Brundidge and Burke Continue to Shine

Dylan Burkhardt

Bumped with video of Trey Burke (#3 in white) versus Beechcroft from Cap City Preps

Michigan’s 2011 commitments, Carlton Brundidge and Trey Burke, are just two games into their senior seasons but there’s no denying that they’re off to a quick start.

Brundidge opened the season up with 41 points in a blow out win over Mount Clemens but the competition began to heat up this week as Southfield traveled to Romulus, a consensus top 5 team in the state of Michigan. The burly guard answered the challenge as he poured in 29 points, 8 rebounds, and eight assists in a 78-70 victory. Unofficially, Brundidge was 6 of 12 from the field (2-6 3pt) and 11 of 13 from the free throw stripe.

Nike scout Vince Baldwin called it Brundidge’s “best passing game yet” and raved about the senior’s performance. His 29 points are even more impressive when you consider that his first point didn’t come until there were 30 seconds left in the first quarter. We received this report from a reader that was in attendance:

I would say that he had 7 assists in the second half and almost all of them led to easy lay ups after Romulus collapsed on him. He started 1-3 from the line but he made the next 10, most of them coming in the 4th quarter. Showed some a lot more ups than I knew he had when he pinned a shot against the backboard on a breakaway layup. He was called for a foul and while the Romulus player was on the ground he was talking junk over him and got a T.  Everyone knows his strengths but here are a couple of items he needs to work on at the next level:

Needs to pull up for the 5 to 8 footer more often as he only did it once. While he has great body control to avoid charges, he still needs the pull up in his arsenal. Needs to work on passing a little earlier because he gets a little deep on his drive and dish, which won’t work in college. Also needs to put more effort on the defense like most young star players.

Brundidge’s next big test comes this Saturday versus Detroit Southeastern and Michigan State commitment Brandan Kearney as part of a tournament at Romulus.

Burke hasn’t faced quite the same level of competition as Northland has cruised through two early victories, but he’s been unbelievably efficient. On Tuesday night versus Beechcroft, Burke scored 32 points on 14 of 17 (2-3 3pt) shooting and added 10 assists and four steals for good measure.  Through two games this season Burke is averaging 28.5 points while shooting 79 percent from the field while handing out 8.5 assists.

There’s a long season ahead but both 2011 commitments are clearly playing great basketball. Both had productive summers and have kept building on that momentum rolling into their high school season. The Mr. Basketball races in both Michigan and Ohio are wide open and it’s fair to say that both Burke and Brundidge legitimate chances to take home the hardware.

  • Good stuff. This program is beginning to take shape. Adding these two guys to the current roster should make for some fun times in AA. After watching the Blue last night and seeing the dismal crowd turnout, I sure wish I lived closer so I could be a season ticket holder. Tons of empty seats last night. Lets hope the crowds pick up and the team continues to roll. Oakland U this weekend is a great test to see where we really are right now. Go Blue!!

  • Beast1530

    Brundidige has been impressive against a highly ranked Romulus team so it’s worth noting that he nearly had a triple double against them. He’s going to be a perfect compliment to Darius Morris as well as Stu Douglass because of his ability to get to the hoops at will with sheer strength and will.

  • Blue for Life

    With Burke and Brundidge they will compete for minutes. Burke is a true point and can shoot it and will challenge for the pg spot.. Brundidge is a solid combo that can score. Great pickups for the Wolverines.

  • Bluebufoon

    Not sure if this has been posted but it appears Patrick Heckmann, the German prospect Michigan is recruiting, is also a starter on the German 18/19 Under National team. Sounds if U-M can land Heckmann that would give Coach Beilein three quality perimeter scorers for next season.

    • amherstal

      He’s currently the leading scorer on the German U19 team. But only shooting a little over 20% on threes

      • Kenny

        Heckmann is a slasher not a jump shooter.

  • Champswest

    I sure wish we could land a quality big in the 11 or 12 class. Beilein seems to be really good at recruiting the guards and wings. I would love a 6’10” + or a very athletic 6’7” or 6’8″ forward.

    • Beast1530

      Michigan actually don’t need a big for ’11 and ’12 class. They have 3 players who can play at the 5. Two who plays the 4. GRIII will play the 4 for ’12 class.

      What Michigan needs is a wing player who can slash. You can see the recent offers that they are targeting wing players who can slash or shoot. I prefer a wing player who can slash. Dom Pointer would have been a perfect wing player, but it’s not meant to be.

      • Taddie

        Glenn Robinson is totally a 3. Straight up wing.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Right now, I would agree. But if he grows to 6-6,6-7, that’s big enough to play the four in this system. The four is very much a “wing position” on offense and Robinson has the length, athleticism, and rebounding ability to excel as an undersized four.

  • Trey Burke is going to be a stud. He’s been kind of an under the radar recruit, but I think by the end of the year he could be one of the top recruits in the country. CB is a beast. Beilein is starting to get some top notch talent, I like how things are progressing.

  • MAS

    I a big fan of CB but I’m not expecting very much of an impact his freshmen season. He really is going to have to develop a mid range game if he is going to have a big impact his freshmen season. One positive is he is a much better shooter than he is given credit.

  • In the current issue of Prep Spotlight, John Stovall says Burke is one of the most improved players he’s covered.

  • bskurtz

    Iam very excited about the present and even more on the future.With the way some of the young guys are developing and adding two outstanding guards to this team next year.I keep thinking of what are line-up is going to be in two years. PG Darius Morris /Trey Burke
    SG Carlton Brundidge
    SF Tim Hardaway Jr./Matt Vogrich /Jordan Dumars
    PF Evan Smotrycz /Glen Robinson Jr. /Colton Christian
    C Jordan Morgan/Jon Horford /Blake Mclimans

  • bskurtz

    The future is very bright in AA.Just imagine if we end up landing Sheron Dorsey Walker and Nick Stauskas.If we could add those two to the roster then I would be more then satisfied.With the staff we have in place,the renovations they have planned for Crisler,the player development center,the young talent that is developing and the players that are going to be coming in over the next couple of years,I think its safe to say that Michigan basketball is making a huge come back and its just starting to take off.Michigan bb is going to once again be thought of as one of nations elite programs,and I forgot to mention David Brandon,I love what he has brought to the university.He just gets it done.Dylan I would love to hear what you think of the health of the program and where you see us in two to three years from now.

  • Bill
  • mgocanada

    Those are pretty sick highlights from TB. Obviously, you watch for your guy (Burke) but Northland is one of the top programs in the country and I imagine that a lot of his teammates are going to big schools too. The other team Beechcroft had some pretty good-looking players too. Just to help me (from a country whose best players get shipped off to US prep schools) get a sense of perspective here, how many D-1 players were on that court in the video?

    In other news, looks as those that other Trey isn’t helping his dad’s team become a halfway decent mid-major. Pity.

  • tin mad dog

    Regarding the renovations of Crisler, are there plans to reduce the seating? I’d rather see a packed house with people wishing they could make a game than a 60% full arena.

    I get that 10-12 years of not being that relevant has hurt in terms of attendance (as has the economy) but even in the days of Frieder and then Fisher sellouts weren’t a given and a loud crowd was only really present in the biggest of games.

    What will it take for Michigan to really have a consistent home court advantage?

    • mgocanada

      Last year’s UConn game, I think the crowd was the difference. But you’re right, there’s no logical reason why Crisler shouldn’t be a Kohl-like den of misery for visiting teams.

  • mgocanada

    Another ignorant question, but what are the chances that these guys redshirt right? I mean, you don’t redshirt a Mr. Basketball or MB runner-up, do you? Do they get a chance to compete for minutes with the current squad? These guys are stars and this team is ready to be great (or at least great-ish) in 2011-2012… we’ve waited long enough!

    But yeah, it’s clear that in the recruiting department what we now need is an athletic 6’6-6-8 SF-PF, and, system or no system, it kinda sucks to be bumping guys under 6’6 into those roles just to make room in the backcourt. Barring a growth spurt, GR The Third is, as his name would suggest, a 3, not a 4. We’ve got guards coming out of our ears. (a good thing!)

  • bskurtz

    I think Michigan just got a verbal commitment from Sai Tummala to be a prefered walk-on next year.He’s attending Brophy Prep in Arizona.He’s a 6’7 wing,who they describe as an athletic player who can shoot the 3.Can anybody confirm this.