Aubrey Dawkins commits to Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

1-1-11AubreyDawkins[1]Michigan added another member to its 2014 recruiting class today as Aubrey Dawkins committed to the Wolverines. The news was first reported by FlyerHoops.

Dawkins is the sixth member of Michigan’s incoming class, joining Kameron Chatman, DJ Wilson, Ricky DoyleAustin Hatch and Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman.

Michigan had been searching for depth after Nik Stauskas, Glenn Robinson III and Mitch McGary declared for the NBA Draft this month. Dawkins should provide athleticism and shooting ability from the wing with a solid 6-foot-5 frame, projecting to the three and possibly four positions in Michigan’s offense.

Dawkins was offered a scholarship during his official visit to Michigan two weeks ago and accepted John Beilein’s offer after visiting Dayton last week.

More on Dawkins including rankings, background story, scouting reports and video after the jump.



Dawkins is the son of Stanford head coach, and former NBA player, Johnny Dawkins. He transferred from Palo Alto High School, where he averaged over 18 points per game, to New Hampton School for a prep-year. Dawkins averaged 13 points per game at New Hampton, playing in the NEPSAC – one of the top prep school conferences in the country.

Dawkins picked Michigan over Dayton and Archie Millers’ staff had prioritized Dawkins for quite some time. Many other schools had shown interest this spring after Dawkins had a very strong finish to his prep season at New Hampton.


Dawkins brings perimeter shooting and athleticism to the table. He’s an above the rim finisher and his three-point stroke looks fairly consistent. He has good size at 6-foot-5 and should be able to develop into a plus defender down the road. He has a good feel for the game, moving off the ball to get open off of screens or with back cuts, but the hole in Dawkins’ game appears to be off the bounce. In the film we watched, he wasn’t aggressive attacking the rim off the dribble. He didn’t show much of a mid-range game, primarily settling for threes, finishing at the rim, or passing the ball along the perimeter.

Read our in-depth scouting report with video here.

New England Recruiting Report was impressed with Dawkins at the NPSI (where Michigan watched him earlier this year):

The six-foot-six post-graduate had all parts of his game clicking.  He was hot from behind the arc and athletic in transition, but equally important was the level of energy he was able to provide his team on both ends of the floor.  He finished with 28 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 steals.

Dawkins was rated the 19th best prospect in New England by the New England Recruiting Report.


Fit & Outlook

Dawkins adds athleticism and shooting to Michigan’s roster on the wing. He looks to be more of a three than a two, potentially even sliding to the four spot, because he’s a better player off the ball. Michigan coaches have always placed a premium on perimeter shooting and Dawkins clearly brings that to the table. He’s a great catch-and-shoot player, but he’s also a great finisher.

Michigan lacks backcourt depth for the 2014-15 season as Derrick Walton, Caris LeVert, Zak Irvin and Kameron Chatman could all be starters, leaving Spike Albrecht as the only backup guard option. Dawkins (and Abdur-Rahkman) both add depth to the equation and bring different things to the table. While Abdur-Rahkman is a better slasher and creator, Dawkins should excel in a jumpshooting role while providing energy off the bench.

Dawkins will be one of seven players with freshman eligibility on Michigan’s roster next season. Michigan still has one additional scholarship to give which could be slotted for Nevada transfer Cole Huff. Huff will have to sit out a season due to NCAA transfer regulations.

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  • DingoBlue

    Hmmmm, wonder if Dylan had this post prepared or not…..

    Welcome to Michigan Aubrey!

  • Kenny

    Welcome. now the roster for next season is complete.

    1. Walton and Spike
    2. Levert and MAAR
    3. Irvin and Dawkins
    4. Chatman, Wilson, Bielfeldt
    5. Donnal, Doyle, Bielfeldt.

    A young team that can be very good at the end of the season.

    • BlueRev

      I like the 2 deep concept–everyone has their specific role.

    • mikey_mac

      I’m counting eleven, which is definitely more than JB would ever have in a rotation. Seems like room for one or two redshirts?

      • Kenny

        doubt it. Both MAAR and Dawkins are a year older than most freshmen and there is no benefit red-shirt them, although neither will likely see a lot of minutes.

        Wilson or Doyle could’ve red-shirt if McGary returned but we simply cannot afford it now.

        • mikey_mac

          I have to disagree. Until we really know how ready Wilson and Doyle are, both are still potential redshirts. One or both will simply not see minutes, unless Max is again persona non grata, as JB has never gone beyond a 9-man rotation.

          • Andrew Weiss

            Wilson and Doyle will both play. A 6’10” 255 body will see minutes on the court. Also Wilson is very underrated, highly athletic 6’9″ power forward. This two men will help contribute immediately on the glass.

          • mikey_mac

            I agree in theory they both sound like players we need immediately, but on a practical level, then, who’s not getting minutes? Five guys for two positions is a full rotation, then realize it’s more like seven for three, since Irvin and Dawkins are likely in the mix for some minutes at the 4 as well.

          • geoffclarke

            If I had to guess, Bielfeldt is left out of the rotation. We’ll need 5-15 minutes each out of Wilson and Doyle and unfortunately for Wilson, his minutes are probably limited by just how good Chatman turns out to be. I can’t imagine Donnal getting more than 30mpg, so we’ll need Doyle for at least 10.

          • mikey_mac

            If that does happen, that should open up another scholly in ’15. Seems like Max wouldn’t stick around for a senior year on the bench.

            I don’t see it happening (Max has two years’ head start in the scheme on the incoming), but it’s possible.

  • Anthony

    I trust the staff would have rather went the transfer route and went after a big I don’t have any faith in biefeldt or Doyle to help next year.

    • Adam

      You do realize that a transfer would have contributed even less than Doyle and Bielfeldt next year right? The transfer wouldn’t even be able to play.. I think Doyle has a lot of potential to be a pretty good player.. We had far less depth in te backcourt than in the front court for next year

    • kam

      lol a transfer couldn’t play this year…. jeez don’t bash the coaches when you don’t seem to understand how transfers work

    • Anthony

      Adam and kam 5th year guys can play so I understand how transfers work lol and a lot of good guards are transferring so I would rather have a better player in 2 years then right now. I am sure Wilson and chatman can rotate to the 3 so I thought only taking either Dawkins or MAAR would have been better. I wasn’t very critical, but belien has missed on late recruits before like Christian and biefeldt. My point was if they didn’t go fifth year transfer then banking the scholarship, or getting better talent was the better option

  • Sood

    I wonder what the conversation was like – provided it happened – re: Aubrey playing for his dad.

  • Champswest

    Welcome Aubrey. Now let’s go hang a banner.

  • A2MIKE

    I bet MAAR or Dawkins redshirts and the other backs up Irvin and levert. Donnal and Doyle split the 5 and chatman and Wilson split the 4. Maybe Wilson redshirts.

    • jblair52

      aren’t both MAAR and Dawkins kinda “old” for their grade?

    • Kenny

      MAAR will be 20 in September and Dawkins had a year of prep school. There is no point to red-shirt “old” players at guard positions. Wilson redshirts very unlikely, options at 4-5 are limited, having Donnal splitting duty at 4-5 will be less effective than having him concentrating at 5. Bielfeldt might be better than we have seen so far and be serviceable at 4, I am not ready to put my faith in this.

      • BlueRev

        Can’t RS Wilson as we need him, but one of MAAR or Dawkins could RS–not everyone gets JB’s system in first year (though we have had great success at that lately) so that gives them a year to get system down and also not have both graduating at same time years down the road.

        • The big question is why do you take someone this late and then redshirt them? You take them this late to build depth for next season (and I guess to a lesser extent to have some depth if LeVert leaves). Otherwise, waiting for a prospect in ’15 could make sense.

          • BlueRev

            Yes, that is a good question. I just wonder if JB wants to know he would have decent players in the system if another 1+ guys depart early again next year–2 in hand beats one in the bush. I guess an RS could actually detract from player development, but perhaps it helps one develop in game and the other off the court. Of course, other than the vids here I can’t say I know how much time they will garner–my thought had been there’s only about 10 minutes for the 2 to share assuming we stay somewhat healthy.

            I suppose having the extra guy in case of injury is a relief in an of itself.

          • A2MIKE

            one thing I haven’t heard mentioned on here, but I have heard Beilein mention is roster balance. I believe 7 scholarship players will have freshman eligibility. If for nothing else, that may be why MAAR or Dawkins redshirts. I get the age thing being a concern. But 24 year old seniors do happen.

          • BlueRev

            Agreed. One RS to next class and another 1-2 likely depart early, but imagine 4-5 of these guys as seniors–even if they are coming off bench behind young stars! Boy, could we use a couple of those types right now.

          • captincork

            I agree with you but I must point out that LeVert was originally one of these late pickups, May I believe, and we all, including JB, thought he would get a RS.

          • Nick

            I almost think they took two guards just hoping one hits and is able to contribute right away. If one grabs the spot, might be RS for the other

          • Definitely possible.

            With so many freshman, you would think someone redshirts. Italy should provide a good opportunity for evaluation.

            I think of MAAR (many dribbles) and Dawkins (1 or 2 dribbles) as different players, but have to see how the roster fits together.

  • JVS

    Apologies if this was covered elsewhere or otherwise obvious, but since no one is graduating next year, and Huff may still sign on, what do we do if the Jalens, and say one other 2015-ers want to join the ranks? …. Hatch medical…. LeVert goes…. etc, but seems quite compressed/conditional.

    • DingoBlue

      These things work themselves out.

  • Justin


    I like the pecking order below for the roster. A few details here, a transfer could help right away if they were graduating this May. There are a few forwards out there in this category, different from Huff…i.e. Justin Martin from Xavier.

    As for the scholarship situation moving forward. We know Hatch is going to get the medical qualifier and won’t count against the 13 scholarship count. Plus Levert will likely leave to NBA plus another scholarship already available plus Bielfeldt likely not playing his 5th year at Michigan i.e. Blake McLimans case.

    That’s 4 scholarships free for the Class of 2015. Plenty of options there to get elite guards and to have Huff and an elite big available. This team will be fine on the scholarship situation. I agree no one should redshirt this year, they are young as a team and need all hands on deck.

    Ultimately I see this team as a 8 or 9 seed in the NCAA tournament in 2015 making it no further than the 3rd round (formerly the 2nd round) and that is absolutely okay with me. Building for the future. The following year with a strong top 10-15 recruiting class with the Jalens…possibly Huff and a Diamond Stone or another elite center and U of M will be back in the top 10 again competing for the Big Ten Title. GO BLUE!

    • BlueRev

      I have seen enough tourney games to never count out a decent team.
      Could we be a 7th or 8th seed? I think a couple of them went to the championship game this year!

      Of course, can’t expect that, but can’t count them out either. I will say 20+ wins heading into B1G tourney then +-7 NCAA seed (popping in & out of top 25 at times).

      • Justin

        Yea I stated 8 or 9 seed…could be a bubble team…you never know once you get into the tourney. My expectations are for this team to make another tournament appearance. Anything more than that is icing on the cake after losing 5 guys early to the NBA in 2 years.

        • BlueRev

          We’re pretty much in agreement–I just really like icing on the cake… sweet! Go blue!

      • Justin

        From what I have read and heard about the class of 2015 and 2016 classes. UM is in on some top level guys. I counted up 17 top 100 guys in the Class of 2015 listing UM on either Rivals or Scout. 11 guys in the Class of 2016. I realize rankings don’t always matter but I sure would like to get some top level talent in here and see Beilein develop them into NBA All-Stars instead of just NBA players, better than UM has ever seen since the Fab Five. Hopefully UM can score on some of these guys like a Jamal Murray and Tyus Battle in 2016 and the Jalens in 2015…plus some bigs like a Bragg, Swanigan, or Leaf. Gonna be a fun ride. Just happy to be in the conversation, now its time to get some future commits.

        • BlueRev

          cool. I used to look thru lists years ago at who listed UM.
          The more guys the better chance to land some!

    • aidan

      6 seed

  • A2PioneerGoBlue

    Anyone hear anything about Michigan recruiting Serge Ibaka’s little brother?Was watching the OKC v. MEM playoff game over the weekend and commentators mentioned that Igor Ibaka is talking with Michigan about a potential offer (as reported by Igor’s brother, Serge Ibaka). Igor is a PF playing at a JuCo right now.

    • Northern Blue

      Haven’t heard that but definitely would like to add an athletic big.

  • rick dunaway

    Forward Phil Cofer 4 star and cjTurman have been released from there ships at tenn can go any were now. 2014 kids. let get one of theses guys

    • rick dunaway

      both are 6-8

  • troy

    Can I get a prediction on next year’s starting five?

    • Right now I would go with Walton, LeVert, Irvin, Chatman, Donnal. Still really early obviously.

    • BlueRev

      Your going to almost universally hear: Donnal, Chatman, Irvin, Levert, Walton, while I’d add that Wilson is probably the best bet to push Chatman; and stretch here but maybe even Bielfeldt as two years in knowing the system could add stability at the 4 (if Doyle is ready to back up the 5 to free Bielfeldt).

  • Justin


    In this day and age with recruiting and the mass amount of early entries every year. You plan for the now and try to use most of your scholarships for any single season. Hence where U of M is at…With the transfer rate at an all-time high, you know that attrition will happen and scholarships will take care of themselves when you are a good basketball program like U of M is. It’s very unlikely all of the current scholarship guys for this year’s team will return after next season excluding Levert from this convo thinking he goes to the NBA as a late lottery pick.

    I like the way JB has recruited here of late…I just want more talented guys in the future…so JB can develop them into NBA All-Stars instead of just the 7th or 8th guy off the NBA bench. There are some studs out there that are high character guys in the 2015 and 2016 classes…Let’s hope JB can put together the best classes he ever has so UM can get back to another Final Four ASAP.