Weekend Visitor: Nick Stauskas

Dylan Burkhardt
41432_623665359_1470_n[1]Nick Stauskas confirmed via text message that he’ll be leaving for Ann Arbor tomorrow morning for an unofficial visit. Stauskas plans to spend the whole weekend in Ann Arbor.

The 2012 wing guard has consistently mentioned that Michigan is his favorite school. Stauskas has yet to receive an official Michigan offer but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that one could be forthcoming.

Lansing wing Denzel Valentine will also be visiting this week. Valentine is planning to visit Ann Arbor on Tuesday.

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  • georgeesq.

    I have to say that I like the way 2012 is shaping up. A half a dozen really good wing prospects with only a schollie or two to devote to the position.

  • Colby

    Looks like Dom Pointer might be a serious target?

  • Brian W

    Colby, nice catch. He plays on the Family with Brudidge and Amir Williams. GoBlueWolverine has him on their main page at the moment in a teaser about upcoming visits.

    ESPN gave a glowing review of Dom Pointer a couple of weeks ago, calling him a “Player to Watch”…

    Dom Pointer (Roseville, Mich./Quality Education)
    2011, SF, 6-5, 190 pounds
    Team: The Family

    Pointer has really raised his stock. He was outstanding in the morning session, playing with tremendous energy and effort. He was the catalyst for helping The Family defeat Albany City Rocks, scoring 24 points and grabbing seven rebounds in 28 minutes of action. In the night session, Pointer displayed his defensive prowess as he locked down the leading scorer in the tournament, Michael Carter-Williams (Hamilton, Mass./St. Andrew’s), holding him to a 4-for-20 effort from the field. Pointer has great feet and quickness but really shines in his ability to play hard for extended periods and has true passion for defending. Schools of interest for Pointer’s services are Dayton, DePaul, Miami of Ohio and the University of Detroit.

    “I just want to earn a scholarship to college,” Pointer said.

    We believe he will earn himself many excellent choices with continued performances like these.

  • Colby

    Rod Days mentioned that he could be a better 4 then 3.


  • wayman britt

    Does anybody know what kind of league (how competitive) Staukas plays in Canada? I get a little nervous about the competition in Canada high school basketball.

    The last recruit UM got from Canada was suppose to be the player of the year from Canada and he could jump, but never developed into a starter.

  • georgeesq.

    That’s why they play a year of prep ball in the U.S. Canada produces some very good talent. We shouldn’t write off Canada just because Shepherd didn’t pan out.

  • Kenny

    To wayman Britt,

    Staukas played in US last year, South Kent School in Connecticut (http://www.southkentschool.org/athletics/team.php?season=Winter&team=Prep%20Basketball) which apparently has many D-I talents http://hsconnecticut.scout.com/a.z?s=386&p=9&c=4&cfg=bb&yr=2010

    He will transfer to St. Marks Academy next season which is coached by Nate Lubick’s father.

  • Brian W

    Looks like I left the ‘n’ in Brundidge out in my post last night. Sorry ’bout that.

    Hopefully the weather clears up for Stauskas’ visit. I’ve liked what I’ve seen of him in the videos. Rivals has him as a 4-star, ranked 17 for shooting guards.

    Since it appears Dominique Pointer is going to be visiting, here’s a few more links on the 2011 wing. I didn’t know much about him, so I’m guessing some others might not as well.

    On July 19, Rivals ($) said “Dominique Pointer leads a group of 10 players who have impressed during the July evaluation period.”


    Pointer wasn’t intimidated when playing against Lebron at the Lebron James Skills Academy…



    A couple of recent YouTube clips.

    2010 Peach Jam Hightlight Mix Tape (he’s around the 3:45 point)


    Posterizing dunk on a guy…


  • FLWolve

    Did some google stalking on Dom Pointer. That kid is a freaking stud and is blowing up big time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up in all of the top 100 rankings by the end of the summer. If you youtube him, he is a human highlight reel. He’s got a ton of potential.

    What’s interesting about him is that this may be a first for a JB recruit – I’ve actually seen the words outstanding defender attached to his name. I’m not sure that JB has ever actually recruited a guy who’s defense was better than his offense.

    When Bacari sent out that tweet about going after some new kids that we aren’t used to going after, now we know exactly who he was talking about.

  • aMaized
  • aMaized
  • ZRL

    Reminds me of Prather – another guy we went after who is known as a lock down defender.

  • Brick

    Kaminski to MSU as expected.

    FLWolve-Christian is supposed to be an excellent defensive player and rebounder. A lot of people seemed to get caught up on his “star rating” without an understanding of why he was offered.

  • FLWolve

    My memory is getting fuzzy. Why was Christian offered?

  • Brian W

    Go Blue Wolverine has part 1 of a chat with Dominique Pointer’s dad on its web site.

    My take on why Christian was offered. He’ll defend forwards, add height, provide some rebounding, and scoring when needed. With the injury jinx that Morgan has had in the last year and some change, Christian helps add height and some insurance in case Horford needs to back up the five spot; he also relieves Novak of having to play the four spot so much.

  • Brick

    I heard an interview with Beilein and he said they knew they needed help on the boards and that Christian was being brought in for that purpose. He’s known as a solid defender and they think he will able to defend the 3 and 4 positions.

    It’s frustrating when people talk about Beilein and his system and that he doesn’t care about rebounding or defense. That is not true at all. We were a very short team and our lack of size contributed to the rebounding problems. He doesn’t tell kids not to go for rebounds.

    I think Christian is going to surprise people. Maybe not the people who just look at the box scores but the people who pay attention to everything that happening on the court.

  • Bluebufoon

    Did I miss something ? I’m watching the videos of Pointer and the only thing I’ve seen him do, is dunk the basketball with authority ? I’m not saying the kid can’t do more, I just haven’t seen it ?

    I’m hoping Austin Burgett makes a return visit to Ann Arbor and receives a scholarship offer. Burgett 6-9,210 pound PF is a nice fallback in case things don’t go well with Matt Costello. In what little clips I’ve seen Burgett is a similar type player to Costello–
    maybe not as physical as Costello at this stage.

  • Nothing against Stauskas – his tapes are obviously very impressive. However, I’m very curious as to the competition he has been playing against. Everyone team in his highlights is wearing t-shirts????????? We need some athletic guys who can ball-offer Jalen, PLEASE!

  • Ben

    Nick is rated as the 88 overall prospect by rivals and a 4 star. He has played AAU in the States and has done just fine.

    Does Kaminsky committing to MSU affect there chances with Costello??? Does it put us in a better position with Costello now??

  • Ben: The rumor is that it might put them in a better position for Costello. Kaminski and Costello are friends.

  • aMaized

    GW73 from the Wolverine posted this link which features Gary Harris, Ferrell, Hunter and others:

  • Brian W

    Hopefully Costello is better friends with Beilein. :)

    I don’t remember seeing this update posted about Glenn Robinson III from the Indy Star. He’s getting interest from U-M and thinks he might be close to an offer.


    ESPN gave a shout out to UM Hoops in its article about Bacari Alexander’s quest to get more Twitter followers at bacari34… and if you didn’t read the post about Bacari moving yesterday, it’s funny.


  • Kenny

    What is the projected position of Kaminski in college, 3 or 4? I would not worry about the friendship between Kaminski and Castello if they plays the same position.

  • Kaminski is probably a three/four hybrid. He is known as more of a shooter while Costello is more of a grinder.

  • aMaized
  • Costello and Burgett shouldn’t be mentioned together. Burgett is a non-athlete with a push shot and little else. Good post entry passes, I’ll give him that.

  • Beast1530

    Costello is a MSU lock. I’d be very surprised if Costello ends up choosing Michigan over MSU. Costello loves, loves MSU and Kaminski won’t be a big factor. We have to move on from Costello and find another big who can fit in JB’s system.

  • Bluebufoon

    These tweets are Alex Kline who runs a recruiting website.

    # RT @PSUGibson: Trey Burke lists Penn State, Michigan & Cincinnati as his favorites according to @Ohiohshoops. about 4 hours ago via ƜberTwitter

    # Grassroots Canada guard Nick Stauskas ’11 is on an unofficial visit today. He got to see the team practice today. Gets tour of school Monday about 5 hours ago via web

  • Bluebufoon

    Far be it from me to be argumentative but after reading the Scout interview I wasn’t impressed with Dom Pointer and if this twitter account, belongs to the same guy I say take a hike.


  • So because he put rap lyrics on his twitter from a Drake song you don’t want him? There is something to be said for judgement but c’mon 140 characters of a Drake song isn’t the end of the world. Let’s try not to judge people based on their twitter accounts.

    We can talk about his game… He has worlds of athleticism but the question is how far have the other elements of his game developed? I haven’t seen him live this summer so I’m not sure.

  • Bluebufoon

    Not the only reason but it seals the deal for me .

  • Drew

    Hey guys, I’m heading up to Ann Arbor to visit the campus myself and if I see any recruits walking around I’ll let you guys know. Also, what is the policy on public practices for the basketball team? Do they have practices open to the public?

  • Drew: Practices aren’t generally open to the public.

  • FLWolve

    BB – you honestly prefer the Stauskas video over Pointer’s? Not me. This team desperately needs some athleticism, defense, and rebounding. Pointer is a major SOR kid who I bet ends up on some top 150 lists by the time the season starts. Stauskas is about as redundant as you can get, even if he is an improvement over what is currently on the roster.

  • Bluebufoon

    Wolve, my friend, we can’t disagree more. We haven’t seen enough of Pointer’s skills to determine if he is comparable Stauskas on the court but off the court I’m not getting a good vibe from this young man. I don’t like trash talkers– I think Pointer is. I wasn’t impressed with Pointer’s decision making ability with what he put on twitter– can you imagine if he has a facebook account ? Plus I’m concerned about the high school in North Carolina– call me a skeptic. Plus I wasn’t impressed with a recent interview I read for a variety of reasons. I wouldn’t go anywhere near the young man.

  • BB — I’d be careful what you say. You are on the edge of crossing the line and it seems like you are jumping to some conclusions unfairly. We’ll see how the situation plays out.

  • Brian W

    Considering the hostile environments that U-M goes into on the road, I take it as a good sign when a kid goes to the Lebron James Skills Academy and isn’t afraid to play against Lebron. From the reports of the camp, it sounds like Dom Pointer nailed a three with Lebron guarding him and played well. ESPN and others gave him stellar reviews for his Peach Jam performances also. We’ll see how it all plays out.

  • Big Tex

    Any updates on Nick Stauskas?

  • Troy

    BB, I mean wht was wrong with wht he said on twitter as Dylan said he was just reciting some Drizzy Drake rap lyrics. Its not the end of the world and especially shouldn’t be the be all end all as far as judgement on his character. And personally I prefer him over Staukas because we need a more athletic presence on this team.

  • Kno12

    Smh Twitter u don’t like a kid because that smh look at his game not a page… Then u don’t even know him or ever talked or seen him in person so don’t talk