Scouting: Michigan Elite Camp


I was able to make it to Elite Camp to watch a good amount of high-profile Michigan recruits.  There were 2011-2013 players, and they were all playing together.  The camp was at Crisler Arena, and you can see who attended here.  Here are some of the players I saw, and what I thought of how they played.

Matt Costello (2012, F) Matt played well from what I saw, though I didn’t see him all that much.  From what I could tell he played great defense and grabbed every rebound in sight, but for him that’s kind of a given.  He’s definitely a motor guy.  I was hoping he would show off some of his (I think) underrated post moves and his one-on-one scoring ability.  Didn’t see much of that.  I know he has it in him from this AAU season, and he’s extremely valuable as a garbage guy, but he has the ability to go one-on-one in the post with anybody at this camp.

Markus Crider (2011, W) Crider continues to disappoint me.  I hate to be hard on him, but I keep hearing he’s a legitimate prospect, but I just don’t see him.  This is only the second time I’ve seen him, to be fair.  It just seems like it’s impossible for him to score in the flow of a game, and he’s not good enough offensively to run an offense through him.  He’s easily frustrated, and when he’s not making shots he just keeps forcing them up.  He did rebound well.

Denzel Valentine (2012, W) Denzel played like he had something to prove, which in a way he does.  All I ever hear from anybody about him is that he’s not that athletic, which is true.  But the guy can just play.  He creates his own shot, he gets to the basket with surprising regularity, and he’s a great finisher.  If we’re looking at pure skill, I believe he’s the most skilled 2012 player I’ve seen, and definitely the most skilled at camp.  He doesn’t overwhelm you, but he will get his points.

Javontae Hawkins (2012, G) Other than making a few more shots, Javontae couldn’t have played better.  He got to the basket easily and showed himself to be one of the best athletes at camp.  He’s also one of the best finishers.  His shot isn’t quite there yet, but right now he doesn’t need it.  I’ve seen him fill it up before, but I was surprised at how great his defense was.  He was intense and had active hands all camp.  Really impressive showing for him.

Sean Grennan (2011, G, old video) Grennan is reportedly close to earning an offer and he played like he played like it.  This was my first time watching the New Jersey native and I really liked his game.  He had immense confidence in his shot and he’s already an expert at creating space in order to get it off.  He also made good decisions with the ball, showing off a few nice passes.  Very good showing for him.

Michael Ramey (2012, G) Ramey is a strong, physical guard who can shoot.  He played on the team with Valentine and Crider that won the 3-on-3 tournament and knocked down a ton of outside shots.

Austin Angel (2012, G) Austin is a pure shooting guard.  He was very confident in his shot and took it whenever he was open.  He knocked a bunch down and looked like he had a smooth stroke.

Anton Wilson (2012, G) Anton is a long, tall, lanky guard who can handle the ball and take it to the rack.  I was a little disappointed with his play because I felt like he let frustration about not getting the ball cloud his judgment on a few plays.  He settled for jumpshots too often.  But it’s clear he’s a very, very talented prospect.

Glenn Robinson III (2012, F) The son of the Big Dawg himself played well.  He was tough under the basket and his mobility was great.  Very athletic.

Sean Sheldon (2012, F) Sheldon had a good day at camp.  He’s athletic and moves very well for a guy his size.  He had a couple really impressive blocks and was always running the floor.  He plays strong in the post.

Rakeem Boldak (2012, G) Good combo guard from Chicago who stood out for me mainly because of his toughness.  He played great defense on a number of really good players, pestered them all day.  Has a smooth stroke as well.

Be sure to follow along tomorrow as I’ll be at Team Camp throughout the day.  Check back for an update after that as well.

  • Slacks

    I dropped by from around 10 am until 1 pm. I don’t have the best eye for this but I ended up watching Denzel Valentine most of the time. He just seemed too good not to pay attention to. He definitely was trying to prove something.

  • Brian W

    Slight typo, Costello is a 2012 recruit, not 2011.

    Good stuff, though. Wish Jalen Reynolds and Yogi Ferrell had been there… Aside from Crider, it sounds like the guys that have offers performed well.

    Grennan’s video, even if it’s old, isn’t that bad. It looks like he plays defense, can run the floor and nail shots. The camp assessment on him sounds positive.

    Glenn Robinson III intrigues me. Haven’t seen him play, but his dad was a great college player. The UM-Purdue games back then were fun to watch. He’s got others in the Big Ten interested in him (according to Rivals), so it’ll be interesting to see where he ends up. Cuonzo Martin (former teammate of the Big Dawg) is recruiting him for Missouri State.

    On a different topic… after seeing that Oklahoma is under investigation by the NCAA, it’s hard to see why USA basketball would want Jeff Capel as coach for the U18 team. Maybe Calipari was busy.

  • Suavdaddy

    Big Dawg was an absolute beast in college. Maybe the best college player I have seen. Just dominated. I recall him playing UM and just nailing the 3s then driving the lane and unleashing a massive dunk over people.

  • Joe – Would you compare Costello’s game to that of Graham Brown? Better or worse than Hambone from MIO?

  • Bluebufoon

    Was Matt Vogrich around today ? Would like to have seen Jordan Price go up against Javonte Hawkins.

    This is from Northstar Hoops on Greenan. This was dated May 19, who has transferred from U-M ?

    Sean Grennan ’11, Monsignor Donovan (NJ): “Seton Hall, Michigan, Boston College, and Davidson are the top ones right now as far as my interest. Then there’s others like Bucknell, Fordham, Holy Cross, New Hampshire . . . and Lehigh.”
    Offers: Davidson, Bucknell, Fordham, Holy Cross, New Hampshire, and Lehigh
    Favorites: Seton Hall, Michigan, Boston College, and Davidson; “Pretty much [those four are] all even. Seton Hall would be the lower of the four. Michigan, BC, and Davidson are the three that I’m really thinking about as long as they’re there for me.”
    Notes- Grennan, who said he has a 3.3 GPA, needs to improve his SAT score “a little bit” for Davidson, and that he will be rescheduling a visit there that he was recently unable to take. “June 18th I’m going to BC, June 25th I’m going to Michigan,” said Grennan of upcoming visits. Regarding scholarships, Grennan remarked, “As far as offers, BC I don’t know [if they will offer]. Michigan, I might [get an offer]. They had a guy transfer, so I may get lucky. They said they’ll follow in July and Seton Hall [did so] as well.” Grennan also said, “I talked to [new BC Head Coach Steve] Donahue. He was real cool about it, he said they’ll follow me.”

  • Kenny

    What happened with Jalen Reynolds?

  • smance

    I bet he meant Anthony Wright (With the transfer statement)

  • Bluebufoon

    Smance– don’t think so. Anthony Wright’s scholarship would have been available by the time Grennan gets to U-M, whether he transferred to Toledo or not. Plus it wasn’t a surprise Wright isn’t coming back next year– we’ve known that for months.

  • AG2

    Sorry Manny, hope to hear you signed as a free agent someplace soon.

  • ZRL

    Dissapointed that Manny didn’t go to the Suns with the last pick. Would have been the perfect pick. They picked a guy who averaged 12 points and 8 rebounds as a SENIOR for Miami? Seriously? I’m sorry but if you are good enough to make an NBA roster then you should be putting up a lot better numbers as a senior on a crappy miami team. Oh well best of luck to Manny and Peedi (and Gibson) wherever they end up working next year.

  • Dr. J

    Anyone who thought Manny was going to be drafted, does not understand basketball. Michigan was 15-17 last year, Miami 20-13 who’s the crappy team. The Suns picked the right guy!

  • Brian W

    Too bad for Manny and Peedi. Would have been nice to have one of them get drafted. Maybe the NBA free agent route will work out. If not, Travis Conlan coming home to work at U-M opens up a guard spot on a team in Europe.

    Looking forward to hearing about the team camp. Maybe Reynolds and some others that weren’t at the camp yesterday will be there today.

  • Beast1530

    If I was Manny or Peedi, I much rather go undrafted than get drafted. You at least have the option to choose team to sign with as a UDFA as opposed to getting stuck with one team who drafted you. 2nd rounder does not have guarantee contract so undrafted players are in a better situation than 2nd rounders.

  • Tweeter

    Probably a little ego hit for Manny. I feel for him, as Im sure he expected to be picked. Sims I think knew it was a long shot.

    Beast1530, I found this interesting article regarding your comment on 2d round v. undrafted. The draft almost seems to be like a wave or multiple waves. It starts high with the early first to mid first, then drops down for the late first, then rises again early second, then drops again for late second, then rises for undrafted.

    The reason that the early second is better than late first, is that the team that picked you probably still wants you to sign. But the player is not locked in to any guaranteed contracts. Therefore, they can negotiate a deal, as well as have a one year deal that allows them to become a free agent faster and sign big if they play well. First rounders get locked in to the pay scale and multi year deals. That all really applies to players that can actually play. If you suck and are going to be out of the league once a team realizes that, then you always want to go in the first.

    Manny and Peedi can now shop their goods, and hopefully find a home somewhere, prove their worth, and get paid early in their careers.

  • Mith

    The problem I have is that it seems like such a waste for Manny to have left early. Why leave early to just go undrafted? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  • AG2

    I think Manny left because he just plain didn’t want to play college basketball anymore, nothing more nothing less.

  • Paul F.

    I feel for Manny and Deshawn. But, This could get them going to work harder and catch on with a team later. @AG2 I couldn’t agree with you more about Harris.

  • Beast1530


    It’s because Manny’s stock could not improved by staying for another year at Michigan. Why bother staying at Michigan where he would have to carry the load without Sims and endure a possible dismal season like last year? He would be better served by getting out a year early and get paid whether if it’s in the NBA or overseas. You can still make good money by playing overseas. Lavell Blanchard, Daniel Horton, Dion Harris and to name a few, all made good money playing overseas.

  • Colby

    So Sean Grennan is going to get an offer? What does that make our 2011 class look like? What do people think our 2011 class will look like now, I am not as optimistic as I once was.

  • Zach

    Peedi to the Celtics

  • Brian W

    That’s great for Deshawn. Not a Celtics fan, but can’t beat Boston. Nice town.

    The Wolverine gives their assessment of players from yesterday’s camp. A completely different view of Markus Crider…

  • That is an … odd take on Crider’s second-round game. He was very good in 3-on-3. But in that second 5-on-5 game he missed shot after shot as Dan Chilcote played well defensively to make Crider put it on the floor before shooting, and threw him way off. At one point in the game, the group of five on Crider’s team he wasn’t a part of put them up 30-28. Then with Crider out there missing, the other team went on a 12-0 run. In the second half Coach Novak put Crider in with the other unit, that just took shots away from the team’s most effective frontcourt player, Sean Sheldon, and the team ended up losing.

  • Hey SBell, are you going to do your own analysis on the Michigan camp or can’t you do that? I would be interested to compare your notes to that of this site, rivals, and scout. It sounds like there is a lot of good to very good players in the midwest in the next two recruiting classes and it will be interesting to see where they all end up. Thanks!

  • brian morton was one of the top 2013 players there i saw

  • manny fan

    yea some others 2 name dre johnson,ec matthews,monte morris,ec matthews is real athletic lefty,dre showed he can drive and knock down the 3 with range,monte morris played lockdown defense all day and still got buckets,brian morton anthoer lefty is going to be a stud him and cha cha tucker in the backcourt at eastern going 2 cause teams problems

  • MHoops1

    In re sbell’s comment on the take on Crider–it was, in part, my take, and I’ll totally stand by it. If all you saw was Crider missing shots in the second game, then respectfully, you must have been watching the other game when he was making the ones I saw, and certainly you must not have been focusing on other aspects of his game. He played five 4 minute segments in that game–quoting the score from one, and assessing the blame wholly on him is just inaccurate. No argument that he was bad in his first game, that he has been mediocre all spring, and that he doesn’t always play hard. Big argument if you think he isn’t as good as Sean Sheldon.

  • SBell

    Dan Chilcote kicked Crider’s butt up and down the court.

  • MHoops1

    So you’re quoting yourself to prove to me that you were right? Wow. I’ll have to use that trick the next time I’m arguing a case in court–I’m right, Your Honor, because, well, I said so myself, and see, I blogged about it too.

    We’ll agree to disagree. I saw what I saw–you’re free to think what you want. Have a nice day.

  • close inside always looking in

    Keep up the good work Leo Edwards(2013) your hard work goes beyond recognition which means keep on playing like you are and the skies the limit for this 6″8 young kid whos unbelievely talented only time will he continue to get better.