants to bring some success to the men’s and women’s basketball programs, this looks like a great facility. It will be really interesting to see if there’s a major improvement in recruiting and in the overall levels of success in the programs, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

  • Brian W

    Dylan, thanks for posting the tour video.

    The tour is really cool. The practice facility should be pretty spacious. I know it’s just an architectural example, but I’d hope that the real chairs in some of the lobby areas aren’t as short as what’s pictured. The short chairs with the short backs aren’t all that comfortable for tall people; I only mention that since the lobby of the building where I work at has chairs similar to what’s pictured. They look nice, but don’t try to be the 6’6′ (or greater) person sitting in one of them.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Also noticed the Crisler rendering looks a bit updated as well with all blue chairs, I assume the new plastic ones. Looks like there are also bleachers on the sideline that is across from the current bleachers (if I have my directions correct).

    • Giddings

      Based on the location of existing tunnel, yes, that would be the opposite side. But based on the direction of the M on the floor, that would not be. So they either got the M or the tunnel wrong in the rendering.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        Yeah, I was thinking based on the location of the practice facility, it would have to be an entrance from the current student side.


    Very Very nice Michigan state can eat their hearts out now, Michigan should get all the top recruits with facilities like this( just kidding) But…Wow Go Blue

  • Kainkitizen

    I’m impressed. Crisler is going to look way different with the new seating and looks a lot brighter. It definitely will have less seating capacity by the rendering. Where is the banners going to hang? Hopefully Sing Combs keeps up with any new renderings with changes and the 100% final blue print video renderings for us fans. This is pretty darn sweet for them to tease us with such a beginning.

    • Kainkitizen

      Oh my, I should read what I write before I post. Sorry guys for the Sing Combs instead of Sink Combs.

  • grandchamp

    Interesting bit on Izzo, It’s funny how delusion the msu fans are when it comes to defending this guy. Clearly he was doing something wrong and knew about it.

    “On the other hand, [Bob] Williams [, Vice-President of NCAA communications,] said ‘this was clearly not a case where Michigan State didn’t know this guy was tied to a prospect.’ And while the prospect’s name has not been made public, I am told by a qualified source that he eventually committed to Michigan State.”

  • Steve

    Anybody else notice the windows on the outside of crisler? It’s going to be a very busy offseason for the hoops facilities!

    • georgeesq.

      Windows on Crisler would not be part of this phase, but part of the last phase where the concourses are remodeled.

  • gpsimms

    kenpom’s rankings make so much more sense than rpi. here is the ranking by rpi:

    10. OSU
    23. Minnesota
    39. Illinois
    40. Northwestern
    48. Wisconsin
    49. Purdue
    (58. Oakland)
    60. Michigan
    61. Michigan State
    73. Penn State
    121. Indiana
    211. Iowa

    Also realtime rpi says we have a 70% chance of beating purdue. I think we have a chance, but nothing near 70%. I don’t think we’re the favorite.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      RPI is based solely on a teams winning percentage, their opponents winning percentage, and opponents’ opponents winning percentage.

      KenPom’s rankings are statistical in nature and based on how well teams actually play. Pomeroy’s rankings also still have some chunk of preseason prognostication blended in which is why some teams like Michigan State are very high despite relatively disappointing early result.s

      • gpsimms

        yeah, I know the differences, I’m just saying, right now kenpom’s system looks a lot better.

        also, I thought oakland’s high rpi was sort of counter-intuitive because rpi is not giving them credit for playing well in some of those losses

        I think as the season gets longer, rpi starts making more sense because teams that perform well tend to have WL records that reflect it, so their rpi will reflect performing well…

        but right now, the rpi numbers don’t make a lot of sense. that’s all i was saying.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Essentially, KEnPom is always a better metric for prediction. Non conference RPIs are almost wrapped up though, which is a big metric for tournament selection.

        • gpsimms

          to clarify: right now, sample size of wins/losses is quite low. But kenpom basically adds up every possession, so he has a high volume of data to compare already.

          rpi’s numbers will approach kenpom’s more than kenpom’s will approach rpi.

  • JimC

    It’s super cool how they embedded the pictures into the virtual tour! That’s high tech!

  • Teddy

    I really hope they add more red brick to the exterior and roof of Crisler to match with Michigan Stadium. Everything else looks amazing… thanks for the video.

  • Mfan1

    I wish they would redesign the court and use the UMHoops logo ( ) in the center circle instead of the blue block M. Heck i liked the old classical maize block M that was used back in the days better than what we have now.