Dates, opponents announced for Michigan’s Italy trip

Dylan Burkhardt

UqcNLzDB[1]Michigan will face the Perugia All Stars, Birracrua All Stars, Opitergium All-Stars and the Mantova Stings during its trip to Italy this August. The games are scheduled for the 17th, 19th, 20th and 22nd of August and were announced by a press release from CollegeBasketballTour.

The Wolverines are expected to play four games over the course of eight days in Italy. More information about the tour can be found at

“We’re a little bit schedule-constricted, because we have to wait until classes end, and then Labor Day we have to be back ready to go (for the start of school), so it’s only an eight-day trip,” John Beilein said earlier this summer. “Same thing we did last (time)—four games, eight days, sightseeing, practice.”

Michigan’s first two games will be against local assembled teams with an assortment of players from various levels of Italian basketball – the rosters for these teams are still being finalized. The game against Mantova on August 22nd is expected to be the most difficult of the bunch. The Stings finished second in the Italian third last season and will be promoted to the second level of Italian basketball next season. Former Villanova guard Mike Nardi was among the standouts for Mantova last season.

Announced European Dates

  • August 17: Michigan vs. Perugia All Stars @ Roma
  • August 19: Michigan vs. Birracrua All Stars @ Palazzetto di Vicenza 20:30
  • August 20: Michigan vs. Opitergium Spartans @ Palazzetto di Vicenza 20:30
  • August 22  Michigan vs. Mantova Stings @ Mantova PalaBam 20:30

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  • Ben

    Do you know what the overseas coverage will be? Will any of these be able to be streamed???

    • Alo

      Yeah I was wondering the same thing. I imagine Big 10 network will have it. What else could they run all day?

      • I don’t expect the Big Ten Network to send TV crews to Italy. ;-) I’ll let you guys know if I hear anything.

        • Alo

          I didn’t think big ten network would send over a crew. Just some intern with an old Nokia flip phone so he could record the game in 30 second intervals. Man the limitations on old phones videos was hilarious. Now we have these super up phones but we need apps that make new photos look old, max messages of 140 characters, and max videos of 15 seconds.

          I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore!

  • John Billington

    I just hope they beat the Spartans by 30!