Draft Roundup: Could Michigan have three 1st round picks?

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 84, Indiana 80-14Nik Stauskas, Glenn Robinson III and Mitch McGary have all moved on from Michigan, but they have an important month and a half ahead to prepare for the NBA Draft.

The NBA Draft Combine runs May 14th through 18th in Chicago and will be the first big test to rise up NBA draft boards before the June 26th draft. The upcoming month will also be filled with workouts at team facilities and seemingly endless rumors about prospects that are rising or falling. Here’s the latest on Stauskas, Robinson and McGary’s NBA stock. (Photo: Dustin Johnston)

Nik Stauskas

Nik Stauskas signed with Mark Bartelstein for representation and is working out in Chicago with Priority Sports. His roommate is none other than Michigan State big man Adreian Payne – who really likes bologna and cheese sandwiches. Stauskas will throw out the first pitch at the Tigers game on Monday.

Stauskas is projected almost unanimously as a top-15 pick.

DraftExpress compiled one of their always worthwhile scouting videos on Stauskas’s game late in the season.


“Stauskas seems to be garnering more and more buzz of late,” ESPN’s Chad Ford wrote. “His abilities as a shooter with deep range and a quick release are unquestioned. It’s his ability to also play a little point guard that has moved him into the lottery. This is the highest he has been ranked on our Big Board, and I don’t think it’s out of the question that he could go even higher when all is said and done. The Sixers, Nuggets, Wolves and Suns are all options in the lottery.”

Mitch McGary

McGary also signed with Mark Bartelstein for representation and remains on the edge of the first and second round. He’ll be rooming with Creighton forward Doug McDermott in predraft workouts in Chicago. ESPN’s Jeff Goodman and SI’s Chris Mannix both project McGary as a late first-rounder but other outlets have him going early in the second.

Nik Stauskas discussed McGary’s suspension with reporters after a recent autograph signing event.

“First of all, it shows he’s a very honest guy,” Stauskas told MLive.com. “He’s true to his word. He wanted (the news) to come from him and not end up getting out later down the road from a media source and having to explain himself later on. I think he wanted the world to know it from him.”

McGary’s failed drug test isn’t expected to affect his draft stock. MLive’s Brendan Quinn discussed the issue with an anonymous NBA scout that was unfazed.

“No, not really, because you know what, probably 70 percent of the league does that (smokes marijuana),” the scout told MLive, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

“It’s not like he’s a kid with a bad attitude,” the scout said. “If it was a kid that was a malcontent and changed schools a lot, then it would be another (issue), but I don’t think this is that big of a deal.”

Glenn Robinson III

Robinson will be represented by Austin Brown, who is also representing Gary Harris. Robinson is projected in the same range where he was before he declared: late first or early second.

“Robinson has the athleticism and the pedigree, but his play was up and down all season. He’s a natural 4 with the size and body of a 3,” writes Ford. “He’s tried for two years to make the transition to small forward at Michigan, but with only so-so success. When his jumper is falling, he looks like an NBA player. But he shot just 30 percent from 3-point range this season, which is a pretty big issue. He’s all over the place on draft boards. Some teams have him in the 20s. But most have him in the second round.”

The combine could be especially important for Robinson, who has the athletic ability to test very well. The biggest issue for the 6-foot-6 sophomore is going to be whether he can shoot the ball effectively and consistently in team workouts and combine events.

  • gobluemd16

    Not to be too negative, but I think Glenn will be the worst of the three Michigan players in the NBA and by a fairly big margin. Even as a huge Michigan fan, I just would not draft him. It is all about the situation and team they get drafted to, but I really think Nik and Mitch can thrive in the league. I will follow and root for all three throughout their careers!

    • countourzealous

      GR really needs to define his game or he’s just going to float around for awhile as a free agent later on, I’m afraid. It’s very possible that his skill set is more conducive to an NBA system, however.

    • kam

      i agree.

    • Webbdog

      I disagree, I think GRIII will be the best of the three. GRIII will rise in this draft. I may be one of the few who sees Jimmer Fredette written all over Stauskas. I hope Im wrong, but be prepared to wait a few years to see Stauskas Producing on the NBA level.

      • bballkdp

        Jimmer…you’re comparing a 6’0 shooting guard to someone who is 6’6 who will keep improving his game and has size for a guard.

        • kam

          nik is also far more athletic

      • David Remmler

        Stauskas has 6 more inches and a far more complete offensive game than Jimmer. It’s not even close. Stauskas has all the tools to be a good or even great NBA player. I would not be surprised if he has the best NBA career of all the recent Wolverines to go pro. And with a decent coach with half a brain and given half a chance, I’d expect good results in year one.

        • Webbdog

          I pray he does, But Great??? How long have you watched NBA Basketball??

        • Webbdog

          Nik will be the First to break the Mode!! If I see Anybody compare Nik To Glen Rice? I Quit!!

    • JVS

      I think Glenn will be better off with a clear role, natural position, not being asked to do too much on day 1 etc, but for all of them its really tied to where they end up.

      Nik is being looked at by a bunch of teams that have combination of strong pieces, and/or a good offensive PG who can get him the ball where he will need it (Phx, Minn, Chi, Boston). Mitch and Glenn, if on the back end of the first, would be in good team cultures with veterans to help them develop into their defined roles (San Antonio, Miami, OKC, others). If any of them end up in a franchise that is a bit of a mess/early in trying to figure out who they are in the start of the second rd (Milwaukee, Cleve, Detroit, etc), could be trouble b/c all are used to having strong team culture/chemistry and none seem to be (or should be asked to be) the vocal leaders young teams would need.

    • geoffclarke

      Besides the physical tools, one of the things Glenn, and really all these guys, have is great character and they’ll be great teammates. I think teammates, coaches, organizations, and fans will really love Glenn and that can go a long way.

  • Tim

    I know Mitch had his hand forced and very well may have stayed, but it is kind of a bummer that we have 2 sophs leaving that very well may not be 1st round picks. Seems like the success of the program and how much it seems like the players enjoy it (from the outside anyways) that we would have guys sticking around until they are locks. Still couldn’t be happier with the state of the program, just a thought triggered by this post.

    • Dr_ZC

      Just a thought… Glenn and Nik knew before they announced for the NBA Mitch’s predicament. In fact, I have the feeling that once Glenn realized that Mitch will have no other option but to go to the NBA, he decided to bolt, because he thought that the team would not be as good to get the exposure he needed for the NBA, had he decided to stay for his junior year.

      Now, as for Hortford, I am sure he knew as well, and that itself would present the best opportunity for him to start, and for significant PT for him. To go for the transfer is totally out of character, unless he was unsure if the competition with the existing and incoming bigs would favor his PT. To paraphrase my grandmother (god bless her soul), Jon ate the entire donkey but he could not eat the tail. Crazy.

      • Kenny

        I believe that Horford decision was made long before the season ended, and he wants a new environment and PT may not be a big deal in his decision.

      • ajerome33

        Just my opinion, but I doubt that Mitch’s situation played that big of a part in Glenn’s decision. Some of his statements before the Kentucky game seemed to sound like a guy that was done playing at Michigan at the end of this season regardless.

        As for Horford, his statements made it pretty clear that he wanted a change, a new offensive system, and a fresh start with coaches that he felt had confidence in his abilities. An opportunity to start and more minutes probably wouldn’t have changed much for him.

  • Kenny

    Someone will take a gamble on McGary but I doubt it would use their first round pick, but who knows, all depend on how fast he can recover and show he is 100% at the workouts. Should at least get a prescription when he smoked weed, really feel for him.

    GRIII has the athleticism and a consistent jumper, will see his stock up after work out with the teams, there will be plenty GM happy to take him in the late first round. He is a very safe draft at that position with little downside risk.

  • Yona

    Love that quote. Legalize it

  • David Remmler

    GR3’s a bit of an enigma. If he has the right mindset, he’ll eventually be a starter but if he he doesn’t then he may end up just being a backup. Either way, he’ll end up on an NBA roster. I’m optimistic that he’ll reach his full potential and NBA teams would foolish to pass on a player of his potential in the late first round.

  • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

    Miami would be an ideal spot for Mitch to land. I think that is McGary’s best chance of being a first round pick. Miami is always looking to add a big man and Mitch would be a steal of a pick based on the talent and the low salary he would be paid.

    • Burke_Does_Work

      I agree. He could easily fit the role that the Bird Man plays, and that guy plays like 20 min a night.

    • Northern Blue

      Also, could be a good fit on OKC, or Charlotte at 24. He is a guy that will fit everywhere he goes, and I really see him atleast being able to do what Kris Humphries in the league, but most likely with a few extra intangibles and as a smarter player.

  • Justin

    BTW…Michigan made Jalen Brunson’s final 8…We gotta to get em boys…This a top 25 player…would be our second McDonald’s AA in like the last 15 years…He’s gotta be on that list…and he’s gotta be a Wolverine…If we can’t get some of the most sought after recruits now…we never will under Beilein…After a runner up showing and a elite eight/outright big ten title.

  • Justin

    Cole Huff to Iowa or Creighton…not coming to UM…I’m good with that…leaves room for a top 100 PF in 2015 or 2016…with 4 years of eligibility.