Notebook: Jalen Coleman shines at Spiece Run-n-Slam

Dylan Burkhardt

BmrZ1nQCAAAFD8A[1]FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Jalen Coleman is playing for his fourth AAU team in four years, but he looked terrific with All-Ohio Red on Saturday at the Spiece Memorial Run-n-Slam over the weekend.

Coleman was comfortable with the ball in his hands, attacking the basket and knocking down perimeter jumpers with ease. The 6-foot-4 guard was arguably the top scorer at the event and he had plenty of opportunity to lead All-Ohio Red. There’s a level of efficiency to his game as he does a great job of playing without the ball in his hands, moving off screens and cutting. He’s also shooting the ball as consistently as he ever has on the AAU circuit.

Despite having his playing time reduced in a number of easy blowouts, Coleman still had 23, 17, 16 and 15 point performances in Fort Wayne.

Not much has changed with Coleman’s recruitment and Michigan remains in the thick of things along with a handful of other Midwestern schools that have been involved consistently: Michigan State, Notre Dame, Indiana, Purdue, and Illinois.

Coleman’s teammate, Esa Ahmad, is also hearing from Michigan. The Shaker Heights native is a versatile four-man that can play on the perimeter or with his back to the basket and he hopes to setup a Michigan visit in the coming weeks.

All-Ohio Red fell to Coleman’s old AAU team, Spiece Indy Heat, on Sunday morning in the 17U quarterfinals, but will be in action against next weekend at the Nike EYBL Dallas.

Here are some highlights of Coleman in action from earlier this spring at the Real Deal in the Rock.

AJ Turner goes off

AJ Turner fell off the radar a bit when he transferred to New Hampton and reclassified to 2015, but the 6-foot-6 guard has improved his game significantly in the year away from Michigan. Turner was a late arrival to the tournament, missing Friday night due to travel issues, but he exploded for 30 points in a narrow win over the Mac Irvin Fire on Saturday afternoon.

Turner had his jump shot clicking from all over the floor, knocking down five triples on the game. Turner looked more comfortable, aggressive and active than he has at any point in his career.

This has been a huge spring for the Michigan native, who was also impressive in Sacamento, leading The Family with 10.8 points per game in the first weekend of Nike EYBL play.

John Beilein has remained in contact with the sharpshooting wing during his time at New Hampton and he should be poised for a big spring. He’s also developed a close relationship with recent Michigan commit Aubrey Dawkins.

Jalen Brunson trims list

Jalen Brunson sat out the Spiece Run-n-Slam in Fort Wayne this weekend, but he trimmed his list to eight schools on Saturday.

Brunson tweeted that his final list includes UConn, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Temple, Villanova, Purdue and Michigan State in no order.

Brunson is one of just two players in the class of 2015 with a Michigan offer. He averaged 26.1 points, 5.4 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 2.9 steals per game last season, leading Stevenson to a third-place finish in the Class 4A tournament.

Other Notes

  • Class of 2016 Ohio duo Seth Towns and Matt Moyer both drew rave reviews during early blowout wins in pool play, but they were knocked out early in bracket play. Both players are high on Michigan’s class of 2016 radar and have visited Michigan in the past. Moyer.
  • Cassius Winston is one of Michigan’s top point guard targets in the class of 2016. He played well in Fort Wayne, although his 16U The Family team lost its first game of the spring, and he has a great feel for the position. But his AAU teammate, class of 2017 forward Brian ‘Tugs’ Bowen is a future star. Bowen is already pushing 6-foot-7 and he can handle the ball, finish at the rim and score effectively.
  • Caleb Swanigan is one of the most dominant low-post presences in the country. The class of 2016 big man is still a load on the block, but he looks to be in better shape this season. Michigan is involved along with a host of other schools including Michigan State, who landed a gem in Swanigan’s AAU teammate, Muskegon big man Deyonta Davis.

Watch for much more coverage from Spiece in the days to come.

  • AADave

    I like Coleman better than Brunson. He has several inches on Brunson. And he has a little less hype than Brunson so he’s less likely to fall into the clutches of a Kentucky or Duke. And maybe he’s less likely to be a one and done. And he’s named after a legendary Michigan player. What’s more to like?

    We should put the full court press on JC.

    His teammate, Ahmad, looks like a perfect 4 for Michigan as well. Maybe Michigan can court both aggressively and then land both as a package deal.

    • Justin

      I have personally seen JB play…Umm he is as good as it gets at PG…Believe me if you pass on him…He will make you pay!

      Yes he is likely one and done…but let’s not forget Commissioner Silver is trying to change the rules and they could be in effect within the next couple years…

      With Murray in 2016…You can absolutely afford to have Brunson in for one year at PG..and Murray after with Walton serving as a backup PG the rest of his career after this year…

      Like I said you will be in trouble if you think Brunson isn’t the real deal. He reminds me of a mixture of Chris Paul and Deron Williams. UM needs to snag him.

      • MAZS

        Let’s just say that you grossly under-value Walton.

      • kam

        lol walton will be a good player

        • Justin

          KAM: Walton is a very good player…YES…Is he as good as Darius Morris? No…Is he Daniel Horton? No… Is he Jamal Crawford? No… Is he Trey Burke? No… Walton is not Jalen Brunson…PERIOD… Sorry Walton will play more minutes as a sophomore than he will as a junior or senior…if UM is recruiting the way it should be at a top 10 level in the country…

          Whose to say good players can’t come off the bench?

          • Steve2081

            I’d take Walton over Horton at the point any day of the week. Horton was 2 who was forced to play out of position for 4 years because Amaker couldn’t couldn’t recruit a real PG.

            Walton was also better as a frosh than Morris was.

          • Justin

            That’s debatable…Walton played with much better players…I’ll take a 6’5 PG over a 5’11 PG anyday…you expect Walton to have 235 assists this year? No chance.

            As for the Horton comment…was he a true PG no…but was he a much better than Walton yes…Especially if you include your freshman talk.

            BTW: I don’t know why everyone seems to be so ok with the recent run of recruiting and the players we have gotten.

            Has it been good yes, could it be better absolutely, we are Michigan…We should strive for the very best and get the best especially after two runs to the Elite Eight…

            It’s time to EXPECT MORE!

          • Walton and Morris are very different players. But Walton was much better than Morris as a freshman — regardless of who he was playing with. Morris really struggled.

            And Walton might not have 235 assists, but he’s already made twice as many threes as Morris made during his two seasons in Ann Arbor.

            No idea what this means… “I don’t know why everyone seems to be so ok with the recent run of recruiting and the players we have gotten.”

          • Justin


            I have stated repeatedly that UM needs to cash in on major recruits in the 15 and 16 classes…

            And everyone is like JB doesn’t recruit top level guys, he would rather have a under valued recruit etc…We are doing just fine with the ones we got etc. Clearly we know he does recruit the top level guys just hasn’t really gotten any at UM to this point outside of McGary and Chatman.

            I want and we should strive for the best of the best. To shoot for a goal of 2-3 top 30 players every year isn’t unrealistic. Programs are doing this and we have had a run as good as most over the last couple years but it has taken some luck and we came up short in the end. JB is at his prime at UM…We need the best guys.

            Morris wasn’t a 3pt shooter…ever so that stat is meaningless that you give. Yes they are different players…one is 6’5 and one is 5’11. And I think it makes a little difference when you play with Stauskas/GR3 compared to Douglass/Novak.

            Let’s face it Brunson isn’t coming here unless he starts at PG…If he comes here he will start at PG right away. cause he is that good.

            Let’s not just love Walton cause he is currently on the team. Walton will never play in the NBA and Morris did!

          • Michigan had a top 30 recruit in 2012, 2013, 2014. Have also had multiple top-100 kids in all of those groups.

            Don’t have one yet in 2015, but there’s still plenty of time correct?

            2016 is a class where Michigan hasn’t even extended scholarship offers yet — so it’s probably too early to criticize them there, especially because they are in good position for some quality prospects.

            Don’t really understand the Brunson/Walton argument. Love Jalen’s game, but Walton provides a lot of insurance if he goes elsewhere. That insurance also lets Michigan gamble for a 2016 point guard where it is in great position. Again I’m not really seeing how that’s a negative. After watching this season, what reason is there not to be sold on Walton as U-M’s PG?

          • Justin

            They have been right there around 30 ish…with Chatman…McGary…

            Irvin and Walton were a little lower… The debate simply is Jalen Brunson is a stud…And if he comes he plays over Walton..That’s all. I don’t see Walton as an NBA type like DMo and Trey were. He is better suited for college game and more likely to play 4 years…Brunson is an impact player.

            I want impact guys…you mentioned 1 borderline top 30 guy in each class…I’m looking for 2-3 each year..and I want some top 10-15 guys…Top 10 class nearly every year with some studs…We need to expect MORE.

            The classes in the past sure have been solid. Let’s not get complacent. Why can’t we expect more and want more. Look at the freshman this past season.

            Ennis – Cuse
            Parker – Duke
            Wiggins – KU
            Embiid – KU
            Randle – UK
            Young – UK
            Gordon – Zona

            Impact big time guys…If we can get one of these every two years…We can be a TOP 5 program every year. That’s what I want, forget the B10 title, National Championship needs to be the goal! That’s what it is for Urban Meyer and OSU football!

          • Brunson composite: 25
            Irvin composite 29
            Chatman composite 27

            All pretty close to the same level of player.

          • Justin

            Maybe I’m just unrealistic on recruiting…like most fans…I just see these guys highlights tape, watch a couple of them play in person, read about them a lot…and just hope to see in the Maize and Blue…

            I hope all goes well on the recruiting end in the future…I love our assistants, hope we can retain them for a few more years.

          • geoffclarke

            Totally agree with this statement. You are unrealistic. Now, I totally think that if Michigan was coming off a solid couple decades of on-court success, including a national championship, and/or had a head coach who really didn’t care about who was involved in a player’s recruitment and didn’t care about fit and chemistry, then we could probably get a load of 5-stars (like Fisher in the early-90s). But our coach does not cut corners or turn a blind eye in recruiting, like – I’m guessing – at least some of those you mentioned above; and he DOES care about fit, chemistry, character, etc. He’s fishing from a smaller pool. I couldn’t be happier with Beilein in any respect, including recruiting. Beilein is competitive, and I’m sure wants a national championship as much as you do, but he’s not going to sacrifice his integrity.

          • orangeda

            These arguments don’t carry much weight when you consider that JB identified and developed 3 stars(both when they committed) Burke and Stuaskas, not to mention the career arc that a guy like Levert is on(future 1st round NBA pick). GRIII was a 3* when he committed(ended up a 5*) Zak Irvin was ranked in the middle 100’s, and ended up a 5*, he started recruiting Mitch McGary as a 6’7 sophmore in HS, and he ended up a 6’10 5*. At this point the evidence is overwhelming, Beilein knows more than the recruit rankers, and he’s putting together a puzzle, not an all star team.

            According to your logic, you’d rather have Appling than Burke or Darius Morris because he was ranked higher coming out of HS(Walton was a top 50 kid btw, and Brunson wouldn’t commit to Michigan who was his leader because he’s afraid that he WON’T be able to leapfrog Walton for playing time). Complaints about the rankings mean very little at this point, Michigan has enough stars to carry the team for the next two years if it comes to that, and they are poised to land at least a few more in the ’16 class when the current team stars will likely be moving on to NBA careers.

          • Caleb

            “he’s putting together a puzzle…” This phrase is the key, in my opinion. More than seemingly any other trait, Beilein covets basketball IQ. So while guys may stand out for their athleticism and the potential that comes with that athleticism, sometimes KNOWING how to play the game trumps all. Burke, Hardaway, Stauskas, LeVert, etc…. Thes guys know how to play without freakish athleticism. The Harrison twins were guys that because of their measurables were thought to be top 10 locks after one and done seasons. They’re coming back because the many evaluators feel the holes in their respective games are mental. Beilien is finding the RIGHT guys, not just the ones that RIVALS or ESPN say are good.

          • smance

            The concern for some is that we have 2 top 100 kids out of 6 in the ’14 class.

          • Well the rotation next year will probably feature five top-100 players and that doesn’t include the best player on the team (LeVert). Not sure that qualifies as the sky falling recruiting wise.

          • smance

            I agree the roster is stacked, I’m assuming people are worried about how recruiting is “trending” based on this years class, and to some extent no top ’15’s on board yet. What can you do, half the team moved on in April…..

      • geoffclarke

        “Believe me if you pass on him…He will make you pay!…Like I said you will be in trouble if you think Brunson isn’t the real deal.”

        1) Who is passing on him? 2) How will he make that person pay or be in trouble?

    • bballkdp

      Coleman will be a 2 guard correct….Brunson is a pg and they both can play in the same backcourt.

  • Austin Grandstaff ( committed to Ohio State today.

  • Wayman Britt

    I wonder what kind of connections Grandstaff had with OSU? OSU sure has been getting some good recruits.

  • Kevin Alberda

    Is Seth Towns related to Karl Towns?

    • geoffclarke

      And are they both related to my grandma, maiden name Dorothy Towns?