Video: Austin Hatch talks Michigan, recovery

Dylan Burkhardt

Austin Hatch met with the media for the first time since becoming a Michigan Wolverine this afternoon after one of Michigan’s pre-Italy practices. Hatch discussed his relationship with John Beilein and the progress that he’s made. Watch the video in the embedded media player below.

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  • BlueBear_E

    Hatch reminds me a lot of Jay Bilas

    • Steve2081

      That is a mean thing to say about someone. :)

  • JoeKMI

    A very squared-away young man. Impressive.

  • UM Hoops Dude

    so happy to have Austin on board and am certain he’s already an important asset to the team

  • michaeltheoriginal

    Is that Spike practicing his post up moves in the bottom right hand corner of the video? I know we are a little thin up front, but I think you should stick to point guard.

  • Champswest

    I can’t wait to see him on the floor at Michigan. It will be a glorious day.

  • gobluemd16

    All of Michigan will be rooting for you, Austin. Can’t wait to see you in that M jersey

    • ForumSubscriptionRefunded

      North eastern Indiana will also be rooting for Austin Hatch.

  • Ronniemac8

    This video made my day. So glad that Austin is part of the Michigan family and how Coach Beilein has been there for him when Austin needed him the most. I see a great future for that young man and it seems he has any amazing mentor in Coach Beilein. Go Blue

  • Chris De Sana

    I have little doubt that this young mans attitude and humility will be a huge asset to not only Michigan Basketball but the University as a whole. My only question is with all the bad stories we hear and read about athletes and student athletes why is this not on ESPN or eve our local news as a lead story?