New Crisler Arena Scoreboard Revealed

Dylan Burkhardt

crisler-040411[1]One of the many renovations that will be made to Crisler Arena this off season is the installation of new video screens. TS Sports, the company responsible for upgrades at the Bradley Center (Bucks), American Airlines Arena (Mavericks/Stars) and Value City Arena (Ohio State), will be implementing the new design. Here are the details from the release as well as a rendering (right):

In conjunction with Phase I of the Crisler Arena renovations, TS Sports will replace the current center-hung scoreboard which was installed in 1998.

“The new video system at Crisler Arena is a basketball fan’s dream,” said Vice President of Sales Matt Ritter. “The system will feature 14 LED video displays from Lighthouse Technology tracking all major events throughout the game – instant replays, fan shots, hustle stats, animations, graphics and much more.”

The new center-hung at Crisler Arena will consist of 14 LED video displays:
· Four (4) 12’ x 16.8’ Pi10 10mm main displays
· Four (4) 6.28’ x 16.8’ Pi10 10mm scoring displays
· Four (4) 6.28’ x 6.3’ Pi10 10mm advertising displays
· One (1) 2.1’ x 81.9’ Pi10 10mm top video ring display
· One (1) 2.1’ x 44.1’ Pi10 10mm bottom video ring display

New scoreboards will also be installed at Michigan Stadium and Yost Ice Arena as well, more details here.

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  • umhoopsreader

    file under “awesome”

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Jereme Richmond putting his name in NBA draft and won’t return to school.

    • SJWolv

      Well, there is Max’s scholarship. Weber insisted there was a spot for him even though they were out of schollies.

    • gpsimms

      wow…that’s a huge hit to their lineup. that kid seemed tough. anyone have any idea what happened there? saw some cryptic stuff on an ill message board…

  • Brian W

    Cool scoreboard… I’m glad they’re replacing the one at Yost too; that’s like watching Pong or Intellivision.

  • Sam

    I’m a little confused about where the advertising displays are fitting into that design, unless the Adidas logos are actually changeable. If not (and it doesn’t look like they are), then anyone still clamoring for a change back to Nike should see that that is not coming any time soon. And I, for one, and happy about that.

    • georgeesq.

      That is a video screen that displays the Adidas logo.

    • jmblue

      Our Adidas contract goes on for another four seasons.

  • KRN

    Just looked at the final USA Today poll. Which coach was dumb enough to give Ohio State a first place vote?

    • Beast1530

      Not necessarily dumb. Neither UConn nor Butler shouldnt’ be ranked in top 5 just because they made it to national championship game. Over the course of the season, OSU is the best overall team which is why a coach voted OSU #1.

      • Not dumb at all. It’s kind of silly to think that UConn was the best team in America this year.

        • KRN

          I’m not saying that UConn should have swept the voting. I just don’t think teams that got bounced fairly early in the tournament should get first place votes regardless of regular season performance.

          • Beast1530

            The tournament performance shouldn’t have any bearing in the final poll. Regular season gives you a body of your overall work and OSU is the best team in the country based on that resume. Tournament has a lot of variances that if you replayed the tournament again, you would have different final four teams and national champion.

      • ForeverBlue23

        I don’t understand this. In football all they do is complain about not having a playoff system and in basketball they have some version and people don’t think it should determine the best team? I guess there really isn’t any perfect system.

    • ScottGoBlue

      How meaningful can end-of-season rankings be with the Tournament determining the champion anyway? For example, we are the 12th vote-getter outside the top-25. That would put us at 37, which if the tournament were starting all over again today, we’d be a 10 seed (assuming straight seeding based on this poll). That’s just silly, and anyone who thinks about it for 2 seconds knows it. Any rationale that puts Butler at 2 and VCU (who was definitely NOT in the top 25 prior to the tourney) at 6 would also need to put us at our seed level or higher. Because that’s all about their tourney performance. So they’re just voting to reflect what the tournament already determined. End result: the poll is foolish, but they have to do it.

  • JD

    I wish they’d included the final score of the last time we beat spartie in that graphic.

  • Kainkitizen

    The new scoreboards look fantastic. Michigan Studium is a master piece now. New and BIGGER was the last thing needed for completion. Crisler is starting to look even better with the new video scoreboard. The excitement is starting to get more and more intense. It will all be worth it when it’s done. Have a great day Michigan Fans!!

  • Mason

    Former Tommy Amaker assistant Charles Ramsey fired at Easten:

  • This is completely unrelated to UM basketball.

    The reaction of VCU students after the loss to Butler. It might be a little much to call this a riot, but interesting none the less. Looks like a classy bunch.

  • Mattski

    Clearly needs to be festooned with more ads–not–and the “Crisler Arena” text is, from a design standpoint, not very visible, but will be big fun for fans. My daughter and I learn a lot about the game watching replays on the big screen at FSU’s Tucker Center arena. More incentive to get up to A2 to see the team.

    • georgeesq.

      The Crisler Arena text can be changed easily since this is on a video screen. The mock-up may not look exactly like the real thing.

      • Mattski

        Thanks! I know they promised to mostly keep ads off of the new football scoreboard, which is wonderful.

        • JD

          Fewer or smaller ads is better for sure.

        • Gary

          I’ve never understood why the Big House is off-limits for ads, but Crisler and Yost aren’t.

  • MikeSal

    Checkout who is #16 in a very early poll for next year. Emphasis on VERY early.

    • michigan

      the best thing to see from that is that the spartans are not overrated once again

      • grandchamp

        The funnier part is reading the comments of the State fans crying that they aren’t up there anywhere. HALOL!!

        • JD

          Explain the “HALOL”, please. I know Bacari uses it.

          • Jengoblue

            HALOL= Having a lot of laughs.
            When asked if it was pronounced HA L-O-L or Halol, Bacari replied “HA! Lol.”
            Hope that helps.

          • JD


    • Kenny

      Those early rankings show how important getting into the tournament is. Suddenly many media pundits are talking about this program. It is hard for them to pass a very well coached team with two future NBA players in D-Mo and THJr. All such will make recruiting a lot easier.

      • Giddings

        I know it’s been discussed before, but I bet someone wrote almost the exact same post 2 years ago, only substituting Manny and Deshawn for D-Mo and THJ. That didn’t turn out so well*.

        (*but alas, everybody underestimated the loss of Merritt, Lee, and Grady – and this team won’t have to deal with that)

  • Colby

    So will Bacari get considered for the EMU position? Would be a big loss

    • Mattski

      Yikes. I hope not. That guy is absolutely head coach material.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    EMU is a graveyard for coaches, both football and basketball. Ever since Ben Braun left, they have been awful. Braun, much like Beilein, had a fantastic eye for underrated talent. That’s how he built EMU into a MAC powerhouse. Maybe they could get Braun back, lure him away from the might mighty Rice Owls.

    • ScottGoBlue

      Totally agree. I worked at EMU for a couple years, love the folks working there, and the students. But football and basketball are where coaches go to die. EMU is actually good in other sports (track, cross country, baseball, swimming/diving). Just not the “big 2”. Any coach offered the job would probably be better off waiting for better offers.