Recruiting Notebook: John Beilein on recruiting trail

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan’s season ended on Sunday night and John Beilein hasn’t wasted any time before getting back on the recruiting trail.

Beilein said he would be out ‘every day this week’, but will ‘be selective’ with his recruiting. He was out immediately on Monday night watching class of 2016 big man Austin Davis. Michigan is also expected to host Jaylen Brown, the No. 2 recruit in the country, for an official visit at the end of this week.

Moritz Wagner nets 20 points, 9 rebounds in playoff opener

Moritz Wagner returned to action with Alba Berlin’s youth team over the weekend and scored 20 points and grabbed nine rebounds in the playoff opening victory. Wagner was 6 of 8 from the floor and 8 of 9 at the free throw line. Five of his rebounds were offensive and he also handed out two assists in the 80-66 victory. quoted a NBA scout that compared Wagner to a top-40 level recruit.

So, exactly what type of player is Wagner? spoke with an NBA scout over the weekend and the scout said Moritz isn’t likely as tall as the 6-foot-10 he’s being listed at, but he is plenty big to play as a college four man. The scout said Wagner has good touch, is clever with the ball and that he competes on both ends of the floor.

“He’s not a guy that is on our radar as somebody who is going to be a pro right away,” said the scout. “He’s somebody that we see going to college and then we’ll see from there. I’d look at him as a top-20 to top-40 type recruit if he were in the States.”

Brown wins state championship

Jaylen Brown wrapped up a Georgia AAAAAA State Championship last week with 22 points in a 59-58 win over Pebblebrook. Brown was fouled with .5 seconds remaining in the game and knocked down both free throws to secure the victory.

Brown is expected to be on campus this week and tweeted that he would take two visits this week.

Brown and 2016 target Derryck Thornton will both participate in the Dick’s National Championship tournament from April 2nd-4th. Brown had previously discussed making a decision in early April.

Beilein watches 2016 big man Austin Davis

Onsted big man Austin Davis drew John Beilein, Chris Collins and a Michigan State assistant on Monday evening and scored 25 points and grabbed 22 rebounds in a 61-68 regional semifinal victory.

Beilein has watched Davis several times and Onsted coach Brad Maska praised his big man:

“He’s seen Davis a few times,” Onsted coach Brad Maska said. “It’s really nothing new.”

The 6-foot-10, 240-pound Davis has received scholarship offers from Central Michigan and Toledo, and has received interest from both Michigan and Michigan State.

“He was impressive,” Maska said. “And he did it with two to three guys on him. He knew they (the coaches) were there. He’s just a tremendous kid.”

Beilein came away impressed with Davis’ strong performance.

“He told me he (Davis) works really hard and has huge upside,” Maska added.

Jordan watches Xavier Tillman

Lavall Jordan watched class of 2017 big man Xavier Tillman against Muskegon on Monday evening. Tillman’s Forest Hills Central team lost 69-48 to Muskegon and Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo was also in attendance — undoubtedly checking in on his incoming big man Deyonta Davis as well. Tillman had 10 points in the loss, battling foul trouble throughout.

Interest in Sina?

Jaren Sina has reportedly visited Rhode Island and met with Frank Martin from South Carolina. His father has also reported some level of interest from Michigan.

Sina was a Wolverine target as a high school player, but his recruitment never seemed to materialize with a visit. The Seton Hall sophomore shot 33% on twos and 32% on threes with a higher turnover than assist rate this season. He opted to transfer due to chemistry issues in the Seton Hall locker room which eventually led to the PIrates losing 13 of their final 17 games after starting the season 12-2.

Sina was a key part of Seton Hall, but there are questions about his fit at Michigan. He just finished his sophomore year, which would put him in the same graduating class as Michigan’s large freshman group, and his skillset doesn’t appear to add a lot to the mix.

Seth Towns leading Northland

Columbus native Seth Towns continues to put up big numbers and Northland keeps on winning games. Towns made three free throws with 4.7 seconds remaining to push Northland to a 66-65 regional win over Gahanna. The Vikins were trailing 60-46 with 2:28 to play, but made five threes to close the game with a comeback.

“Oh boy, the game seemed like it was over and people were leaving,” Towns said. “Everybody was down, everybody except for us.”


Other notes

  • jblair52

    Does Mychal Mulder know he has to visit to get an offer? haha

  • Quick Darshan

    OSU has a big recruiting class coming in (again) to join Tate and Bates-Diop. Have to figure that makes Towns a good possibility for UM

  • bobohle

    A little off the subject. Did anyone notice how well Illinois represented the BIG in the NIT? NOT!!!!!! Another team selected on a win/loss basis only. They looked like they didn’t want to be there against an Alabama team whose coach was just fired.

    • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

      Yes I saw that. Its pretty clear the NIT doesn’t care about individual team circumstances, but rather just record.

      I expected more from the NIT, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

      We probably would have won the NIT if we made.

  • Wayman Britt

    Getting Brown would be the top of the world for Beilien, however UM has an uphill battle. However, Beilein really needs to land Towns and pry away Winston from Izzo. I don’t want to see UM go to plan C.

  • Wayman Britt

    Mr. Brown:

    Welcome to the University of Michigan. I hope you enjoy your visit the next two days. Just remember nobody in the nation develops players better than coach Beilein.

  • psickert1

    I hope that our staff, recruit more players from Michigan because have let some slip away. Some very good ones.

    A.j Turner who really wanted to play for UM so bad that reclassified in hopes to getting a UM offer but instead we gave one to his team mate Aubrey Dawkins.

    We had very good people who favored UM over MSU offers like Darrelle Davis., Edmond Summers, Yante Maten, Justin Tillman, Jaylen Johnson and a couple more kids like the kid that combined to UTEP

    There is no reason for schools like Vcu, Louisville, Oregon, Dayton, Georgia, Xavier, and Texas A.M to swoop all of our talent from the state. I understand that getting a player with right fit is our motto but I that we should recruit instate more.

    We did offer The kid that went Texas. We did offer Cassius Winston. Those are big steps. I’M not complaining about our current roster at all. I trust our coaches. I just wish that we had more player from the state.

    I was watching a Henryford game and they have a kid named Josh Davis that’s would’ve been a great fit but he going to Western Michigan because we didn’t recruit him. WE DIDN’T EVENT RECRUIT the big kid who is going to MSU.

    I trust what our staff is doing but boy some of them players could’ve helped us this year especially Yante Maten. We need a rebound and a shot blocker.

    Maybe Doyle will get stronger. MAYBE Wilson will be our shot blocker until Teske arrives and hopefully Chapman turns into a play maker. Hopefully Doyle excels as well.

    I am still very optimistic about this upcoming season.. I am glad that everyone wants to improve and is headed to camp Sanders.

    • Chuck

      Lol what? You would rather have AJ turner than Dawkins? You should’ve just stopped there

      • psickert1

        You must haven’t seen A.J Turner play. I have and he is talent. He could legitimately play 1-4 for us. He shoots the ball very well and has very good handle and defense. Don’t knock a player if you seen him play live.

        He has a way better skilllset than Dawkins right now but I never said that Dawkins couldn’t developed them skills but if you have seen Turner you would know that for a 6ft7 player he very talented and can play many positions due his versatility and skill.

        And I never said that I would rather have anyone over anyone in my post. I just said that i wished that we recruited Michigan more.Have a nice day.

    • Steve2081

      “There is no reason for schools like Vcu, Louisville, Oregon, Dayton,
      Georgia, Xavier, and Texas A.M to swoop all of our talent from the
      state. I understand that getting a player with right fit is our motto
      but I that we should recruit instate more.”

      There most definitely is a reason for it. Those are all lesser programs(other than Louisville) taking lesser players that we had no interest in.

      • psickert1

        Typo. I’m sorry. I can agree with you about the program being considered lesser but they are all high major school in a high major conference. It’s not like these guys are D-,3 talent ( subliminal sneak diss to Duncan Robinson who I happen to love. I’m just joking) some of these kids were ranked and pretty good.

        I live in Bloomfield Hills but grew up on the westside of Detroit and we were major In fans and despised the Guys in Green and white more than them guys with the pirate logo.

        COACH Beilien has said that he wants kids who’s knocking down the door down to go to Michigan and these kids were and they are good players. Don’t get me wrong because I love the players that we have now.

        This is not a swipe at them. Not at all. NOR AM I DISRESPECTING OUR COACHING STAFF.

        I would like our team with players from the state and we need to build relationships with the players and coaches in the state. That’s all.

    • Wayman Britt

      The talent level in the state of Michigan is just not here any more. If the state produced a couple of kids in the top 50 in the nation, you bet Beilein would be all over them. In used to be that both UM and MSU could each get two future NBA’ers from the state at the same time, not since the decline of Detroit, Flint and Saginaw has that been possible.

      • psickert1

        Yes we have recruited the top 50 players in state but we sure are missing out on Diamonds in the roughs here in state.

        However I must admit that I am very happy that we have MAAR(I call him Rodney Sticky J.r) and Dawkins…. so please don’t take my post about recruiting more in state kids as me dissing our current roster because unwilling never do that.

  • Wayman Britt

    After watching San Diego State last night and the great job Steve Fisher has done there, I did the what if game. What if Fisher was not fired and he continued to coach the Wolverines from 1989 to today. I believe UM’s program would have been a dynasty similar to NC, MSU, Duke and AZ. I don’t believe Fisher knowly was involved in the Ed Martin scandel and if he would have been retained, UM’s basketball history would be much different.

    • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

      Blame goes to our AD back then. He considered any coaches already employed as off limits – it was ungentlemen like. We handicapped ourselves.

      We did overreact quite a bit. We had a moronic AD at the time who refused to understand big time college sports. I just laugh when other schools use an ignorance defense – Newtons dad and get off scot free.

      • Wayman Britt

        Great point about the AD. People think that David Brandon was a poor AD, well he wasn’t that bad compared to TG. TG was in way over his head.

    • Corperryale

      Fisher is a solid dude, a great recruiter and a great coach. Got a rough deal at U-M but can’t think of a better place to land than SD.

      Unrelated… just watching the UK-Cincy game. Never seen such a slanted reffing job. I’ve seen a lot of bad calls over the year but this year feels the most rigged. Maybe I’m just cynical since U-M missed the tournament.

    • MAZS

      Then you presumably are defending Boeheim. I also believe that Fisher is a good guy, but bad sh** went on during his watch. Like Boeheim, he either turned a blind eye or didn’t want to know. At Michigan that was and should be enough. I am happy for him though.

  • kainkitizen

    By the looks of things, Coach is spending time in the state with recruiting. Coach’s offense deals with players that can shoot the 12-15 foot jump shot and that can pass the ball to the wing and corner three. The attraction with Doyle was that he could shoot the free throw line jumper in high school. The post up player on the box just doesn’t attract coach b’s offense. He wants a mobile center that can pick n’roll and pick n’ pop that 12-15 foot jumper with the ability to pass to the opposite side wing for a three on the wing or corner. That’s the job of the 5 position in the offense. Just look at the bigs that coach has recruited and what there skill set is. Why He wanted them to be part of Michigan Basketball.