Scouting: Michigan Team Camp Day 1


I made it out to Team Camp yesterday and I’ll be back today.  Games were at Crisler, the IM Building, and the Track Building.  Here are my thoughts on some of the players I saw.  A lot of them you already know, but there were some new faces.

Ray Lee (2012, G, Romulus) Ray impresses me more and more every time I watch him, and this time was no different.  He plays great defense, always plays hard, and gets to the basket whenever he wants.  Also, his shot is really coming around and he was hitting yesterday.  When we spoke he talked to me about how he plays a lot of different positions for his high school team, and that was true.  He played a lot of the 3 yesterday and had no trouble banging with the bigs in the post.  Continue to be impressed by him.

Chris Jenkins (2012, F, U-D Jesuit) Chris Jenkins is a player for University of Detroit Jesuit who plays for The Family.  He’s tall, extremely long and rail thin.  He looked to be about 6-6 or 6-7, and I wasn’t blown away by his play in the post, but he was intriguing as a wing prospect.  He spent a lot of time on the perimeter and consistently knocked down 3-pointers.  Also, he did get his shots inside against Southfield, which is no easy task.  He needs to step up his post defense, but still a very good prospect because of his versatility.

Justin Moss (2011, F, Romulus) Moss played well in the few games I saw.  You know what you’re going to get from him: toughness, aggressiveness, pedestrian post moves and a work-in-progress midrange jumper.  He goes after rebounds like nobody’s business, and he’s very athletic, slamming a couple home in Romulus’s game against Huron.  He’s also by far the most well-developed post player at camp.

Cameron Fowler (2012, G, U-D Jesuit) Fowler is a quick guard who plays with Jenkins at U of D and also plays for The Family.  When I saw him playing with the 17U’s for The Family I thought he was in a little over his head, but I’m glad I got to see him again because he was pretty impressive.  He had a couple nice blow-bys and some nice finishes at the rim.  Definitely a young guy to keep an eye on.

Darren Washington (2011, F, Gabriel Richard) The recent Gabriel Richard transfer had an off-and-on day.  In the first game I saw of his, he played well.  He was aggressive and tough, constantly getting fouled in the post.  In the second game, he looked frustrated and beat-up.  He ran into a bit of a wall and had a hard time contributing.  He tries to force up shots in the post that weren’t there.  He needs to bulk up so he can make all the little guards fouling him pay–right now, they’re able to affect his shots too much.  One really good thing about Washington is his ability and willingness to pass out of the post.  That never changed no matter how frustrated he was.  Washington is clearly talented, but kind of a rough day for him.

Luther Page (2011, W, Gabriel Richard) Washington’s teammate had a similar day he did.  Page is a 6-6 wing who can play in the post or on the perimeter with very long arms and great athleticism.   Page is very aggressive, competitive and passionate.  He was impressive at times at Elite Camp and that’s the way he was yesterday–impressive, at times.  He was able to finish some tough shots inside, but had a tendency to force the issue a bit.

Dante Williams (2011, W, AA Huron) The Huron High School product was impressive when I watched him.  Dante is extremely athletic and plays smothering defense.  His shot is getting better and better and he’s doing a great job of making defenders who play off him pay.  He’s still very, very thin, but even so he can finish in traffic and gets the basket consistently.  Very impressive effort.

A.J. Mathew (2011, G, AA Huron) A.J. is the unquestioned leader of the second-best team in the state.  He isn’t extremely athletic, but he has a great feel for the game and is quick enough to guard anyone.  He always seems to make the right pass and he’s a very good 3-point shooter.  He made a very clutch 3-pointer against Romulus in the last game I watched of the day.

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  • Outside of Ray Lee, are we seriously looking at any of these guys or are they mid-major players? With our limited number of schollies for the next two years, I hope we focus on the high end players and keep guys like this as last second options.

  • Bluebufoon

    We have recruiting news — it appears U-M leads for a 6-4 Canadian from the class of 2012. This is from

    Nick Stauskas ’12, St. Mark’s (MA): Oklahoma State, Boston College, Florida State, Georgetown, and Michigan
    Offers: “Just Oklahoma State, but I’m pretty sure Michigan will be offering pretty soon.”
    Favorites: “Right now I’d probably say Michigan is the favorite.”
    Note- Stauskas is from Toronto and spent his first two years of high school in Canada before transferring to South Kent (CT) this past year and reclassifying. Next year will be his first year at St. Mark’s.

    Could recruiting Stauchas help U-M with Kevin Pangos, a 2011, 6-1 PG from Toronto ?

  • T.Time

    Romulus Had a very nice soph-to be player named E.C. Matthews very Long about 6’4 guard/point. is UM showing interest now. I know the coaches liked his game, as well as Ray Lee who we know of

  • Mark

    I’m a big fan of Jenkins. I watched him play a few times last year and thought he fit JB type of player. Really nice shot and long arms. He just needs to be a little more assertive.

    Cam Fowler has to improve his jump shot but he might be the pest oint guard in the class of 2012.

    UofD might be a sleeper team next year but is probably a year away form making noise.

  • Bluebufoon

    Looks like it is official that Marshall Plumlee has eliminated Michigan. Plumlee’s high school coach lists the top three schools on MP’s list as Duke, Virginia and North Carolina. Here the info:

    Youngest Plumlee nears college decision
    Permalink 08:29:37 am, Categories: posts

    Three Plumlee brothers at Duke is now a distinct possibility as Christ School rising senior Marshall Plumlee whittles down his list of potential college destinations.

    “It sure appears that Duke, Virginia and North Carolina are the three most serious schools that he is considering now,” Greenies basketball coach David Gaines said today.

    “He’s met with all three head coaches (recently) and a decision is certainly going to come this summer. He won’t wait until the fall, it could come in July or Marshall might wait until early-August.”

    Plumlee led the Greenies (37-2) in rebounds (8.0 a game) and blocks (2.6) last season.

    The 7-foot forward’s list of scholarship offers includes Duke, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Purdue, Virginia and Wisconsin.

    There have been indications from North Carolina coach Roy Williams that the Tar Heels could offer Plumlee before he begins his final year as a student at Christ School.

    Gaines said that Plumlee (whose older brothers Mason and Miles play for Duke) has had individual meetings this summer with Williams and Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski to discuss his future.

  • bones

    stopped in at crisler during my afternoon run and saw a little of the pioneer-jackson game..

    if huron is the second best team in the state, jeez…because pioneer looked loaded…
    going to fun this year in ann arbor with ….high school…basketball.

  • Bluebufoon

    Sounds like Ray Lee feels good about how he played. Would be nice if U-M could lock him up with an early commitment a-la Carlton Brundidge.
    Here is Lee’s most recent tweet Saturday evening.

    RT @RayLee15: Jus won the championship at UofM Team Camp…hit a 3 wit 10 secs left…Killed!!! jus waitin for the offer

  • Colby

    So what happens with the 2011 class? Hopefully JB can jump in on some new guys in July, I am interested if we are still after Aaron Thomas. We need some athletes who can create their own shot and for others. Hoping we can open up another ship or two for the 12 class.

  • Bluebufoon

    Colby–if my numbers are correct, U-M will sign three in 2011 and three in 2012.

    Steve Bell offers his opinion on U-M’s Elite camp.…_men_at_u-m_eli.html

  • Colby

    Thanks Blue, good stuff being on top of the Canadian kid. I was going to post it but you beat me to the punch. NBE basketball report has an article that says Eric Katenda heard from us on the 15th and another on Junior Lombamba 6-4 2012 who lists us as well.

  • FLWolve

    Looking at the scholarship breakdown on this site, and assuming LLP is done after this season, I think we have 3 ships for 2011 and only 2 for 2012. Am I missing somebody else leaving early?

  • Bluebufoon

    I think there will be attrition of at least one player over the next two seasons–hope I’m wrong.

  • FL Wolve

    It makes sense somebody would leave early based upon the fact that we now have a full roster and JB isn’t the type of coach to go deep into his bench. Some of the lesser talented kids are likely to transfer.