Report: Jaylen Brown sets official visit for this week

Dylan Burkhardt

Five-star forward Jaylen Brown will make his official visit to Michigan this week. Brown will be on campus on Thursday and Friday, according to a report from Sam Webb.

The 6-foot-7 forward is the 247 Sports composite No. 2 prospect in the country. He’s taken previous official visits to North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas and UCLA. Brown is also considering the home state schools, Georgia and Georgia Tech.

“Michigan, of course, needed no introduction,” Brown’s mother told UM Hoops this fall. “They reached out and spoke with Jaylen regarding his interest, and since we are Michigan people, we definitely have a big interest regarding Michigan.”

Brown had previously scheduled his official visit for Michigan’s home game against Ohio State, but was forced to reschedule due to his high school team’s playoff schedule. Brown led Wheeler to the Georgia State Championship and sunk the winning free throws in the victory.

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  • Corperryale

    Great news. Too bad he couldn’t see the Rutgers game in person. (Well, except the last 7 minutes or so…. good that he didn’t see that.) There should be an official moratorium on accepting any outstanding 2015 offers until Brown gets to check the place out.

  • Manny Fresh

    please God… it would be amazing if we could get him…

    • Corperryale

      With Brown and Caris back, would U-M be preseason top five? If there is any justice!

  • bobohle

    This recruit would be a huge one for John Beilein and the M program.

  • A2MIKE

    What are the chances? 1 in 10, 1 in 20, 1 in 100? Give me some probabilities.

    • bobohle

      In a way it’s good we are his last visit. We need to go all out for this one.

  • psickert1

    This would be a good get but I would prefer Mortiz Wagner because he likely to stay more than a year and help us down the road. I like Brown he is the second coming of Jamal Mashburn.

    He would be a nice get indeed. I’M not a coach but I like our chances of landing a good player in “15” with D.j Wilson and Duncan Robinson. This can actually be a great class as in terms of feeling the gaps.

    I like that coach is keeping open especially with the skills of our current players and incoming players. I hope Caris stays one more year – that would be like getting a 5 star recruit for a one year rental. I consider Wilson and Robinson 4 star recruit. D3 ball is better than high school talent.

    Don’t get at me because I am extremely optimistic.

    • Adding the projected No. 1 pick is generally always a good thing. Can work the rest out later.

      That said, a lot of work to do…

      • psickert1

        Yes, I agree with that…. I will pray to the basketball Gods. LOL.

      • A2MIKE

        Are you thinking longshot? Kentucky must be the presumed favorite, right? UNC and Kansas are pretty full and don’t have a ton of seniors, Carolina has none.

        On a side note, why is Kentucky’s APR still so high despite all the one and done’s?

        • countourzealous

          I think his family’s connection with the state of Michigan is strong. Brown was surprised Michigan didn’t recruit him. His mother is an alumni (I think?). This could play a large part in his decision-making.

    • A2MIKE

      I am with you. Brown would be a good get, but in all likelihood he is going to Kentucky. I won’t be heartbroken. We have a good thing going, especially if Caris stays, which I think he will.

      • bobohle

        I don’t think Kentucky has any scholarships open until they know for sure who else is going early. They already have the #1 class coming in 2015. He wants to announce early April. I do not think JB would visit this late if he wasn”t seriously interested.

        • MAZS

          I don’t think free scholarships will be a problem for Kentucky. They could genuinely lose as many as 8 players–and have only signed 3.

    • Wayman Britt

      You cannot be serious that you would rather have Wagner over Brown. Even if Brown only stayed one year, he has enough talent to sky rocket this team. UM can worry about 2017 and 2018 rosters, while Brown is the POY in the Big Ten during the 2015-2016 season as a Wolverine.

      • bobohle

        Wayman, I totally agree with you. No way would I take Wagner over Jaylen Brown. If he’s one and done so be it. We need a big time recruit to attract a couple 5 stars in the 2016 class.

      • Corperryale

        Heck, I would take him for the Paradise Jam or just a few B1G road games if that was the only thing on the table. A whole season would be amazing. Hope Coach Beilein rolls out the red carpet.

    • countourzealous

      Is this an either/or scenario? The answer is easy: take Brown over Wagner. Beilein’s system becomes a lot easier when you have pure NBA talent out there. He is a one-and-done, but I am fine with that.

  • JJ3ball

    M has a legit shot here.
    Come play for the best coaching staff in America young fella

  • Corperryale

    Is Stanley Johnson the reference in terms of playing style/athletic level? Seems Brown may be the superior athlete but otherwise they’re pretty similar?

    In any event, Brown would be the instant injection that the program needs for an immediate rebound in 15. Would take over any “project” (regardless of ultimate, long-term ceiling).

    • bobohle

      Amen brother!!

  • Wayman Britt

    Ms. Mechalle Brown:

    Thank you for visiting University of Michigan and Ann Arbor. Later when you sit down with your son to evaluate schools and head coaches, please keep this in mind:

    1. If you want your son to play for a coach that develops every aspect of his game and has proven this, than UM is your school
    2. If you are looking for a top 5 academic school that also has a superior basketball program, than UM is your school
    3. If you are looking for a program that will respect and care for your son, than UM is your school
    4. If you are looking for a program that will use your son only for winning and make him play whether hurt and even if he skips classes, than please choose a different university
    5. If you want your son to be one of 5 All Americans on the team and have to share the limelight and shots, than please choose a different university.
    6. If you are looking for a school that will tell you everything you want to hear and offer you and your son the moon, than please choose a different university.

    • Corperryale

      I agree with all points except (perhaps) the last one. I may be in the minority on this, but I think for a player of this rare caliber you make some assurances in terms of playing time and position, and you approach the player’s NBA expectations and timeline very directly and without pretence. If we can’t do that then we’ll have no shot at getting the occasional player like this.

    • msoccer10

      Then, please use then. agghhh!. Sorry, this has been your daily grammar police request.

      • mikey_mac

        Especially on the second bullet point ;)

  • Quick Darshan

    This doesn’t seem like a Wagner or Brown situation. It’s probably more Levert or Brown because I’d imagine he’d have more of a chance to showcase his game if Caris goes pro.

    Given the choice I’d take a 4th year from Levert over one year of Brown. Familiarity with the offense and the attachment from watching a young man grow making up for any difference in talent.

    • bobohle

      Do not agree. Caris is a 2 and part time pg. Jaylen is a high flying 3. He will be fine with Caris.

    • countourzealous

      They would be on the court together. Beilein would find a way to make it work.

  • Nick

    we’re due for a top recruit

  • kainkitizen

    This would definitely be coach Beilein’s biggest recruit that he’s gotten since Mitch Mcgary. He would be the better version of Glenn Robinson III. If Caris stays I’d consider us a contender for the final four with Jaylen playing the 3. Huge props to the coaches and let’s reel Jaylen in and start another 2013 run to the national championship.

    • countourzealous

      This would be Michigan’s biggest recruit since Webber. McGary slid down to #25 or so by the time the recruiting season was done.

  • JJ3ball

    Wanting Wagner over Brown would be akin to preferring Darko over LeBron. An exaggeration for sure but you get the point.
    That being said, I think they get both :-)

  • AADave

    I think Brown is an extreme long shot. What are our chances of beating out Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA and North Carolina for a recruit? Seriously, All these schools recruit at a much higher level than us. Kentucky alone would be near impossible to beat. We have trouble winning a recruiting battle against one of these schools even when we’ve been recruiting a lower ranked player for years and are in the lead (see Devin Booker). I think we’re at a huge disadvantage since Beilein is clean and ethical. There”s absolutely no way Calipari is running a clean program with his history and the insane amount of talent he is piling up at Kentucky. Class has to be a joke for his players. And I’m sure it’s the same at these other schools. See NC’s recent scandal for example.

    But it’s good to see we are on the radar of elite recruits like Brown. And nice to see Beilein continue to put in hard work recruiting. I think it pays off in talent evaluation and other recruits even if we don’t land the big fish.

    And Brown is almost certainly a one and done. I’m happy to get him but longer term we’re probably better off with recruits like Wagner, somebody who’s in the top 50 and more likely to stay at least a couple years.

    • MAZS

      Don’t get me wrong, Calipari has a long history of cheating. That said, I am not sure he has to do so at Kentucky given where the program is at. And if UK is offering Brown something improper, then why would Brown even be considering Michigan? I don’t think most kids are saying I’ll go to your school for money; if not, I’m going to the honest one. And frankly, I’m not interested in getting kids who are debating between us and money.

      • coach cal

        What did coach call do would u haters tell me that

        • MAZS

          Both UMass and Memphis had significant NCAA violations under Calipari’s tenure and both schools had to vacate their NCAA tourney wins. Plus Calipari’s well-established ties to Worldwide Wes–the kingmaker of high school recruiting–if Wes is involved, someone is taking money. If you want more detail just google it–it won’t be hard to find. Its not like this isn’t virtually common knowledge. I know someone pretty connected to the UK athletic program and he concedes that UK initially passed on Cal when it dumped Tubby for Gillespie. But when that failed, UK was so desperate that all ethical considerations were thrown out the door.

          Also, “haters”? Isn’t that a middle school term? Or Taylor Swift? But it is nice Coach Cal that you have time to visit another school’s site.

    • joe schmo

      It’s not impossible for us to beat out top schools for players. we beat kansas for stauskas and we beat duke for McGary. But admittedly that’s a tough list, and all 4 of those schools provide “fringe benefits” that we do not

      • Tony DeMaria

        I’ll give you McGary, but Stauskas was a top 100 prospect, not a top 5 prospect. Usually those guys go to the one and done NBA farms. Hopefully Beilein is able to leverage his success with Burke, Hardaway, Stauskas and McGary and not guys like Brundidge and GR3 (who had a fine career but was Top 20 talent out of HS that ended up in the 2nd round). Also hopefully the Michigan (the state not the school) connections hold some sway. I’d give it a 10% chance but who knows.

    • Ken Angel

      I am interested to see the information that you have a on coach cal that the NCAA and every hungry reporter in american can’t find?

  • Jake

    Coach B needs to bring his A game and get this kid! Our luster from that Final 4 run has almost gone away yet we still haven’t capitalize on the rep boost.

  • Luke Harding

    I think this lineup could be top 10 caliber: 1) Spike/Walton 2) Levert 3) Brown 4) Irvin 5) Doyle WIth back ups 1) Abdur Rahkman 2) Dawkins 3) Duncan Robinson 4) Chatman 5) Well, hopefully Doyle get bigger, better, and never has to come out.

  • Corperryale

    Perhaps the department could prepare some sort of slide deck to show (1) how the Harrison twins will, following their magnificent 40-0 season, probably end up in the bottom of the second round well behind an unrecruited Michigan guard with a broken foot; (2) how effectively Harrison Barnes and James McAdoo maximized their draft stock at MJ’s alma mater; and (3) how UCLA is an utterly dysfunctional program whose coach squanders talent and only cares about getting his son as many touches as possible. That might help.

    • Indiana_Matt

      Let’s not use Barnes as an example. He is a starter and averages double figures for one of the best teams in the NBA. Maybe Kendall Marshall? But I like what you are getting at.

      • Corperryale

        Thanks for the insight. I don’t really follow the NBA at all. I just used Barnes as an example because I remember he was considered like the second coming of MJ and then ended up staying an extra year after a disappointing-ish season. In all likelihood, Brown is so good that he could probably rise above the logjam at Kentucky and not end up a sad-story-in-the-making like the Harrison brothers. As far as I am concerned, the only good reason to go to UCLA in 2015 is to enjoy a snow-free year of low humidity, in-n-out burgers and fan palms; you won’t become a better player there.

        • Indiana_Matt

          Do you think they use in-n-out in their recruiting pitches? I would.

  • bobohle

    Oh you mean Caris won”t get him the ball then. I think Caris is a team player

    • countourzealous

      Up until his injury, Caris led us in assists and is clearly a team player.

  • countourzealous

    Jaylen Brown could completely change this program going forward. He could be the most dominant Michigan player since Chris Webber. Given, it would only be for one year. If Caris returns and we obtain Brown, we are NT contenders. If Caris doesn’t come back, I would say Brown still makes us contenders. Hopefully the facilities, academics and people are enough to influence him to go to UM. I also wonder if he’s talked to Caris and if this would influence Caris’s decision to return or not (I’m guessing not, but it wouldn’t be unheard of).