Video: Duncan Robinson Freshman Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan has started recruiting Division III transfer Duncan Robinson after the 6-foot-7 wing was named the Division III Rookie of the Year.  Robinson played for one of John Beilein’s former assistant coaches, new Marist head coach Mike Maker, and elements of Beilein’s offense are obvious in his freshman year highlight video.

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  • NC Blue

    He no doubt can shoot it…56% from 2, 45% from 3, and 88% from the line in his freshman season. The 3 and FT% should translate over. Looks to be a legit 6’7″ and the video showed good body control and finishing around the rim, as well as good decisions in the pick-and-roll. Also averaged 5.8 rebounds a game, which despite the obvious difference in rebounding between D1 and D3, shows good rebounding instincts. Clearly the comparison is to Stauskas…good offensive skills with questions on D, including the lack of lateral quickness (not shown on video but in high school tape). A summer at camp Sanderson and an extra 15 pounds would help a lot.

    Played at a high level prep school so shouldn’t be in awe of bigger athletes. I’d imagine the coaches would run him in a few open gyms during his visit to get the current player’s opinions. Looks like a legit D1 player but an open gym could help to confirm.

    • captincork

      Unless I am completely ass backwards on how recruiting goes, I can’t imagine that the coaches would elicit the opinion of any of the current players, that is NBA nonsense.

      • I definitely think it happens. Coaches will ask current players about their interactions with a kid during his visit, open gym if they play, etc. Not saying it’s the end all be all, but it definitely happens under Beilein.

        • captincork

          That is a wild thing to me.

          • It’s interesting, but Beilein cares about culture as much as anything and I think he counts on current players to help build that.

          • I believe that Beilein has stated as much. I think even as recently as this summer.

          • rmg83

            Yeh, he done it before. If memory serves, I think it was an influence with Spike getting an offer.

          • ForeverBlue

            Yes, he does. His assistants have talked about it too. There are also all of those comments about “long faces” or whatever that I remember from the Hardaway era. Beilein definitely values cohesion and culture and understands how quickly the lack of can destroy the atmosphere, especially in a ball sharing offense.

          • SBell

            Everyone does it.

          • MAZS

            Why do you find it so crazy to solicit input from current players? It strikes me as common sense. And, its input–not decision-making.

      • Mattski

        As I recall, they have done this several times–had prospective incoming players meet the guys and asked for their take. Team cohesion is super-important to them.

  • UM Hoops Dude

    Dylan – Just caught a typo, it’s actually spelled Dunkin’ Robinson.

  • Jonathan Grady

    Dylan–Do you think that they are looking at him as more of a 2 or a 3? I guess I am wondering if you think they use him as more of a Nik Stauskas or as a Kyle Singler? (If he turns out even close to either of those, I’d obviously be ecstatic)

    • Just from watching film, I suspect they like his versatility offensively to eventually play multiple positions. But he runs a lot of the traditional wing type of off ball movement stuff that I think we’d see from a three in this offense.

  • It’ll be interesting to see if this kid gets a scholarship offer or an offer of a preferred walk-on. He doesn’t feel as quick on this video as Stauskas did as a freshman, but the overall speed of play in the Big 10, or anywhere else for that matter has a way of influencing individual quickness, or maybe urgency. He has the low release that Wayman doesn’t like to see.

    Williams is a big ticket liberal arts college, so somebody has the ability to pay tuition. I think that even outstate tuition at Michigan might be cheaper than full boat at Williams. No athletic money at D3, but likely academic scholarships are handed out to athletes that can play and have the grades or test scores. It’ll be interesting.

  • Kenny

    The biggest advantage of D Robinson is that he flourished in a similar offensive system. My expectation is that he will contribute in the same capacity as Spike.

  • Williams Guy

    I am a Williams fan who has watched a lot of Duncan in the past year. I would certainly be devastated to see him leave, but of course Michigan is an incredible opportunity for him, so I’ll be happy for him if he does end up there. A few comments:
    Duncan is someone who matured physically very late, and may still be growing. I see him ending up after a few years around 6’8, 215. He will always have a wirey sort of build but he has a lot of room to put on some muscle. I think he is best suited as a stretch four although he could play the 3 equally well, offensively, because he can shoot over or post up shorter defenders, and drive by big guys.
    The Williams system is very similar to the Michigan system, and he is absolutely perfect for it. Shooting is certainly his best asset — he shoots with ease out to 25 or 26 feet, and has a natural, quick release. When he misses, he never seems to miss by much. But he also has a tremendous ability to move off the ball, and has a preternatural hoops sense that you can’t teach — at times, even as a frosh, he seemed a step ahead of everyone else on the floor in terms of where to be and when to cut to the basket. The vast majority of his points come on three pointers or layups off cuts to the hoops, with some drives off the bounce and post-ups thrown in. He has a nice, developing array of low post moves and tremendous body control with an ability to make very difficult finishes, even after contact, off the dribble look routine. His handle is adquate for a 3 at the D1 level, and better-than-adequate for a 4, but probably not good enough to play the 2.
    He is an excellent passer with great vision on the court, and was unselfish, at the D3 level, at times to a fault, given how dominant a scorer he could be at times. He could easily have scored 20 ppg as a frosh but deferred to two senior all-Americans until late in the season. Tremendous character on and off the court and a great teammate.
    I have no doubt that he will be an asset in any D1 offense, especially as he continues to mature physically — his skill set is rare for a guy his height, even in D1. He’s the best player I’ve seen at Williams and Williams has had several guys who played high-level European ball after college (and the one time Williams played a D1 team in recent years, Holy Cross in 2004, Williams won, and Duncan is better than any player from that squad). He is a good athlete, but obviously not the kind of athlete you typically see playing forward in the Big 10 — a not-quite-as-quick-or-athletic Stauskas is a good comparison.
    Duncan is a good defensive player at the D3 level with excellent anticipation who gets a lot off steals, blocks and deflections off the ball thanks to his court sense. But he is not an elite athlete or lock-down individual defender at this point in his development, and will need to work on lateral movement to guard athletic wings one-on-one at the next level (there just aren’t a lot of dynamic, uber-quick athletes playing the wing in D3, so he didn’t really have many chances to face off against that type of player last year), or if he guards 4’s, would need to add a TON of muscle — he got pushed around a bit by bigger, stronger interior players even at the D3 level. He is a hard worker so I have no doubt we will develop into an adequate defensive player who works well in a team concept and uses his height, length, and savvy to cause issues, but that would be the biggest challenge in moving up.
    Beilin is killing us, as Spike Albrecht was all set to go to Williams until Michigan offered late, and now he may be poaching the best player in D3 … the way I see it, he owes us a few high-academic transfers one of these days :)!