Michigan Camp Week: Wrap-Up

Dylan Burkhardt

With shooting camp wrapping up today, Michigan’s big camp weekend will be complete.  I was on hand for Elite Camp and Team Camp and was able to get a good look at numerous Michigan prospects.  The second day of Team Camp, high school teams were divided into divisions based on results from the previous day and then inserted into brackets.  Romulus came away with the Platinum division crown, beating Huron and Toledo St. Johns in the process.

I have been writing daily scouting reports on the players in attendance at Elite and Team Camp, so here we thought I could give you a review of the camps and some of the players who I think improved their stock among Michigan coaches the most.  Here is my list of the top five players at camp plus some honorable mentions:

26144_100643483304740_100000772665842_15573_2935722_n[1] Ray Lee (2012, G) Ray had a good camp and judging by his tweets, he thought so too. He’s still on the outside looking in as far as offers go, and it’s hard to say if there will be one upcoming from Michigan. I would put Lee slightly behind Yogi Ferrell and Javontae Hawkins, two players who have received offers, only because he doesn’t seem as consistent. But he definitely impressed this weekend.
GabrielRichardvs.Jesuit41[1] Chris Jenkins (2012, F) Jenkins was very impressive from what I saw. Great length, he just needs to know how to use it on defense. He has a smooth jumper, which is unusual given his size. He’s rail-thin but very quick and surprisingly good at maneuvering in the post. He was impressive, especially against Southfield.
l_c48406db8fd342b590e0778b1f3df6aa1[1] Denzel Valentine (2012, W) Unfortunately, Denzel couldn’t make it to team camp, but he performed so well at Elite Camp that he makes the list. He stood out as one of the top three players at Elite Camp and showed the coaches that he can score on just about anyone despite what is often said about his lack of athleticism.
EC Matthew E.C. Matthew (2013, G) Right now, Matthews is one of the best players in the state in his class. He is extremely quick and tall (6-4), and has a vast array of moves that is surprising for someone so young. The coaches were very impressed with him all camp, especially with his ability to create his own shot and his athleticism. He had a breakout camp, and is absolutely someone you’ll be hearing a lot more about.
bilde[1] Marc Loving (2013, W) Loving is a wing out of Ohio who is going to make some noise real soon. He’s tall, about 6-6, and thin, but he has a silky jumpshot that he nailed with consistency during team camp. He’s also quick for his size and once he gets a little a little muscle on him he’ll be able to finish at the rim and in the post better than he already does. ESPN recently mentioned Loving as one of the 2013 prospects on the cusp of the top 25.

Honorable Mentions

Javontae Hawkins (2012, G) The only reason Javontae didn’t make the top five was because he wasn’t at Team Camp. He killed it at Elite Camp and made it clear that he plans on being one of the best guards in the state by the time he graduates. He gets to the basket whenever he wants and has a smooth, consistent jumper.

Cameron Fowler (2012, G) Fowler played well from what I saw, but he didn’t blow anybody away. He needs to work on his jumpshot, but he gets to the basket well.

Dante Williams (2011, W) Dante really showed off his jumper at Team Camp. He’s long and he played great defense. I think he settled for the jumpshot too often and he can do some real damage at the rim.

Other Recruiting Notes

  • aMaized

    just wanted to say thanks for the writeups

  • Bluebufoon

    If Ray Lee’s grades are in order, an early offer should be coming. It would surprise me, if Lee talked of an U-M offer without knowing where he stood with the Michigan staff after camping at U-M for the second year in a row. Lee is an in-state kid, from Detroit and he’s five to six inches taller than Yogi Ferrell, plus Lee can play multiple positions and he can score the basetball in tough situations. If Ray Lee is committed to “Team Basketball” you offer him immediately and you prioritize his recruitment.

    I’m trying to figure out how U-M can fit Nick Stauskas into the signing class of 2012 ? If U-M takes Costello, Hawkins and whatever guard they take, presumably Ray Lee, I think Michigan will be out of scholarships. Stauskas can shoot but I didn’t see him shoot the jumper off the dribble.

    Does Michigan need a big in this up-coming class ? With Morgan, McLimans and Horford up-front can U-M take a scoring forward like Katenda or Gilling and bank the additional scholarship for 2012 ?

  • FL Wolve

    Hawkins is my favorite wing for 2012 but for some reason, I don’t think UM lands him. He just seems like he’s going to blow up too much for UM. It’s sad but we now have to hope for lower ranked recruits who play better than their rankings.

    I like what I see out of Lee better than Stauskas. Lee is more of an all around player which UM desperately needs. Stauskas looked extremely one dimensional. He kind of reminded me of Vogrich although probably not as good of a ball handler.

    Costello still sounds like the must get recruit for 2012.

  • Colby

    Hawkins worries me as well, it certainly would be nice to get an early commitment. I wonder about the post player in 2011 class as well Blue, early thought it was a need but now to me it seems like we need penetrating guard or wing more.

    Who can drive the ball to the hoop? This offense needs those type of players and it does not seem like JB has targeted many for the 11 class.

  • It’s tough to pull the trigger on a kid, Lee, who has yet to play a high school season. If a coach can convince himself that the dad won’t interfere, then it becomes easier to justify.

    There are so many schools getting in on Hawkins, I agree that will be tough.

  • Bluebufoon

    Javonte Hawkins is an in-state kid, that U-M and Coach John Beilein has prioritized for the past year. The kid has U-M out in front and we have new facilities on the way– plus killer academics. Man-up Boys, don’t go soft on U-M. We need Hawkins to commit early and some of you folks are talking like your ready to give up. Quitters never win. You have to have a Positivie, Mental, Attitude. Haven’t you Boy’s been reading Coach Alexander’s and Coach Meyer’s tweets ?

    This is part of an interview from MichiganPreps.com posted on June 17 with Javonte Hawkins.


    JH: Yeah, Michigan offered me on Tuesday.

    MP: Can you describe how everything came together?

    JH: They (Michigan staff) called me during the day. I talked to Coach Alexander and Coach Meyer then they gave the phone to Coach Beilein. He told me that I was the top recruit for 2012 on their board.”

    MP: The Michigan coaching staff has undergone a complete overhaul. What are your impressions of the three new assistants?

    JH: I like all three of them. I was on campus recently and they showed me around. They talked to me about what is going on with the new practice facility and weight room.

    MP: Where does Michigan stand right now?

    JH: They are my #1 right now.

  • T.Time

    Ray Lee was amazing in camp. Did not have a good showing againts Battle Creek Central but who cares, there was no player on that team that would make a respected varsity team, he destroyed st. Johns in the championship. I want to say he had about 20 in a 20 minute game.
    Lee is the real deal. Sbell said he hasnt played a HS season? Im shure he played a season in the two years. Plus who cares the kid can flat out ball. If he buys in to the UM way then there is no problem.

  • T.Time

    Ray Lee video from camp last year

  • charles Young

    Obvious the writer did not watch the Championship game. If he seen the championship game. Oh god!! I would say he’s better than Yogi, based of the wider range of ability, He can rebound, shoot, pass, defend forwards(marc Loving) and extremely athletic. Not much of a wing player his college position is the point guard but different from AAU, at Romulus he plays what ever position 1-4.

  • I don’t think Joe is saying that Lee played poorly, given that he named him to the all camp team. I also don’t think Lee lighting it up in the championship game does anything to discredit the idea that he is still slightly inconsistent. It seems clear that he’s moving toward an offer and it should be a very interesting summer for him. I’m working on editing some video of Lee from Team Camp and some AAU ball which should be up soon.

  • manny fan

    do any one know anyhthing about that brian morton kid from the elite camp, i think he go to lansing eastern,i heard he was top 5 underclassman at the camp

  • So in two years he got in 20 games worth? That’s not exactly what I meant …

  • Alyzen

    So did Joe get a chance to see any of the incoming freshmen in action?

  • They weren’t playing at camp, as far as I know they had orientation yesterday.

  • Alyzen

    Gotcha. Thanks, guys.

  • charles Young

    to S.Bell. He played a full year at Dearborn heights Robichaud and only four games at Cass tech before transferring to Romulus.

  • AdronAshton

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