Report: Division III transfer Duncan Robinson will visit Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

John Beilein might look to a transfer to help fill out his recruiting board. TheWolverine is reporting that Michigan will host 6-foot-7 wing Duncan Robinson for a visit this week.

Robinson averaged 17.1 points and 6.5 rebounds per game while shooting 45.3% from three-point range during his freshman year at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass. Robinson was named Rookie of the Year and was selected as a 4th team All-American. Williams lost in the Division III Naitonal Championship by 2 points. Duncan scored a combined 47 points in the D3 Final Four.

Robinson played for Mike Maker, who was hired by Marist this offseason, and who was a former assistant coach for John Beilein.

“We’re never done (recruiting), we’ll look at this last one that we might have and be very judicious with it,” Beilein said in May. “We’ll see where (recruiting) goes, because (the last scholarship) could be coming into ’15 right away, or ’16.”

The New England Recruiting Report raved about Robinson after his final year at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire.

“A year ago he was a relative unknown coming out of Governor’s Academy. One year, two inches, and 20 pounds of muscle later now he’s a NEPSAC finals MVP and a huge steal for Williams College,” NERR wrote. “While the masses are wondering how a sharp-shooting six-foot-seven forward could have slipped through the scholarship cracks, the reality is that he jumped through, spurning scholarship offers for the top ranked liberal arts school and one of the most storied Division III basketball programs in the country.”

Michigan also has offers outstanding to Jalen Coleman, Eric Davis and Jalen Brunson in the class of 2015. The Wolverines’ projected scholarship breakdown for future classes can be found here.

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  • Slacks

    I am pretty sure Williams College is where Mike Maker (the new Marist head coach) was at before taking his new job. This cannot just be a coincidence. I assume Maker recommended this kid to Beilein.

  • John Billington

    I think 3 more scholarships will open this year Levert, Irvin and Bielfeltd of course leaves. I’d like to see the underclassmen stay but the NBA will be calling most likely.

  • Kenny

    seems that an offer is on the way and he will commit on spot.

  • Mitchigan

    Interesting…looks like they’ll offer. I probably would not, but trust these coaches through and through and they also prob want to balance out the classes with solid 4 yr good players/kids and he seems that way for sure. Also, a very good shooter.

    • Would definitely expect an offer. Michigan rarely brings kids in for a visit like this if an offer isn’t forthcoming. Can’t really think of anyone that has visited as a transfer or late in the process that hasn’t left campus with an offer. That’s just not how this staff works — if the visit happens, an offer is probably coming.

      Working on putting together some footage of Robinson from last year. Kid can certainly fill it up.

  • Mitchigan

    One other thing is that it looks like there are two different players highlighted in the video # 2 and #22. They definitely appear different. Dylan do you agree? Robinson is 22

  • Does anybody have any idea or opinion on whether or not Austin Hatch can compete physically and if not, what’s the plan?

    • MichfanfromIN

      I am curious about this as well. I would like to see him ready to play, but is he redshirt material at this point.?

  • Mick

    He looks pretty good. Reminds me of Mike Moorstein a little bit. Whatever happened to him?

  • jakerblue

    Is he eligible to play right away? Does coming over from DIII negate having to sit out a year?

    • I am under the impression he would have to sit a year. The D3 to D1 exception applies to non-revenue sports I believe. Not positive though.

      • GregGoBlue

        He will have to sit a year.

  • D3Fan

    I’m a big college hoops fan who is very familiar with the Williams/Amherst (among the best rivalries in D3) rivalry, so I’m very aware of the differences in high major ball and top flight D3 ball. I’ve never posted here but just felt compelled to add that Robinson is absolutely the real deal. Often, kids fall through the cracks for whatever reason and by the time four years are up, they’ve turned themselves into D1-like talents. Robinson isn’t that. He’s a legit mid major athlete with high major smarts/shot selection–just the type of kid that can be effective under Beilein.

    Also worth noting: Williams is among 10-20 D3 programs that are really more similar talent-wise to low level D1 teams than they are to D3 programs. Williams, in particular, is unique in that it’s the number one liberal arts school in the nation. As a result, kids who maybe were going to be the 7th or 8th man at Cornell will come to Williams to start and get a top flight education. Robinson is not overly athletic by any means, but he’s long and can flat out shoot the basketball–a serious asset in Beilein’s offense. Also, having played under a Beilein disciple, he will know the offense from day one. I remember when JB signed Spike I was shocked. Spike was a high D3, low D1 type talent who came on late in high school. I knew he could play but was stunned when he signed at Michigan. And that turned out pretty darn well. And Robinson comes in with much more upside than that. Honestly, Robinson is one of those kids who’s just remarkably effective and knows how to pick his spots. That and he’s a lights out shooter, something that is helpful at all levels but particularly so under JB’s system.

    I’m also pleased with this potential signing because for non-serious hoop fans, I’m constantly having to argue about the merits of top tier D3 ball. No one seems to believe me that the difference between Williams and the mid to lower level Patriot and Ivy League schools is way, way less than the outsider would realize. Maybe a decade ago, Williams went down to Holy Cross and won on their court. I believe that was the year HC almost beat Kansas in the tourney. And you wonder why these types of programs are reluctant to schedule Williams, Amherst, etc…

    One of the things I’ve long admired about JB is that he has coached at various different levels and doesn’t get caught up in the hype machine when it comes to recruiting. He knows what types of players suit his system and while many coaches wouldn’t dare take a Robinson due to the perpetual need to win the press conference, JB understands that guys like this can be real difference makers. Much respect; you are incredibly lucky to have a coach like that.

    • GregGoBlue

      Thanks for your insight and eval. Completely agree.

  • jakelam2116

    As a D-3 alumnus who covered a decent amount of games, I’ll vouch for the quality of play at the top schools. Williams is obviously the cream of the crop. I like this kid as a complementary piece, especially after a year of working with the staff & Camp Sanderson.