Video: Southfield vs. Southeastern


Last night Carlton Brundidge and the Southfield Blue Jays went up against Brandan Kearney and the Southeastern Jungaleers in a tournament held at Romulus high school. Dylan and I made the trip to watch the Michigan and Michigan State commits go at it. The game also featured big man and Dayton commit Percy Gibson for Southeastern. Brundidge struggled, as Kearney and Gibson stole the show, but here’s a highlight film of notable plays from Brundidge and Kearney.

Scouting and game report after the jump.

The game kicked off very much in Southfield’s favor. The Blue Jays were running the Jungaleers out of the gym and built a quick double-digit lead in the first quarter. Brundidge looked very impressive in the early going, while Kearney struggled. But this didn’t last long. In the second quarter, Southeastern went to a 1-3-1 trap that immediately swung the game in the Jungaleers’ favor. The Jays couldn’t hold on to the ball because they just weren’t moving it fast enough, allowing Southeastern’s defenders, specifically the incredibly long and quick Kearney, to double-team the ball and clog passing lanes. This lead to transition buckets fro Southeastern, who rapidly closed the gap and, by the end of the third quarter, had built a sizeable lead of their own. Southfield simply couldn’t get anything going against Southeastern’s zone and the final score was 73-56, Southeastern.

  • Carlton Brundidge It wasn’t his best night. The senior started off the game hot, knocking down a couple 3-pointers and getting to the line, but a 1-3-1 zone is really tough to break all by yourself. When Southeastern went to the zone, Brundidge had a hard time getting anything going as he was double-teamed nearly every time he got the ball and Kearney’s long arms at the top prevented Southfield from efficiently moving the ball. Brundidge is a scorer much more than a facilitator and Southeastern made it tough on him tonight. He ended the game with 12 points and a handful of turnovers.
  • Brandan Kearney Kearney was great. He showed off his ability to dominate a game through defense as the front man in Southeastern’s smothering zone. He’s quick enough to stay with any guard and so long that’s it’s really hard to get a pass around him or shoot over him. On offense, he started slow but found a groove, and kept it going the remainder of the game. He connected on an array of shots from three point range and mid-range. He also scored taking the ball to the basket on a number of drives and backdoor cuts. Kearney’s ability as a passer was also on display as he consistently got the ball to Percy Gibson, who also had a heck of a game. Gibson, a Dayton commit, was a force around the basket and finished with 20 points and 14 rebounds. Kearney controlled the game for the Jungaleers and finished with 24 points.
  • JimC

    Well guys, we’re about to get some votes. And you know what that means….

  • AG2

    Michigan finally jumped Indiana in the KenPom rankings, now we’re #53, right behind Minnesota and Northwestern.

    • Gary

      Projected B10 finish is now 8-10 also.

      • gpsimms

        kenpom loved that win. #17 defense in the country now.

        according to kenpom, we should start talking about the ncaa bubble. me, I’ll hold off until we beat purdue and kansas (ha) to think about that…

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          A big reason for the KenPom shift is that, with each game, Pomeroy’s preseason predictions are being phased out. He tweeted yesterday that 20% of the adjusted efficiency numbers still rely on his preseason marks — which had Michigan at 86 I believe.

  • ess

    I love players like Kearney. I wish we could have gotten both him and Brundidge. Kearney’s length is going to be a nightmare to deal with for opposing guards.

  • Giddings

    Looked like Brundidge was just lacking a guy like Gibson down low. He had lots of nice looks that weren’t finished, unlike on the other end of the floor with Kearney and Gibson. Kearney looks like the next Durrell Summers – I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing for MSU fans.

    • That Guy

      Ask the entire Midwest Regional last year if thats good or bad.

  • Paul

    I watched Gibson get DOMINATED last year by Amir Williams.


      it might be a different story this year paul my man. If Kearney and gibson keep playing like this it’s going to be a problem for teams they play against.


        Dylan, you can’t be surprised by Kearney. even though he did not come to us but he seriously considered us. I’m going to give him credit and i will say if he continues to play like this i’d vote for him for Mr.Basketball. He to me is a better player than Brundidge. I hear all of you kill this kid and now he lites up Brundidge and Southfield and there’s people who dont want to give it up. They’re kids and i have no problem giving it up to him. Especially Brandan Kearney, a kid i wish were a future Wolverine.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Wasn’t trying to take anything away from him. He’s obviously starting to put it all together.

        • Sam

          You should realize that Kearney wanted to go to Michigan, but apparently Beilein only wanted one guard at the time and decided to take Brundidge instead. Kearney said something to the effect of “it’s sad when you can’t go to your dream school…” after not being able to go to Michigan, but take it FWIW. It’s very hard to project guys three years before they will ever step on a college court.

          • That Guy

            Its not like this kid settled for Michigan State.

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            Not sure that’s exactly right Sam… Michigan and Kearney both had strong mutual interest in the spring but when Kearney didn’t commit, and Brundidge did during the summer, they kind of fell apart. I don’t think it is like Michigan turned him away.

  • MAS

    i was at the game last night and the reason SF lost is because their coaches never adjusted to SE zone. Kearny played well since the last he stood out in a game i watched was almost 1 year ago on the same floor vs, Chicgo Orr or Semion. CB was douple and shadowed the whole game so I wouldn’t worry to much about the performance or read to much into it.

    One postive for CB was he didn’t force it as much as he would have last year in these situations.

  • Anthony

    Dylan your thoughts on this slappy article by an msu writer, I think he forgets to mention that brundrige had 41 and 28 in his first two games. Not to mention hes playing on a worse team. Also i can think of plenty of guys that are not greater shooters that play in the nba.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      About what I would expect… I respect Sam Hosey but St8 … not so much. There’s no denying that Brundidge had a rough night but it looks like an attempt to slam the kid because of that one night despite the fact that he’s been playing great basketball.

  • msu fan

    Glad to see Coach Beilein is putting together solid wins and it looks like Brundridge and Burke will add another dimension upon arrival.

    Where do you think UM is in the gary Harris sweepstakes?


      i like Brundidge but he was exploited last night. I’ve seen great h.s. players find a way. He did not do that. Keith Aplling would have found a way. Also the southfield coach was out coached by SE”s coach. The Barnes kid is in the shadows of Brundidge. He good and there could be some problems with Brundige and him as far as who needs the ball. The game last night was a coming out party for Brandan Kearney and likei said if he keeps doing this stuff he is going to win that award they give out for seniors.

      • MAS

        Do you men like last year when appling was knocked out against Denby? Fact is one player and been consistently dominate and one player has not. kearney wasn’t doubled teamed all night while Brindridge after the first quarther was doubled consistently. Lets give SE coach the credit he is do. If the players switched teams the outcome would have been no different. St8 is a moron that called Morgan P*ssy after watching him one game. How has that worked out/ It is amazing wath some people perception is after watching one game.

  • Brian W

    Glen Robinson III had 22 points in his team’s loss on Friday.

    Just in case anyone else had been looking for a U-M basketball jersey that wasn’t number 3 (Manny’s number) for a Christmas present, the online store for the MDen has number 10 (Hardaway Jr.). The MDen at Briarwood Mall only has number 3, which is why I thought I’d mention it.

    • W3

      First of all 3 is a GREAT number!!!! :)

      Second, Petty sure Mr. Trey Burke will be wearing #3 next year…

      Someone bought the white one in my size…i wanted that one

      • Brian W

        3 is the magic number, but if someone already owns a #3 jersey and wants one in a different color with a number of someone currently on the team, it’s nice to know that there’s another number available. U-M football jerseys never lack choices in numbers, but that’s not the case when it comes to basketball.

  • Brian W

    Oops. Just realized that I missed the second ‘n’ in Glenn’s name.

  • michigan4

    I just don’t see Gary Harris leaving Indiana. It seems that Tom Crean has started to lock down Indianapolis. With Yogi, Colin Hartmann from Catherdal, the Davis kid from Warren, and Trey Lyles from Tech, the best hs freshman in the Country, I think Gary will jump on board as well. Just watch out for IU in the very near future. If Crean can continue to recruit Indianapolis like this, which IMHO has the best hs talent in the country, it could get ugly.

    • That Guy

      Harris looks like the real deal on film. I agree he very possibly could be headed to IU but more and more these kids are masking their thought process really well. Purdue thought Branden Dawson was a lock. I’m sure Alabama and Florida felt good about Dee Hart. MSU felt good about DeAnthony Arnett, the list goes on. How many scholarships does IU have left? They have been getting guys left and right.

  • FL Wolve, I can’t quite tell from your posts but you don’t honestly expect us to believe that you are a Wolverine fan, right?

  • Bluebufoon

    I think folks are being unrealistic in their evaluations of Carlton Brundidge and his potentital at U-M. No. 1 Brundidge doesn’t have to be Mr Basketball to be successful at Michigan, he just needs to be able to pull his weight, be fundamentally solid in all aspects of the game and hit open shots. Obviously at 6-1, CB isn’t going to be Mr Basketball at the college level but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to be a heck of a player at Michigan. Brundidge is just one piece of a 13 piece puzzle on the U-M roster and CB’s more than going to pull his weight the four years he is a Wolverine. If Brundidge is the competitor I know he is, last night’s game will just be used as the motivation for CB to continue improve his game and shore up his weaknesses.

    Congratulations to Brandan Kearney, he won the game last night and he played a great game. Unfortunately he won’t be a Wolverine but while at MSU Kearney won’t be matched up against CB, he’ll be matched up against THJ or maybe either Patrick Heckmann, Sherron Dorsey-Walker or Zak Irvin. U-M’s going to get players, I think this coaching staff has shown that.

    What will be interesting to watch for me is, will U-M and Coach Beilein have a shot at Kearney’s younger brother, who I understand is a quality prospect in own right ?

  • wayman britt

    Dylan or Joe – what are you hearing about Gary Harris? Where is he leaning? If somehow UM got him it would be stunning and a program changer.

    • Paul

      Agreed! (till he leaves after a year)

  • Gary

    Andy Katz of ESPN thinks Michigan may be “highly competitive in the Big 10 and not an easy out” (see item #16 in the link):

  • Bluebufoon

    Early on for Gary Harris it was Xavier or Mchigan State but of late Indiana has been all over him. Michigan is in better shape for Zak Irvin, his teammate and I’m pretty sure he and Harris are cousins.

  • gordie bell

    That’s BBall, Brundidge had a rough outing. Just look back to Saturday and Keith Benson’s performance against M. Stuff happens.

  • MAS

    I was at the SE vs Southfield game and find it laughable the talk about how bad CB played. When SE played man to man in the first qrt he scored 7 points and SF was winning. In the 2nd qrt SE switched to a trapping zone so basically he was doubled when he touched the ball. Kearny played well but for one he didn’t have close to 10 assist probably closer to 5 or 6. Secondly Gibson made just as big as impact if not more than BK. BK created exactly 3 shots for himself. The rest of his points were others setting him up. BK and CB didn’t guard each other except on the break. If they switched teams the results wouldn’t have been any different and anyone that thinks otherwise is lying.

    There is a reason CB is consider a productive hardnosed player and BK comes with the term “potential” and considered soft. No offense to BK he shows up 1 out 6 games. The majority of time if you didn’t know who he is when you watched a game it would be tuff to figure out who sign with MSU.


    Well said MAS well said…


    MAS, i’ve watched Brundidge alot myself and when he’s played against the likes of oak park,Henry ford and in the semis vs Ann Arbor Huron last year he had the same type of games. That tells me two things. 1. He will always destroy lesser known or lesser talented teams. 2.when he plays teams that can really really play which is not alot of teams he struggles. MAS my dude the kid can play but i’d rather take the 6’6 guard in Kearney and hope he get the things he need ranther than 6’0 and he get the things he needs. In basketball size kills and pays bills. If this were football i’d maybe take Brundidge. Remember this MAS, size kills. Amir Williams is #1 because he is 6’10-6-11 my friend.

    • Dylan Burkhardt… Every post you’ve ever had on this website — dating back to August — has been defending Kearney.

    • MAS

      Is that why he just lit up Romulus a team most people consider one of the top teams in the state. Based on your post I know you are lying he scored over 20 against both of those teams last year. His only subpar game in the playoffs was AA. I watched him drop 31 in the 2nd half against SFL where Marble (big ten recruit) guarded him in the second half. lol if you are going to lie against have a clue.