Recruiting Roundup: Derryck Thornton Jr. stars at NBPA Top 100 Camp

Dylan Burkhardt
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - JUNE, 18: National Basketball Players Association Top 100 Camp at the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville Virginia.(Photo by Kelly Kline)

When Derryck Thornton Jr. left Michigan’s College Practice Camp two weeks ago, there was little doubt among spectators that he was one of the best point guards in the country. He had all of the tools – quickness, athleticism, passing ability, vision and a dynamite mid-range jumper – and he didn’t shy away from any competition. Thornton made plays for himself and others, but was most impressive with his defensive ability, making it a point to shut down other top guards in attendance.

Thornton added Michigan, Florida and Oklahoma offers last week and it appears that Kentucky might be next. He’s set to visit Lexington after NBPA Top 100 camp wraps up on Saturday and an offer is expected. But Thornton has also seized the opportunity to cement his status nationally as one of the top point guards in the country. Thornton played with a local AAU team this spring rather than playing on one of the high-profile Nike or Adidas circuits and hasn’t had nearly as much national buzz lately simply because many scouts haven’t seen him play.

That all changed this weekend at NBPA Top 100 Camp. Seemingly every national scout in attendance tweeted something about Thornton’s strong showing in Virginia.

“Watching Derryck Thornton absolutely dominate the competition tonight @ (NBA Top 100 Camp),” former Wolverine and camp director Tim McCormick tweeted, “(He) gets wherever he wants. So much Trey Burke in his game.”

Through four games, Thornton was averaging 9 points and his 5.5 assists per game were good for second best at the camp. Rivals expects his ranking to rise:

It has been a strong grassroots run for class of 2016 point guard Derryck Thornton. The Henderson (Nev.) Findlay Prep floor general looks to be due for a bump up from his current No. 20 national ranking because of his consistent play. Thornton excels in a high pick-and-roll, where his floor vision and the quickness with which he turns the corner puts defenders in bad situations. He’s also a very good on-the-ball defender and was playing at a high level on Thursday morning.

Sharma, Falzon visit Michigan

Northfield Mount Hermon’s Josh Sharma (2015), Aaron Falzon (2015), Ian Sistare (2016) and AJ Brodeur (2016)have been making the rounds across the Midwest over the past week. The NMH crew has visited Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Marquette, Purdue, Illinois, Iowa and even watched Nik Stauskas and Doug McDermott workout in Chicago.


NMH is Spike Albrecht’s alma mater and generally has its fair share of Division I level talent. Sharma is a top-100 big man and the highest rated of the bunch. He has shown up on Michigan’s radar of late and is a 2015 name to track this July if Michigan looks to add size to its roster.

Status quo for Jalen Coleman

There have been two constants for Jalen Coleman this spring: made jump shots and discussion of his plan to trim his list ‘soon’.

Coleman kept on stroking the ball at NBPA Top 100 Camp:

Is there a better looking jump shot in the class of 2015 than Jalen Coleman‘s? has seen a lot of ball this spring and we have yet to see a more crisp, clean, compact and aesthetically pleasing looking jumper than the one wielded by Coleman. The No. 31 player in 2015 is also a very good one- and two-dribble pull-up jump shooter but does need to get more strength and become a better finisher as a driver.

Hoopniks agrees with the assessment of Coleman’s smooth stroke.:

In this day and age most 6’4” scoring guards want to be known as point guards or combo guards. Jalen Coleman is refreshing as he knows he is a true shooting guard. In the EYBL, Coleman shot 50% from three connecting on 46-92 attempts. His textbook jump shot was on display today as he knocked in numerous outside shots. He started with a feathery 15 footer from the right corner and then started knocking in three’s from a variety of areas. Coleman is a pure scorer, but one that is more than just a standstill outside shooter. While his points came from outside the paint, Coleman has the athletic ability to get by his defender.

Coleman is averaging 9.5 points per game in NBA Top 100 camp action,but he continues to say the same things about his recruitment ($): “When I go back home and talk with my family I will put something out there.”

Expect Michigan to make the cut whenever Coleman trims his list, but don’t expect him to rush things anytime soon.

Michigan’s other class of 2015 shooting guard offer, Eric Davis, is averaging 14.5 points per game (tied for third best at the camp and leads the field in in free throw attempts. Here’s video footage of Davis going for 32 points on Thursday night.

Eron Gordon set for three visits

Class of 2016 shooting guard Eron Gordon is set to take three visits in the coming week. Gordon, who recently visited Louisville, will travel to Duke (June 23rd), Michigan (June 29th) and Kansas (TBD). Gordon’s father updated his recruitment at ZagsBlog:

“We’re going to go visit Kentucky but my AAU coach is working with those guys on that and then Butler is a few minutes away so we’ll spend some time there,” Eric Sr. said. “And I’m sure at some point he’ll do something unofficial at Indiana. He just hasn’t. He’s been there as a fan watching his brothers play so he’s not had any kind of visit. So at some point I’m sure we’ll do that.”

New videos

Here’s recent video footage of two prospects with recent Michigan offers: Quentin Goodin and Seth Towns.

Quentin Goodin Season Highlights

Seth Towns Highlights at Future 150 Camp

  • rick dunaway

    why didnt michigan offer Josh Sharma (2015) wtf are they waiting for. lets get moving on the 2015 class all ready. damn

    • A2JD

      I didn’t recall that name. Has he ever been on campus?

  • rick dunaway

    Seth Towns. will be the first 2016 comit

    • Frank Chuck


      But I won’t believe it simply because you say it. Your track record on predictions is spotty.

  • michaeltheoriginal

    Uh oh. Thorton’s father thinks Calipari is “real” and “tells the truth” and “knows whats good for kids.” Gonna get punked, just like with Booker.

    • geoffclarke

      I’ve never met Calipari, so I can’t really judge his “realness”, but the thing that bothers me about him is when he makes obvious statements and wants you to believe they are some kind of genius revelation. For example, I’ve seen him a few places say something like “Kentucky’s not for everyone” implying it’s a lot harder at Kentucky than anywhere else. Well guess what? Michigan is not for everyone; MSU is not for everyone; etc, etc. I can guarantee that all the great coaches – Beilein, Coach K, Pitino, etc. – are very demanding of their players.

      • michaeltheoriginal

        I guess my feeling is that one significant advantage Beilein has over Calipari is he IS real, honest, and always has the best interest of the the student athlete in mind. The PERCEPTION that Calipari possesses these qualities (forgive me if I’m skeptical) takes away that advantage. Then again, as you point out, Beilein has a better track record of developing talent. No question about that. Calipari has a track record of RECRUITING talent, but there isn’t much evidence they get better under his tutelage.

        • geoffclarke

          Believe me, I think I probably feel the same way about Calipari as you. But my point is that Mr. Thornton knows both coaches. He seems to hold Beilein in high regard, so that tells me he’s probably a good judge of character. And he definitely knows Calipari better than you or me. So it leads me to believe that this is a case where my gut might be wrong. Perhaps Calipari is a real genuine person. And if that’s the case, I think the main difference between him and Beilein (off the court) is that Calipari is just arrogant, whereas Beilein is humble.

          But with that said, scandal follows Calipari whereas it stays away from Beilein. So maybe we’re right after all.

          • Wayman Britt

            Guys – players and their families all of sudden love Calipari and UK generally because of one thing = $$

          • geoffclarke

            I disagree, in general. That may have been how calipari operated at umass and Memphis, but at Kentucky, he’s got a machine going, where if he misses a cog (elite recruit), he’ll just plug in another one. It doesn’t seem to me that he’s concerned about personality or team fit, as long as you are a cog (elite talent), he’ll plug you in. It’s a basketball factory, not a university program. I loved my university days at michigan.

    • Steve2081

      If he “knows whats good for kids” then he probably told Derryck to come to Michigan so I’m not worried. :)

  • gpsimms

    Can we only quote Tim McCormick for the purpose of making fun of him? Even Zack Novak commented that McCormick made outlandish comments because “now there is a man desperate for attention” on this very site.

    • gpsimms

      Maybe it was just a podcast, but I swear I heard Novak use those words when discussing McCormick’s effusive praise of the national runner up team during the preseason, which he said was the most talent since the fab 5 (true), and that Jon Horford was a top 5 big in the league (not true, but at least a bit less inaccurate than LLP being BEST PURE PG EVAR).