No. 2 ranked Jaylen Brown ‘very interested’ in Michigan, hopes to take official visit

Alejandro Zúñiga

Michigan may have joined the recruiting trail for Jaylen Brown a little late, but the second-ranked prospect in the class of 2015 is going to give the Wolverines a fair shot.

The 6-foot-7, 220 pound small forward currently plans to take one of his two remaining official visits to Ann Arbor.

“I do think that he will give them the opportunity and visit,” said Mechalle Brown, Jaylen’s mother, in a phone interview with UM Hoops. “Michigan is definitely up on the list that he could want to find a little bit more about what goes on inside.

“He’s very interested in learning more about Michigan. That’s for sure; that’s a definite.”

Brown has already made official visits to Kansas and Kentucky and has an official at UCLA this weekend. The Wheeler (Ga.) High School forward has also received interest from Georgia, North Carolina and Georgia Tech.

Mechalle plans to sit down with Jaylen soon to finalize which schools will receive official visits, and she feels Michigan would be among them, though she warned plans could change.

But Michigan carries a little more clout for Brown, because his family is from Muskegon and his uncle went to school there. As Ryan Falker, Brown’s AAU coach, explained to UM Hoops, Brown “always wondered” why the Wolverines weren’t recruiting him until recently.

Brown plans to make his collegiate decision during the second NLI signing period, which ends May 20, and isn’t rushing the process.

“Michigan, of course, needed no introduction,” Mechalle Brown said. “They reached out and spoke with Jaylen regarding his interest, and since we are Michigan people, we definitely have a big interest regarding Michigan.”

Michigan assistant LaVall Jordan visited Marietta, Georgia earlier this month to meet with the Brown family, and Mechalle said the visit went well.

“He’s very engaging, very excited about Michigan,” Mechalle said of Jordan. “There’s a sense of stability, and also, with the staff being able to develop the kids and having a rich tradition and the team just being able to seem like they work well together — I think that’s a big part of the coaching staff, as far as how they interact with the kids.”

Some of the interest in Michigan, Mechalle said, comes from seeing the coaching staff develop under-recruited players into NBA Draft picks.

Though Mechalle said Jaylen has become busier with school and the upcoming season, Brown and Michigan still communicate “quite frequently.”

“I like that they are there, we know they’re there, they keep in touch, and I like that,” Mechalle said. “I know that Michigan is a good institution. … I would want him to pick a place where it’s a good fit, and he could excel academically as well as athletically.”

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  • wolverine81

    Well, at least it sounds like we have some chance. I think it’s good for us that he’s planning to make his decision in May. That gives us more time to talk with him and work the Beilein magic.

  • sane1

    Still a loooooong shot. If the visit materializes, I’ll pay attention.

  • gobluenyc

    Is it just me or does he look exactly like THJ but with a ‘fro?

    • cs

      It’s just you.

    • Mattski

      I’m not sure it’s even you if you look more closely.

  • Fab 5 Legends

    don’t see this happening, I would obviously love to see him in the maize n blue

  • eddieben

    I find it interesting that he’s visited KU and UK and still looking to other options.

    • Leslie Hoerwinkle

      Might as well use all of your official visits.

  • geoffclarke

    Not getting my hopes up, but this kid is NBA-ready now and doesn’t need developing (though I’m sure that our coaching staff could have a positive influence on him) and it is nice that we are simply involved in this recruitment.

    • bigplaybray

      Every high school player needs to continue to develop.

      • geoffclarke

        So do NBA rookies.

  • Indiana_Matt

    His name is Jaylen. C’mon. No doubt he’s coming.

    • zeroskie

      That’s what we thought about Jalen Brunson (Villanova), Jalen Coleman (Illinois)…

      • Indiana_Matt

        But they both spelled their names just like Mr. Rose. They ultimately needed to get out of his shadow. But this guy, his parents used an unconventional spelling. He can confidently become a Wolverine knowing he has his own identity in place already.

        • Mattski

          Dubious logic, but I’m plussing the heck out of you in the vague hope that it works!

  • Freddie

    does anyone know if michigan is going to be the home or visitor at barclays? trying to figure out which side is best to get tickets.

  • Steve2081

    Given the choice I’d rather have Dozier.

    • jkuofm27

      I agree from maybe a positional standpoint that Dozier fits more of our future needs or gaps, because he projects to 1-2 where I think Brown projects more to a 3 or 4 and maybe a 2. But I think if Brown is interested I jump all over it. In basketball one person can change the course of a program. Top 5 or 10 players in the country are hard to come by. If he wants to come and JB and crew thinks he fits the values then positions and needs go out the window with elite talent like this. Especially with JB’s philosophies, positions at least at the 1-4 are really irrelevant.

    • I agree too. However ….. I’m all over this kid in a heartbeat if we have a chance to get him.

  • Whoa!!! If Sanderson can improve this kid’s hops he’ll be dangerous to himself.

  • zeroskie

    What bizarro world did I just enter when I clicked on this article? Weird to have a top prospect interested in us and we had no idea.

    • Kenny

      If he ends in AA, this can easily be the weirdest recruiting story I ever witnessed.

      This kid is ranked #1 by Scout, #2 by rivals, ESPN, 24/7. His mother is a Michigan State graduate and his uncle is a Michigan graduate. Yet neither Michigan nor Michigan State showed any interest and likely had no clue of the family connection. Finally his family was able to contact the athletic department staff and express his interest in Michigan.

      • Leslie Hoerwinkle

        Didn’t Michigan and MSU backoff him because he said from the get go that he wanted to go out of state?