Q&A: 2012 Wing Nick Stauskas


I recently caught up with Nick Stauskas, a 2012 wing recruit out of Canada who has created some buzz the past week after it was apparent he was on Michigan’s radar and he said Michigan would be his favorite were they to offer.  We have video of him here:

Describe your game. I would describe myself as an all-around offensive player. I can really shoot the ball, but I use that to my advantage when people play me too close because I can get to the rim as well. And I got pretty good size–I’m almost 6-6–and when I get into the lane I like to look for my teammates as well. I feel like I need to work on my defensive game a lot and my speed and quickness.

Any offers? My only offer is from Oklahoma State.

Have you spoke to the coaching staff at Michigan? Yeah, I’ve spoken to coach Beilein.

What have you guys talked about? He said he was going to come see my play in July, but right now I’m hoping he might offer soon but he hasn’t really told me he will do it.

If Michigan were to offer you, where would that put them on your list? Right now, I think they’re one of my favorites. The way coach Beilein told me his system work, I really like them, so they’re probably my favorite.

Anything else planned for the summer? Playing AAU ball? Yeah, for Grassroots Canada.

Any team/elite camps? No, I don’t think so.

Any timeframe for commitment? I’m probably going to do it my last year of high school. Unless something changes and I can tell certain schools are the right fit for me, it will probably be in the last year.

What other schools have you heard from? I’ve heard from Michigan, Georgetown, Oklahoma State, Wake Forest, Pitt, Boston College, Florida State and Villanova.

Any plans on visiting Michigan? Me and coach Beilein have talked about it briefly and we’ll talk about it later and see if I can visit this summer.

And you just visited Villanova? Yes. We only got to stay there for maybe an hour, but the facilities there look really nice, the coaching staff, they’re all real good, definitely I would look into it a lot more but they did seem really good.

What do you like about Michigan? First of all, one of the first things coach Beilein told me was their TV schedule, which would get me a lot of exposure, I’d be playing on TV a lot. Their game style, the way I’d fit into their system and coach Beilein seems like a really good guy himself so it just seems like a really good place for me.

How did coach Beilein say you would fit into the system? He told me I would fit in mostly as a shooter, and that’s what they really need right now.

Anything you’re focusing on improving right now? I’ve been working on my ballhandling a lot lately. I do get labeled as just a shooter, and I like to think of myself as an all-around player type. I know I can get to the rim so lately I’ve just been working on my dribble attack moves.

Any player people have compared you to? A lot of people have told me I play like Mike Miller.

Is that accurate? I guess you can kind of say I play like Mike Miller. My coach thinks I play like Rudy Fernandez, but I don’t see it.

What ultimately goes into your decision? First of all, I’d like to be a little bit closer to home, it really doesn’t matter how far away because it’d be out of Canada, but Michigan would be pretty close to where I live, so that would help. Probably my relationship with the coach, how well I know them and the way they play, the way I would fit in. And also, school-wise, would they have the courses I want to take.

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  • Outside of Hawkins being told he’s the no. 1 guy on the board, who else is considered a top target. I’m sure Costello has to be part of the discussion. Also, are we still focused on a big man for 2011? With the youth up front it seems like trying to bring in someone to take over for Manny would be a priority.

  • Musket Rebellion

    I apparently hate question marks.

  • Zach

    Don’t be too hard on yourself

  • Musket Rebellion

    Normally I wouldn’t, but I’m getting my MA in English, so I should probably step up my game.

  • SteinerBlue

    I like his game. His stroke looks smooth and he has some ability to drive and finish. It’s also nice to see that he’s getting looks from other high major programs. This reminds me a bit of the Smotrycz situation where UM/Beilein sat in a strong position early before he really blew up.

    I still like Harris as the top wing priority, but Stauskas could be a nice alternative.

  • Brian W

    GoBlueWolverine has a story about Eric Katenda recovering from a bout of appendicitis.

  • Colby

    Agree with Musket about trying to find a wing that plays like Manny in 2011 but does not seem like we are mentioned by many 11 targets. When does Rod Days visit? Be interesting to see if we get in on some new targets in July.

    Dylan and everyone else, who would you say are our top 3 wing targets for 2011? Thanks

  • No offense to Stauskas, but do we really need another so called 3 point specialist. He seems like a dead eye shooter in high school with slow 6’1 guys guarding him, not sure how he would do in the college speed game.

    Too compliement our current roster, we need an athletic dribble drive, create your own shot type of player right now.

  • Bluebufoon

    Stauskas is a big time shooter and he is much stronger and tougher than Vogrich, at the same stage. His jump-shot is pure. Don’t underestimate this fellow because he’s white and from Canada. I read somewhere Stauskas visited recently Villanova. U-M will be lucky to land this young man. Plus there’s plenty of room on the roster for both Hawkins and Stauskas, they are two different players.

  • FLWolve

    Vogrich was recruited by UCLA and ND. I don’t care if he’s white and he’s from Canada. I care that based on the video, the only thing that he is good at is 3 point shooting. I didn’t see any passing. I didn’t see any strong dribble drives. And I didn’t see any defensive plays. Maybe I’m wrong but he certainly looks and sounds like a one trick pony which is the makeup for many of our players.

    At this point, I’d rather have a Drew Valentine than Stauskas.

  • It is actually Denzel Valentine. Drew is his big brother at Oakland U. I agree that I would prefer DV also but his recruitment will be interesting if he blows up. His dad played at MSU and he coaches his son at Lansing Sexton. I also still would pursue Eric Katenda. I think that kid will blow up soon. He is coming off an extended illness. The 12 class, should be Hawkins, Harris, and Costello and if it happens, look out.

  • Bluebufoon

    Stauskas can put the ball on the floor and hit tough lay-ups. More so than Vogrich– who last year appeared limited in his ability to put the ball on the floor. Plus Stauskas is thicker and taller. I believe in one of these articles Stauskas claims he is is just short of 6-6, where Vogrich is waifer thin and appeared this past year not able to handle contact.

    Again Oklahoma State and Villanova are two schools mentioned with Stauskas. The kid was signalled out for his play at the NBA players camp, which has pretty good competition. Stauskas again is just a JR in eligibility. Let’s ee who ends up recruiting him before it is all said and done, not just the quality of schools but the quanity of schools wil be much more than those that pursued Vogrich.

  • Bluebufoon

    I just watched the tape above again. Stauskas is a tough kid that rebounds and who doesn’t back away from contact slashing to the basket and he is a solid passer. Plus Stauskas lists Michigan as his leader. Few can shoot like this kid and this is the type of player Michigan can win with.

  • Bill

    He shoots well and takes it to the basket but it’s hard to tell from this video how good he is since the comp looks average. I usually bow to Beilein’s judgment but I think we can do better. We need another 6,6-6,7 swing but these canadian guys don’t usually pan out. Maybe I’m wrong but it bugs me when a guy says the main thing he likes about Michigan is the TV exposure.

  • Paul

    He looks like a great player, who can shoot the lights out. Plus he drives hard to the basket for dunks

  • stauskus is the best player for his age group and is going to the nba. Paul you are right he is a high flyer. Ive seen him postarize many players. Personally playing against him at addidas nations camp he was very tough to guard and had big games as a youngling competing with canadas brady heslip and of course corey joseph. Rebounding machine and has a good ability to pass the ball . Needs to work on his defense!

  • observernba

    I’ve known this kid for a long time. One of the best finishers I’ve seen. He can do a lot more than just shoot 3 pointers.

  • stauent

    Here’s a few more tricks from the “one trick poney”.

    Best viewed in 720p full screen