Transfer Watch: Cole Huff, Byron Wesley interested in Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

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Michigan is pursuing a number of class of 2014 prospects, and will host two on campus this weekend, but the Wolverines continue to be mentioned with transfers as well.

John Beilein was open to the idea of adding a transfer when he met with the media last week.

“I would be open to transfers,” Beilein said. “At Canisius and Richmond and West Virginia, transfers were really important to us. If we have openings and there are transfers who fit who we are, we would be open to that.”

Two transfers from the West Coast, Cole Huff and Byron Wesley, have mentioned that they are interested in Michigan.

Cole Huff, a 6-foot-8, 205 pound forward from Nevada just finished his sophomore year. He will have two years of eligibility after sitting out next season. Huff averaged 12.4 points and 5.4 rebounds per game as a sophomore, while shooting 50% on twos and 40% on threes (with close to a 50-50 distribution).

According to Huff’s AAU coach, Dayton, Iowa, Creighton, Vanderbilt and Michigan are the “schools he’s most interested in”. Huff has releases to  Creighton, Dayton, Iowa, Michigan and Nebraska, but no visits have been set at this point. Originally barred from transferring anywhere on the West coast, Huff now also has a release to any West coast schools that aren’t in the Mountain West Conference.

Huff wants to play the three to showcase his skillset, but even the four position at Michigan would provide him plenty of freedom.

Huff scored 1.57 points per possession on pick-and-pop scenarios last season with a 76 eFG%, good for the 99th percentile nationally. He also graded out as a good spot up shooter. He’s a a more efficient post-up player than isolation player, but 12% of his offensive possessions were isolations last season.

Byron Wesley is a 6-foot-5 wing from Southern Cal. Wesley led the Trojans in scoring last year at 17.8 points per game and will be immediately eligible to play since he graduates this summer. The Los Angeles Daily News reports that Wesley is considering Indiana and Michigan.

Wesley, who could not be reached for comment, is considering Big Ten schools Indiana and Michigan and should be immediately eligible since he expects to graduate from USC this summer.

Wesley, who averaged 17.8 points per game last season, left the program because he did not know if he would fit in with transfer Katin Reinhardt and star recruit Jordan McLaughlin joining the team next season, sources said.

“This was the opportunity of a lifetime and I couldn’t be more thankful,” Wesley said on twitter.

Wesley is more of a slasher than a shooter. He shot 50% on twos with 326 attempts and 34% on threes with just 68 attempts. He’s a good rebounder and slasher and is a former top-150 player.

It remains to be seen whether Wesley is considering Michigan or Michigan is considering Wesley. At this stage in the process, it seems like Wesley is more interested in Michigan.

  • Guest

    you have a paragraph twice :)

  • Chezaroo

    Huff is more realistic in my opinion. I would agree that Wesley has much more interest in us than we do him. If he is so afraid of the incoming competition at his former school ( after leading them in scoring ), what is he going to think about vying with LeVert, Walton, and Irvin? Not to mention Yogi, Blackmon, and Johnson. It’s a non-starter IMO.

  • sane1

    I’m skeptical of the fit of any kid who wants to come here to “showcase” his game. Competition at the 3 is likely to be intense.

  • JFek81

    Wesley worries me. The last guy UM needs is a guy “looking to get his”. The beauty of Beilein ball has been the unselfish sharing of the ball and the sharpshooting perimeter players. Wesley does not match either of those qualities.

    • As I alluded to in the article, Wesley seems like a case of a guy saying he would want to go to Michigan. Nothing to say there’s been any mutual interest yet.

      With Huff, it sounds like Michigan asked for his release so there’s at least something there.

      • mikey_mac

        Yeah, I dunno if Wesley has really accounted for UM’s situation very well. The lack of guaranteed PT at his spot seems like a surety to dip his interest. And then both sides will have equal interest levels!

    • jblair52

      Who is our backup wing next year? No one.

      I’ll take a 2014 recruit but why not add Wesley – a 5th yr senior who can attack the hoop and rebound from the wing position very well? Who cares if he is “looking to get his”. He’s an old man looking for success. haha

      What if Irvin or Levert get injured? Or in foul trouble? I’d rather rely on Wesley getting settled into a new system than on a freshman trying to figure out the college game.

      • UMHoopsFan

        Without any opinion in particular about Wesley, I’m not concerned about backup wing minutes between LeVert, Irvin, Chatman, Wilson, and potential two point-guard lineups. If Wesley were to present a good situation, that’s one thing, but UM is in fine shape for wing minutes next year.

      • Chezaroo

        Wesley is not looking to go somewhere to be a primary backup IMO. He was a first option primary scorer last year, doubtful he’d wanna come somewhere to have a reduced role or hope for PT after an unpredictable injury to someone ahead of him. Don’t see us as really interested in him, IMO.

        • jblair52

          Do you think he could start at IU next year?
          That’s the other school he’s looking at, right?

          I suppose they’re going to have to go small next year and play Yogi, 3 wings, and a Forward so he probably has a better shot at PT with them.

  • Northern Blue

    Huff is very interesting. Would probably be a great fit and eliminate our need to go after a stretch 4 in 15. If he wants to play 3 – maybe they do play him a 3 in a scenrio where Chatman plays the 4 due to being a southpaw where he fits on that side of the floor a little better.

    Huff and one of the athletic guards visiting this wknd would be great.

  • Tyrell

    Would he be visiting any time soon?

  • Kevin Alberda

    Form on Wesley’s jumper is UGLY. Looks like a good finisher though.

  • robpollard

    Wesley, based on his profile, would go to IU far more readily than UM; I’m not going to waste anytime thinking about him.
    Huff is definitely intriguing. Would be a nice get.

  • zeroskie3

    I’m interested in Huff and Dawkins.

  • Steve

    Beilein’s not going to tolerate a Wesley ‘me first’ attitude for more than about 4.5 seconds. Take him if you can and he could help with all that experience on our young roster.