Video: Euro Practice (8-4-2010) Part 1


We’ll have more video, notes, and thoughts throughout the night, but first here are our first four videos from practice.

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  • JRose

    Dylan and crew, GREAT work as always! McLimans shot looks pretty sweet. I also thought Christian looked pretty good. Just nice to see some footage of this years team.

  • aMaized

    Awesome work — more excited for the year to start!

  • aMaized
  • MaizedA

    A lot of work to do before the season starts, that’s for sure. This will be an interesting year…

  • Paul

    Sweet – great job of getting video footage

  • JayRich

    Strange question, but is that Cronin at halfcourt in the first video? Is he some sort of assistant?

  • Kenny

    Many thanks to Dylan and crew for taking those videos. Is it Ben Cronin watching from the baseline in Part IV?

  • KRN

    Cronin is a student assistant for Michigan this year.

  • Brian W

    I see a “The creator has not given you permission to embed it on this domain. This is a Vimeo Plus feature.” message with a Vimeo logo underneath it on these and the Beilein video when using a Mac on both Safari and Firefox. Do you need to join Vimeo to play the videos?

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    Nice work as usual, they definitely seem to be working hard. McLimans seemed impressive, and Stu Douglass’ shot looked seasoned.

  • No. You shouldn’t need to join Vimeo. There is a restriction to view them only on this site but that shouldn’t be a problem.

    What’s the URL window say when you are trying to watch them?

  • Brian W

    Nevermind… I changed something on my firewall, and the videos worked. Thanks for putting them on the site. Nice work.

    GoBlueWolverine has something up about Valentine warming up to the Wolverines.

    Jeremy Hollowell is considering narrowing his list…

  • If you are having problems with the video, try here and make sure your flash is up to date:

  • sullycu

    Whose #2 in the vids? Walk on for LLP?

  • KRN

    sullycu #2 is Jordan Dumars.

  • KRN

    It looks like MSU is down to only 2 scholarships in 2012 since Branden Dawson and PG Travis Trice committed to them today.

  • sullycu

    my bad, sorry! I do remember a walk on named austin something (from CA) who was going to replace llp, but I would like to know his full name so I can google him…

  • KRN

    Other than Dumars, I don’t recall any new walk-ons for us this year.

  • georgeesq.

    LOL at the team practicing Kevin Koble running one handed bank shots in the first video.

  • FLWolve

    Dang, we’re not even a good shooting team in practice.

  • Brian W

    It’s the second day of practice, and the videos just show a portion. They have a lot of time to work on things before the season. The European trip will help a lot. has an article about Jordan Morgan and some other tidbits…

    LaDontae Henton ended up picking Dayton…

    I should have put that Jeremy Hollowell had narrowed his list and is getting closer to a decision before I hit the submit button on the article I linked earlier.

  • Kenny

    Is Dawson and trice package? Will Izzo take Valentine if he wants to commit tomorrow? All of this just happened too fast.

  • Brick

    The guys with MSU offers must be seriously considering moving up their timetables now. Two spots left in 2012 and they could go fast.

    I love these videos. Thanks so much for posting them. I loved seeing Morgan healthy and Cronin on the floor. It will be nice to have a seven footer for some simulations this year. I think we had a 6’4″ guy pretending to be a center at times last year.

    Blake looks big. He filled out nicely and he is a legit 6’10”. I don’t understand why it’s expected for O lineman to redshirt and gain some weight but when a basketball player does it people rush to call him a bust. I can’t wait to see Blake this year, I think he will surprise many of the haters.

    Is FLWolve Debbie Downer’s husband?

  • JBlair52

    FLWolve shouldnt you be focusing on telling us Costello is an MSU lock?

  • JBlair52

    Sorry FL Wolve that was a typo – disregard that…

  • Sam

    So we have the freshmen numbers now. Correct me if I’m wrong:
    Jordan Dumars #2
    Tim Hardaway, Jr. #10
    Jon Horford #15
    Evan Smotrycz #23
    Colton Christian #45
    And we also have a new number for Corey Person, #32. Any guesses on what Metrics had to give sausage neck for his number?

  • Bluebufoon

    Jon Horford is very impressive on a video interview with Scout. Level headed kid– it will be interesting to see how this player’s game evolves as he grows into his body ? Michigan could have really stolen a quality big man.

  • Blazerine

    Nice! We didn’t look that sharp shooting the rock but it’s just exciting to see some footage of this years team. I’m still excited even though I have very LOW expectations for this team.

  • fresh

    i was really impressed with how athletic jordan morgan seemed or it looked like he had some solid jumping ability on him plus he is a powerful beast……….horford is another really exciting prospect, id say give him another 20-25 lbs and he will be a very scary player…..also enjoyed the scout interview with him seemed very seasoned already