Video: Euro Practice (8-4-2010) Part 2


Here’s the rest of the video footage from yesterday’s practice, which was open to the media. The practice was mostly drill work, so that’s what you’ll see in this set of videos as well.

[Also from practice: ImpressionsVideo part 1 / Beilein presser ]

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  • Brian W

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed Colton Christian’s number (45), but if he hasn’t already, he may end up with the nickname Colt 45. With his thin mustache and “I could kick your…” look of determination in the picture used in Joe’s post about players yesterday, he sorta resembles Billy Dee Williams, aka Mr. Colt 45 from back in the day.

    Here’s an article on Tim Hardaway Jr. from today’s freep…

    And one about preparing for the Euro trip the from the Livingston Daily…

  • jds

    Was Smotrycz not doing drills w/ the bigs because he’s injured in that video? Or was he doing drills w/ the 1-3 positions?

  • Evan is focusing on the 3/4 so he is probably doing a lot of work on the wing.

  • jds

    K thanks, figured he was a lock for the 4 this season…but glad to see he can do some work at the 3 too

  • They are very similar positions offensively (the 3+4). I’m actually working on a big post about positions and where different kids will fit. Probably will have it ready to go early next week.

  • GregGoBlue

    I know this was mentioned in the previous video post, but Horford is really getting thrown around. In the first video he gets pushed around by Tim Hardaway Jr., and is really knocked off his line by the bag in the last video. I’m thinking redshirt, is that the consensus?

  • GregGoBlue

    Also: Colton Christian made a significant amount of his jumpers in that drill…

  • JayRich

    @GregGoBlue: I totally agree. He just doesn’t look ready. I mean, he struggled to even USE his left hand and this is practice. He is rail thin and just not ready to play the post in the Big Ten. A redshirt could do the kid wonders. Look what it did for McLimans. The guy I was most impressed with was Jordan Morgan. He is a bruiser and quite athletic for his wide frame. I look at him like a Dallas Lauderdale type. I wish we had some back-up post players. A lineup of


    would really do some damage inside with rebounding a defense. Problem is we have no backups for rest or foul trouble.

  • Morgan and McLimans won’t both start. I think those guys have to split minutes at the five, just because of how the roster is constructed.

    Smotrycz and Colton are the type of guys that we’ll see at the four. Start Novak at the 3, Stu at the 2, and Darius with the one. Then you have Hardaway who sounds like a 2/3 and could fit in nicely as a 6th man.

    Just early thoughts….

  • JayRich

    Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m thinking. I like this team. Again, I wish we had one more big post player but the new guys seem to fit the roster well.

  • fresh

    im looking for vogrich to have stepped up as well to fill the 2/3 really a back up point guard is all we are really missing not counting stu

  • Adam

    I might be mistaken here but in the top video is that Ben Cronin at the top of the key? Did I miss something? Is he helping coach or assisting at all this year?

  • JBlair52

    Hardaway looks like he’s a legit 6’5″ and very long.

    And Stu – man, he’s got one of the best LOOKING shots I’ve ever seen…just looks pure from the cornfields of Indiana

  • Beast1530

    Novak moving to the 3 would really help Novak so he wouldn’t have to bang down low. He simply got tired as the season goes on because of the abuse that he has to go through. Hopefully, he’ll be more fresh and can knock down open shots.

  • JimC

    Just in general…

    Most of you guys are a paying a lot closer attention to the program,
    but basically I’m really looking forward to this season. One thing is for sure: we won’t be as disappointed as last year (wasn’t that a #15 preseason ranking? What an illusion that was).

    This year I expect this team to be somewhere in the middle of the B10. I have no idea if that’s realistic or not. Still, on the whole I like where JB’s going (contrast that to the football program, which is just depressing right now, or maybe the Tigers – no on second thought don’t even go there).

    As always thanks to Dylan for reporting on this team and giving us something to get excited about!