John Beilein contacts West Virginia transfer Eron Harris

Dylan Burkhardt
Eron Harris West Virginia v Baylor HRDmX2DaZd0l[1]West Virginia sophomore guard Eron Harris officially received his transfer release from West Virginia today and Michigan head coach John Beilein had already contacted the guard, per a report from ESPN.

“West Virginia transfer Eron Harris has finally received his release,” ESPN’s Jeff Goodman tweeted. “Told ESPN that Michigan’s John Beilein has already contacted him today.”

Harris a 6-foot-3 guard that averaged 17.2 points, 3.5 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game for the Mountaineers last season. He is expected to have to sit out for a season due to NCAA transfer rules before having two years of eligibility remaining.

Harris is widely regarded as one of the best transfers in the country this season and is expected to draw significant interest throughout the Midwest.

Michigan, Michigan State, Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State, Illinois, Purdue, Indiana, Notre Dame, Butler, New Mexico and UCLA have all been in contact today, according to the IndyStar.
Harris is an Indianapolis native and is transferring to return closer to home, but finding the irght fit is also important.

“We respected coach (Bob) Huggins coaching style but it probably wasn’t the right fit,” Harris’s father Eric told the Star. “Looking for that right fit as far as a coach goes is the biggest thing.” 

John Beilein didn’t rule out adding another recruit to Michigan’s incoming class earlier this week.

“We’re never done, we’ll look at this last one that we might have and be very judicious with it,” Beilein told MLive. “We’ll see where it goes, because it could be coming into ’15 right away, or ’16.”

The Wolverines have already signed Kameron Chatman, DJ Wilson, Ricky Doyle, Austin Hatch, Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman and Aubrey Dawkins in the 2014 class, but currently have one additional scholarship to give in the class.

Harris is known for his shooting ability – he was 89-of-211 (42%) from three last season – but he’s also very good at creating offense. Harris grades out in the top 15 percent of Division I basketball players in terms of his off his efficiency to score off of the pick-and-roll and in isolation situations. He also grades out as an above-average off-the-dribble shooter.


Harris is a great shooter above the break, where he shoots over 40% from all three shooting zones. His finishing leaves room for improvement, but that’s likely a product of his tendency to create plays off the dribble, rather than finish other plays. MGoBlog’s Ace Anbender pointed out that Harris shoots a considerable number of unassisted threes, similar to former Wolverine Nik Stauskas.


Michigan junior guard Caris LeVert is projected as a first-round draft pick next year and the addition of Harris could give Michigan with an immediate replacement option should LeVert declare for the draft. Harris is a proven scorer at the high-major level and would have a year to learn the Wolverines’ offenes.

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  • W3

    Give me Harris or Coleman. I don’t think Pritzil gets an offer until both of those guys have either gone ekes where or we just move on.

    • As I said in the forum ( I wouldn’t expect Pritzl to be in line for an offer until after July when Michigan can watch him more.

      • bballkdp

        Dylan this is a little off topic from Eron but who is this European guy I hear UM is looking at? Would he be in this class? Any comparisons to a player we would know?

        • Kenny
        • Kenny

          Given that he is two years away from being eligible for NBA (he turns 17 this June), I think that he stays in Europe to play pro there. There is no point for him to play college in US for two years given that he already has a very polished game.

          • Bigplaybray

            I would doubt any 16 is “very polished”. Maybe polished for a 16 y/o, but anyone at that age could improve with a year of college ball.

          • bballkdp

            Why wouldnt he? He could come play a year with Michigan and go pro if he felt like it after that year. After seeing those Highlights and reading that page I think I would trust the Coaches to help his game out best they can.

          • MAZS

            I’d be shocked if he came over for college. How many Euro studs have chosen that path? Very few. Their dream is the NBA not the NCAA. Exum talked the talk as well, then opted for the pros. His draft stock doesn’t look to have been hurt–projected 3rd-6th.

          • maquih

            Della Valle, Alex Len? It’s not common yet, especially because great European players go pro very young over there, but I think there are a lot of benefits for European players to come to NCAA before the NBA — enhanced scouting, access to NBA resources (e.g. Kevin Durant Summer Academy) and learning the language and culture before getting to the NBA and a degree from a top US university is a great benefit as well. I see a lot more European players coming to the NCAA in the next few years.

          • MAZS

            If your reaching for a third-tier player like Della Valle, you kinda make my point.

  • Webbdog

    Didnt he outplay Stauskas when we played WVU?

    • He had 10 points on 3-of-3 shooting and two steals in 21 minutes.

  • Burke_Does_Work

    Set up Harris in the right corner and Caris in the left corner, and we’ll be raining 3s all day.

    • salama

      More likely Levert goes pro after starring this year, and then next year Harris takes his place as the starting SG.
      JR Walton-JR Harris-JR Irvin – SO Chatman – SO Donnal
      SR Albrecht – SO – MAAR/Dawkins – SO Wilson – SO Doyle
      with a Freshman pushing MAAR and Dawkins for the main wing off the bench role. Looks pretty phenomenal offensively if Donnal can shoot as advertised.

      • Burke_Does_Work

        Yeah I was just commenting on the fact that Harris is money from 3, except from the left corner (which is Caris’ strongest spot).

  • mikey_mac

    Yes, please. Gotta grab this kid if he wants to play for us. An upperclassman with this sort of talent would be a welcome sight in the lineup next year.

  • AADave

    Harris sounds like a great addition but I have to wonder – if he’s so good, why isn’t he on the NBA draft radar already? And why would he want to sit out a year when he could probably go pro after next year? Ideally, it would seem best to get a commit from a top recruit like Coleman (or Brunson although he’ll probably go to a Kentucky or Duke) without all these questions and so much potential.

    • Webbdog

      Why is everyone so quick to put the cart before the horse? What does the NBA have to do with a COLLEGE Transfer? He is a nice college prospect if he NEVER sets foot on a NBA court. Who is to say Coleman or Brunson will have the type of college career Harris has had thus far? Coleman and Brunson have had an offer for close to a year now and they have yet to make their decision, there comes a time Beilein has to make a choice to move forward with his plan. A visit and offer to Harris may help Coleman and Brunson make their choice sooner rather than later.

      • David Remmler

        Good points. Harris is a proven player at the college level whereas the others (Coleman and Brunson) are not. It is frustrating that Michigan now has an elite basketball program but still has trouble closing on top recruits like other elite programs. It is bizarre that a now second tier program like OSU has been having greater success on the recruiting trail than a very top tier program like Michigan.

        • MAZS

          I don’t think you can call OSU a second tier program—unless you are only including Kentucky, Duke, Kansas and maybe UNC as tier one. But since you put Michigan as “a very top tier”, OSU (at least under Matta) has to be included as well. Unless you just don’t like OSU–which is, of course, okay.

          • AADave

            MAZS, you’re right. OSU is still a top tier program. It’s last final four was only 2 years ago. But nevertheless, Michigan has elevated past OSU in the past couple years but hasn’t been able to draw recruits as well. In addition, Beilein has a far better track record than Matta in terms of developing talent.

          • MAZS

            I agree that skilled players should want to play for Beilein–though he really only has a 2 year history of developing players for the pros. Matta has sent his fair share to the NBA–and most recruits are not going to distinguish between those who developed players from those who simply processed them on to the NBA. And, of course, recruiting is about personalities and the ability to connect with a kid. While Matta might not appeal to you or I, he clearly does to many 18 year olds.

        • Kenny

          Over the years, Matta has shown his ability to close deals faster than anyone in the business, include Cal, K, and Self. But everything has too sides, Matta could’ve got Burke in a split of second but he let Beilein have the future national POY.

    • mikey_mac

      I’m not entirely sure it’s an either-or choice with Harris and Coleman, even knowing the current scholarship situation.

      • Kenny

        Since their games have too much overlap, and neither has the size to play 3. if Harris commits, Coleman may not want to be in a situation behind a potential veteran for potentially two years. I guess that we will look for a big wing in 2015 if adds Harris.

  • double d

    It is a shame! Huggie has lost touch with his players! Too many players have quit and/or transferred in the last three years. WVU was looking really good for next year with Harris returning. Too bad!
    If Harris wants to flourish, Beilein would be the coach for him. I dislike Michigan, but that is where he needs to go.