Video: John Beilein Presser (8-4-2010)


More content from media availability will be posted throughout the evening. Beilein also mentioned that Colton Christian (pulled hamstring), Evan Smotrycz (broken toe, whiffle ball), and Jordan Morgan (shoulder) have all been limited by injury but are practicing today.

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  • Sombrero

    Is he talking about Morgan at the beginning?

  • Kenny

    how bad a broken toe can be? When did this happen?

  • He’s practicing today, expected to be cleared full go within a week.

  • Bill

    Go to hear Eso Akunne is back and better, he looked like he could be a good player and give some solid off the bench minutes. And of course it would be nice if morgan can stay healthy. Blake McLimans 240 pounds hoo hoo. He needed that. Was that Morris who was running and shooting off his toes? If he shoots better this year that could make a big difference this year.