Video: Inside Michigan’s pre-Italy practice

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan opened its practice to the media on Wednesday afternoon before it heads to Italy on Friday. The Wolverines took the floor and ran through a series of drills before getting into some limited five-on-five action. Video recording was permitted during drills and we¬†compiled some footage to take a first look at Michigan’s incoming freshmen and returning players this season.

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  • Burke_Does_Work

    Mark needs to work on his post game.

    • Northern Blue

      Wasn’t as strong as I was expecting. He may be more of a pick and pop/roll guy at this point which is just fine for this offense.

      There isn’t enough depth at the 5 right but could possibly play some 4 in the future if he shoots it really well. Could look good in that pick and pop play Glenn did at times over the last couple years coming from the wing to pick and pop at the top of the key.

  • Little Perm

    Good to see Caris is moving well.

  • CarlBleich

    Nice to see DJ Wilson moving around out there. Looks like he has gained some weight. He and Doyle both look more physically imposing than Donnal and he has been here a year longer. Interesting…

  • Fraaqman

    I think I saw Austin just shooting around early in the video, but did he not participate in the 5v5 sets? I didn’t catch him in any of that action.

    • AADave

      Yeah,same here. Looked really good shooting the ball. I didn’t see any problem with his motor skills. And mentally, he seems sharp in interviews. But it must be hard to get back to an elite level after such an injury. I imagine they’re bringing him along slowly so that he doesn’t get discouraged. Right now though, what I’ve seen suggests he will get on the court some time during the season. And I wouldn’t assume any limitations given the chance to work on his game another 4-5 years at UofM.

    • Nope. Austin was a limited participant in practice (same with Max,DJ). He didn’t participate in the live game-action stuff yet.

  • GregGoBlue

    This video getting anybody else SO PUMPED for hoops?!?

  • zeroskie

    I’m really looking forward to Doyle’s growth this year.