Recruiting Roundup: December 20th, 2010

Dylan Burkhardt

Sai Tummala will walk on at Michigan (Photo Credit:The Roundup)

Class of 2011

Sai Tummala

Michigan gained a preferred walk-on commitment from the 6-foot-6 wing forward. It was admittedly the first we had heard of Tummala but here is what ESPN had to say about his play this spring:

May, 2010: Tummala is a left-handed, slashing wing. He excels in transition and knifing to the basket with one or two dribbles, preferably from the left. Defensively, Sai causes problems for opponents because he can make plays off the ball with his athleticism, quickness and sound instincts. Sai will rebound on the defensive end of the floor and push the ball out if there is an opening. He needs to improve his fundamentals to become a better offensive player as, right now, Sai mostly scores points off his opponent’s playmaking skills.

The Rivals commitment story ($) describes him as having 7-foot wing span and explains that he missed time on the summer circuit due to tendinitis. Maybe he’s a diamond in the rough, but at the very least he’s long, relatively athletic, and sounds like he’ll play the four. Michigan is a bit thin at the four depth wise, so it seems like a welcome addition.

Carlton Brundidge

Brundidge had an impressive performance versus top 5 Romulus, with 31 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists, but struggled versus Brandan Kearney and Southeastern. We’ve already covered both games in depth, including video from the Southeastern game. Tom Markowski profiled Brundidge a bit in his recent prep sports round up.

Trey Burke

Burke had a monster game versus Beechcroft, as he scored 32 points on 14 of 17 shooting (video). Over the weekend he coasted through another Northland blowout as he had 17 points on 7 of 14 shooting (2-3 3pt) to go along with six steals, five assists, and four rebounds. Northland was up 44-10 at the half and won the game by 29 points.

Class of 2012


Glenn Robinson III

Robinson led all scorers with 16 points in a 61-38 win over Chesterton. Over the weekend, Lake Central lost to Merrillville, 82-58, and Robinson had 22 points despite being double teamed throughout the entire game.

Sherron Dorsey-Walker

Dorsey-Walker visited Michigan for the Oakland game on Saturday afternoon and had an up and down week on the hardwood. Sherron had 31 points in a blow out 84-33 win over Detroit Central but struggled in a 2 point loss to Douglass, going just 3 of 18 from the field and finishing with 17 points.

Nick Stauskas

Stauskas continues to play an integral role on a loaded St. Mark’s squad and here are some highlights from early season play:

JaVontae Hawkins

Hawkins picked up an offer from USC and did an interview with All Eyes On U Hoops. Hawkins insists that he will take his time with his recruitment and did not name a leader – but it doesn’t seem like he necessarily denied that Michigan is in good standing.

Hawkins had 12 points and 10 rebounds in a win over Orchard Lake St. Mary’s.

Jordan Hare

Jordan Hare had 20 points and four blocks in a 63-54 win over River Rouge just a day after a tough defeat to Flint Southwestern. Hill lost to Southwestern by a point after Jordan Hare committed a foul at the final buzzer and Southwestern knocked down both free throws.

Sean Sheldon

LaVall Jordan made the trek to Northern Michigan to watch Sheldon play on Thursday evening but Sheldon didn’t have his best game.

Class of 2013 Notes

Zak Irvin (Photo Credit: Indy Star)

  • John Beilein and LaVall Jordan made it to Indiana on Saturday evening to watch Zak Irvin, a top flight 2013 wing prospect, in action. Irvin, Gary Harris’ teammate, struggled in the game but is expected to visit for the Purdue game.
  • Bo Zeigler scored 11 points at the Romulus Holiday Classic and it seems like he deserves to be in the conversation for top 2013 prospects in the state of Michigan, we received this report: “He is 6-5 put he needs to gain strength since he does play down low even though he will be a wing player in college. He is a very good athlete but also can shoot it from the out side (1-3 on threes other 2 rimmed out). He has great form but will need to speed up the release. Two areas he will need to improve on are his effort on the defense and ball handling which is bad but needs to improve. He showed solid court vision with a few passes which was nice to see.”
  • Leo Edwards, a 6-foot-8 sophomore at Cass Tech that started high school a year early also showed flashes at the Romulus tournament, we received this report: “He scored only 4 points had a few rebounds and a block. He is 6-8 with long arms. He really can get up and down the floor well. In the first half he really worked hard to get post position. Both times he touched there he had solid positioning. One shot was blocked and his jump hook was a little hard off the class. Right now he is definitely raw but you can tell once he gets use to his body the athleticism will be there. He will also have to add some poundage and get stronger but even though he is skinny he has a solid frame that should easily be able to gain weight.”
  • Romulus guard EC Matthews was extremely impressive at Michigan’s team camp this summer but he hasn’t been playing major minutes for Romulus this season. Matthews thrives going to the rim but the sophomore’s defense is lacking a bit behind. At 6-foot-4, the two guard had 2 points for Romulus over the weekend.
  • Denzel Watts had a game high 24 points in a 44-38 win over Clarkston (link w/ video). There are some more video highlights from his game versus Howell posted on NGS Sports as well. Watts wrapped up the week with a game high 16 points in a 61-34 win over Bloomfield Hills Lahser.
  • Derrick Walton had 30 points in a 88-50 victory over Chandler Park with MSU assistant Dwayne Stephens watching from the crowd.

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  • Jimmy

    Is Bo Zeigler related to Trey? Somebody had to ask

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I believe they are cousins.

  • MAS


  • Sheldon may have had an off night, but he did score 21.

  • Andy

    14/17 shooting is incredible. That must be an awesome feeling to just have everything going down like that.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    That highlight reel of Stauskus definitely made me rethink passing up on him. That drive and two-handed slam was really nice. That’s the sort of aggression you want to see.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Don’t think we “passed” on Stauskas… Staff slow played him a bit but he has an offer and most expected him to commit this fall before he slowed things down and decided to wait it out and see how his recruitment develops.

      • YpsiTuckyBoy

        I meant my hope that we “pass” on him and land SDW instead. I worded that poorly.

        • UMQuasi

          I’m not sure the 2 are mutually exclusive. In my opinion, we should be looking to get a 2, 3, & 4 in the class of 2012. In an ideal world, Robinson grows two inches and plays the 4, and then we get SDW (2), and Stauskas (3). Even if Robinson doesn’t grow, I’m not sure he couldn’t play the 4 in Beilein’s offense, given that it is more of a wing position.

          Of course, I’d prefer Gary Harris to SDW but I’m being a little more realistic.

  • CraigP

    Tummala sounds like a great pick-up as a preferred walk-on. Shows how far the program has come in recruiting. FWIW, ESPN rates him as a 77. Jordan Morgan was a 75, and look how well he turned out. In the next few years, there is going to be a lot of depth and competition for playing time.

    • Kenny

      Beilein definitely got a steal on Morgan, but other time his is not so luck. ESPN scored Christian at 85 but he still need a lot development. Sai could end up either way, 7’0 wing span and good defense is alway good to have on a team. I hope that he and Christian will eventually develop some offensive skills.

  • mgocanada

    Dorsey-Walker appeals to me because he seems like the kind of DPS scoring machine that we normally just surrender to State these days. Pershing has been good to Michigan over the years. That said, Stauskas has a refreshing “white men can dunk” attitude and is Canadian, which always helps. (Just ask the Texas Longhorns) ;)

    I say we pass on Zeigler. He’ll probably just decommit and go play for his uncle or whatever.

    • Ben

      Staukas is a player and he needs to be wearing the Maize and Blue. Yes I agree we need more Canadians on this Michigan team….lol, The GTA is really starting to produce some top notch college players.

      • mgocanada

        Yup, Texas All-Americans Tristan Thompson and Corey Joseph are from the GTA, as are Andrew Nicholson (the St. Bonaventure big who scored 44 points this weekend), UDM’s Jason Calliste, Marquette’s Junior Cadougan, etc. The Texas stars will be joined by Toronto’s Myck Kabongo next year, who ESPN calls the “best pure point guard in the 2011 class.”

        UM ought to have the inside track on players of this caliber from just over the border.

  • Dustin
  • Sid

    I’m not sure I got this: Sai mostly scores points off his opponent’s playmaking skills. Probably meant his teammates’ skills?

    Who’s the big guy (30) playing with Stauskas?

    • Ben

      The big guy is Kaleb Tarczewski, this kid is a 5 star player and most likely headed to one of the BIGS (UNC,DUKE, Kentucky) Staukas plays with another 5 star guy Alex Murphy who we started recruiting but is also proabably headed to one of the BIGS.

      • Sid

        Thanks, Ben. Not too hard to imagine he has some good schools interested in him.

      • CJD

        When can we expect to be called one of the bigs?

        • mgocanada

          By about 1992 or so.

  • mgocanada

    What kind of minutes does “preferred walk-on” entail for a program like Michigan? I mean, I gather that Dumars will play some, but is this commitment effectively the last we hear of him, per Bartelstein, Akunne, et al?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Preferred walk on means you don’t try out, nothing more. The minutes that he plays depends on how well he plays when he gets in practice.

      I don’t expect Dumars to play anymore than Eso, so I don’t know about the second half of your comment.

    • rlc

      I wonder how much of this year’s surprising defensive performance could be attributed to the scrimmages being more competitive. McLimans, Christian, Akunne and Dumars may not have contributed much on the court so far, but they’ve kept the managers and assistant coaches off the scout team.

  • Ben

    I have always liked Staukas but that video shows a lot of improvement and the kid has some swagger. It sucks that he was so close to commiting and pulled back…. hopefully we go at him hard and he comes here.

    • Paul

      Great video of Staukas!

  • SJWolv

    So, what do we need for 2012? A wing and big guy, or a wing and an Evan-esque player? Right now, Novak is the backup 4 and everyone speculates that GR III will be a 3/4 hybrid but I feel like we need a 4 man like Evan in the 2012 class. Then, one of Hawkins, SDW or Stauskas. Or do we take McGary if he wants to come?

    • UMQuasi

      I would like to take a 2, a 3, and a 4. As I said above, if Robinson is the 4, I want Stauskas + Harris/SDW/Hawkins. I haven’t been overly impressed with Hawkins so I’d prefer one of those first two.

      • Paul

        I’m not overly impressed with Hawkins either

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          A big reason for this is that there haven’t really been many Hawkins highlight films posted. We’ve posted video but that’s typically from one or two games. Have we ever seen a video clip of Nick Stauskas from a single game?

          Similarly, the main video clips that most people have seen of SDW are just from one AAU clip I believe.

          Food for thought.

          • Paul

            I’ve seen Hawkins play in person. He seems a bit timid on the court.

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            I’d agree that he needs to be a bit more assertive but I still think there is a lot to like about his game. For one, I think he’s probably the best athlete of the three 2012 wings that Michigan has offered.

          • Adam

            I usually don’t base film off of how many shots guys make and that sort of thing. I look at their form and whether they look like they can really play the game. Right now Hawkins looks like an athlete playing basketball. Stauskas just looks like a basketball player who is a pretty good athlete too. I’d take Stauskas in a heart beat over Hawkins and that is not just based on the couple of less than stellar videos I’ve seen of Hawkins.

            Hawkins doesn’t appear to have a great outside shot, I think Stauskas has better handles than him, and Stauskas also appears to be a better playmaker. Clearly Stauskas is a better shooter but I think the only think Hawkins has on Stauskas at this point in their careers is athleticism and maybe defense. Stauskas looks like he’s grown an inch or two based on this video too.

            You keep kind of downplaying Stauskas for just having highlight reels and not full game footage, but I think there is something to be said about a player having that many highlights. It’s one thing to have a good game or two but to have this many extensive videos of highlights means he is impressive more often than not.

          • Adam

            only thing*

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            Don’t get me wrong… I like Stauskas’ game and am not trying to be negative about him at all. I haven’t seen him play in person but there’s obviously a lot to like on the film that we’ve seen. It will be interesting how things play out.

  • W3 hard are we on Hare? Any idea?

    • Paul

      According to ESPN we don’t show up among the 3 schools he’s considering

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Really tough to tell, I know he visited over the summer… Tough recruiting to get a pulse on.

    • CJD

      From the videos I have seen of him I like what he has to offer; a defensive stopper with offensive upside especially if he can get in the weight room.

  • Hare’s high risk/high reward personified.

  • Bluebufoon

    I’m hoping the German Wf/WG Patrick Heckmann is a viable option for next year and then U-M can use the last scholarship can be used on the best available player in 2012, maybe two new players for 2012 if there is any attrition on the current U-M roster.

    Either way Michigan can use another scorer for next season.

  • Gus Johnson Pure

    If Dorsey-Walker had 17 points on 3-18 shooting then at least we know he can get to the line. When your shots aren’t dropping, drive it to the rack and put yourself on the stripe.

  • Against the two good teams Pershing has played, Dorsey-Walker is shooting about 20 percent, which is troubling.

  • MAS

    Out of the 3 wings for 2012 the only one that I think we have a shot at is SDW. I’ve heard Hawkins has some handlers that are pushing him out of state. I also think that now Stausks is on the big boys radar we lost out on him.

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  • gobluetwo

    Is it just me, or does Glenn Robinson III look a little like Bernard Robinson Jr in that second picture?

  • Sam

    Since I’m home for break, I’m going to try to make it out to watch Grand Rapids Christian’s Drake Harris at least once next week in some holiday tournament at Cornerstone. He is a 2014 SG, but apparently already holds offers from Indiana and is garnering some major interest from Michigan and Michigan State. I’ll try to write up a little scouting report if I do in fact get to watch him play.

  • Kool Breeze

    Dylan, Nick Stauskas is very interesting, I know he was close to committing earlier, but do we know where he stands now? Does he still plan to commit early, or is he going to wait a year now?

    • Sam

      It sounds like Stauskas will take his time with his recruitment now and see what offers start rolling in before he makes a final decision.

  • stauent

    Nik will make his decision by Sept 2011, after AAU season is over and making all official visits. Michigan is still very much in the mix.

    P.S. In City of Palms tournament this afternoon, Nik hit 6 out of 8 three pointers, grabbed 8 rebounds and 5 assists, finishing with 23 pts to lead St. Mark’s to victory over Westchester Country Day.

  • stauent