Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III declare for NBA Draft

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 84, Indiana 80-14Michigan 77, Purdue 76-10
Dustin Johnston

Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III made it official this afternoon and officially entered the NBA Draft. The news was announced in a Michigan press release, both players will meet with the media at 3;30 p.m.

“In a very short period of time, these two young men have had a very positive impact on the Michigan Basketball program,” said Beilein. “From day one, Glenn and Nik have had the right attitude and work ethic that has helped us enjoy so much of our recent success.

“They both understand that they will need to continue to work even harder in the years to come to accomplish their goals in the NBA,” added Beilein. “We will continue to do whatever we can to assist and guide them as they take this next step in their basketball careers. We are excited for Glenn and Nik as they pursue this next stage of their life and begin their professional careers.”

Quotes from Robinson and Stauskas after the jump.

“For as long as I can remember I have had a goal of playing in the NBA, whether it was on my backyard court or winning the Big Ten title at Crisler Center,” said Stauskas. “Following some heartfelt discussions with my family, Coach Beilein and the rest of the coaching staff, I am ready to pursue my goals and begin my NBA career.

“What cannot be understated is how the University of Michigan has helped prepare me for this moment both on and off the court,” continued Stauskas. “This great university took a chance on me and gave me the opportunity to achieve my college basketball dreams. I hope in some small way, I was able provide some lasting moments. As I move forward into this next stage of my life, it cannot be said enough how thankful I am to the Wolverine fans for embracing me. I will always be a Wolverine at heart.”

I have thought a lot about the next step in my career over this past year,” said Robinson. “After talking with my mom, my dad, my grandma, Coach Beilein and the coaching staff, I feel the time is right for me to begin my professional career and declare for the NBA Draft. I am confident I have the work ethic, the talent and maturity to pursue this path successfully.

“It has truly been a blessing to have had the opportunity to attend to the University of Michigan and be part of this basketball program,” added Robinson. “The Wolverine fans and U-M alumni are the best in the world. I have developed many relationships and created so many positive memories that I know will last a lifetime. As excited as I am about my future, I will always be grateful for this wonderful two year experience at the University of Michigan.”

Nik Stauskas was named Big Ten Player of the Year after averaging 17.5 points and 3.3 assists per game as a sophomore. He was selected as an All-American most notable news outlets and was among the most improved players in the country. Stauskas is projected as a top-20 pick in the draft.

Glenn Robinson III considered entering the NBA Draft last spring, but opted to return to school. He improved his per-game scoring average from 11 to 13.1 points per game, but didn’t emerge as the guaranteed lottery pick many expected. Robinson admitted he questioned his decision to return, but managed to find a groove late in the season. Robinson is projected as a late first round or early second round pick.

Robinson and Stauskas combined to start 145 games and led Michigan to a 59-17 record during their two years in Ann Arbor including eight NCAA tournament victories. The Wolverines had just two NCAA tournament wins in the 13 seasons before their class arrived on campus.

Michigan also loses Jordan Morgan (graduation) and Jon Horford (transfer) from last year’s roster. Rising junior big man Mitch McGary has yet to make a decision on his future.

Stauskas and Robinson are Michigan’s fifth and sixth early entrants to the NBA Draft under head coach John Beilein, joining Manny Harris, Darius Morris, Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • mistersuits

    Well damnit, I wanted to hold onto the dream for ten more minutes.

  • EchoWhiskey

    Seems a bit shitty that they didn’t allow them to announce before issuing a press release. Maybe that’s standard protocol though.

  • Champswest

    We are Kentucky lite.

    • AADave

      Not really. We take 3 stars and 4 stars and develop them into lottery picks while Kentucky just babysits 5 star McDonald’s All Americans for a year.

  • Gordon

    It’s incredible that I still have such confidence in next year’s team (assuming McGary comes back…fingers crossed). Beilein really has built something special.

  • jblair52

    congrats to both! only a select few players get the chance to be drafted. Exciting for both guys. Both were fun to watch and with Michigan finally putting guys in the pros, I might start watching the NBA again.

    • mistersuits

      I tried this year just with the Jazz and Knicks but it’s just unwatchable for me.

      • Kevin Alberda

        The problem is, you were watching the Jazz and the Knicks. That’d be like saying the NFL is unwatchable after a season of watching only Jacksonville and Minnesota.

        • Cory

          Hey! Why do you have to bring the Vikings into this?!?!

      • Burke_Does_Work

        I personally like to look at their stat lines following games and see how they’ve been doing.

    • ChathaM

      That’s exactly how I feel. I’m not much of a NBA fan (playoffs get me interested a bit), but I have kept loose tabs on Burke and Hardaway this season (even watched most of the 4th Q of Bulls-Knicks the other night when Tim was playing). But, I don’t know. I LOVE the college game so much, and I’d probably choose a good ACC matchup over an eventual Stauskas or Robinson game next season. Just typing this, I realized that I WILL choose a good ACC matchup over an eventual Stauskas or Robinson game next season. Ah well. I wish those two nothing but the best, but it’s the college game for me.

  • TheYooper

    Slight typo Dylan; we had three teams (2009, 2011, 2012) make the NCAA tourney before their class, not just one.

  • Cory

    Thanks for the memories!

  • mistersuits

    I feel bad for Mitch, not because of his decision but for the fact that it seems like no matter what he does he’s in a tough spot.

    If he goes, he’s looking at most likely having to work his way onto an NBA roster from the D-League (he surely would have declared today if his draft grade came back as good as GR3’s). If he stays he has to battle on with all of his best friends already gone and knowing he “should” have already left… a couple of really big mental hurdles to overcome for a kid.

    • AADave

      Yeah but he seems like a pretty positive guy and should be able to handle it.

    • hailtoyourvictor

      1. What makes you think that basketball players are only friends with other basketball players? Just because they play on the basketball team, doesn’t mean basketball players don’t have other really good friends on campus.

      2. What makes you think that McGary isn’t really good friends with Spike Albrecht and Caris LeVert?

      Statements like “He has to battle on with all of his best friends already gone” are just baseless and stupid.

      • mistersuits

        It’s neither baseless nor stupid (somewhat subjective), actually. It’s been common knowledge that McGary and GR3 were a pair and wanted to play ball and leave for the NBA together last year, choose together to stay on for one more year. McGary now has to grapple with the fact that he does not get to meet the expectations he set for himself this year.

        Furthermore, it’s common knowledge that GR3 regretted his decision to come back earlier in the year. I saw a pretty noticeable difference in GR3’s play when he was mentally checked out and when he was “all in”.

        So I stand by my comment that his best friend is gone and he’s going to have to create a whole new set of expectations for himself… IF, and that’s a big IF, he stays. He may very well still declare*.

        *(in fact, that’s my guess, he’s going to try and rehab to the point he can impress NBA execs with workouts before the 26th to make his determination)

        • hailtoyourvictor

          Do we know if GRIII and McGary are best friends? Speculative at best.

          Do we know if GRIII was McGary’s only “best friend”? Speculative at best.

          Saying “McGary has to live with battling on while all of his best friends already gone” is therefor speculative at best.

          It is a known fact the McGary and Spike Albrecht are really good friends. McGary had more friends than just GRIII.

          • FWIW … McGary and Robinson always refer to each other as best friends. Obviously they have other friends, but that’s not like a made up thing.

          • kam

            they are best friends

        • BlueHawaii

          Mitch and Glenn have known each other forever and regard each other as “best friends.” Mitch is also very good friends with Spike and I’m sure many other guys on the team and not on the team. While Mitch and Glenn may have wanted to leave at the same time, Mitch’s injury changed everything. Stuff happens and you adjust. Obviously, they weren’t ever going to the same NBA team together and the buddy thing was going to end somehow, some day. So here their paths diverge, and that doesn’t mean they won’t continue to be best friends whether they see each other as often or not. As for “common knowledge that GR3 regretted his decision to come back” – that’s a subjective overreach. He certainly questioned his decision – AFTER Mitch got hurt, which no one could have anticipated. But to say he “regretted” it – he has never said that, so, no, that’s far from “common knowledge.”

      • GentlemanScholar

        I don’t think I would’ve been so harsh to call it “stupid,” but I wholeheartedly agree. We are fans of the University and nothing more (and by extension we root for these kids). There is so much speculation as to what these kids are thinking when none of us are close enough to, or know, these kids to have any real clue.

        Who’s to say Mitch and GR3 are best friends and not simply best friends on the team. These guys are students as well and likely have several friends at the school in addition to their girlfriends who will be likely staying around for another few years.

        His comment, and all like it, are nothing but conjecture.

  • Brad S

    Lol this clown on BTN just said Nik is “an underrated defender with good size at around 6’3-6’4”. Is this guy completely clueless or what?

  • Justin Harbin

    Good for Stauskas and Robinson
    A starting 5 of:
    PG: Derrick Walton Jr.
    SG: Caris Levert
    SF: Zak Irvin
    PF: Kameron Chatman
    C: Mitch McGary
    That is a very good lineup and we will definitely still be championship contenders next year. Go Blue. The future still bright in Ann Arbor!

    • CoachD178

      I don’t see Chatman starting at the 4 next year. He’s a pretty skinny kid and not real physical. If McGary comes back I’d expect to see Donnal playing some 4 along with McGary. You could see some times when they go with a more “wing” oriented lineup but I think Irvin might be better suited for the 4 in that situation. The great thing about Donnal as a prospect is he can play with McGary thanks to his ability to knock down the mid-range jumper and even extend out to the 3.

      • guestavo

        Chatman is just as big as freshman year GR3 and is supposedly a better rebounder. Donnal should come off the bench and backup the 4 & 5.

        • CoachD178

          There is a difference between listed size and how big a kid actually is. Not every 200 pound kid is able to play the way Glenn Robinson III did. He was a strong kid at 200 pounds. Chatman is not that kind of player. He’s more of a smooth, finesse guy than Robinson, who was a power player and a rim attacker in high school. Chatman is more in the Kyle Anderson mold. He is a good rebounder but that’s as a SF. Put him against stronger and bigger players and he is going to have a harder time matching up. There is a chance UM will have to play him at the 4 out of necessity, but my hope is they go with a bit of a bigger lineup that only has Chatman playing the 4 at times, not permanently like they had to do with Robinson. I think that will limit his game and not allow him to have the ball in his hands as much, which is when he is at his best thanks to his ability to shoot, drive and most importantly pass the basketball. With Doyle and Wilson coming in, to go with Biefeldt (who can give a few minutes a game) I think UM has enough depth at the 4-5 where they don’t have to force Donnal into a bench role.

          • Cory

            So if Chatman starts at the 4 who backs up the 2 and the 3? I think the need for depth alone will put Chatman on the wing unless we get a quality player to transfer here.

          • guestavo

            Did you not see the 2014 recruiting article?

          • Cory

            Are those kids ready to contribute significant time? If they aren’t, we’re awfully thin.

          • guestavo

            If Chatman is the backup wing then why go after more wings?

          • Cory

            Depth. Nobody can project injuries or how certain individuals will take to Michigan’s system. How sure was everyone coming into this year that Robinson was going to get his minutes primarily at the 3? Injuries dictated that change, or course.

          • guestavo

            Doesn’t that apply at the 4 spot, too?

          • Cory

            Absolutely, but I think a kid like Donnal will have a significant advantage, at the start of the season at least, because of his year in the system. Remember all the talk about Mitch coming back to play the 4 for this season? Is that just completely off the table now due to the losses of Morgan and Horford?

          • hailtoyourvictor

            I was a firm believer that the McGary @ PF lineup was all smoke and mirrors to begin with. Beilein plays his 5 best players. He wasn’t going to bench LeVert, Stauskas, or GRIII to give Morgan or Horford more minutes. Would we have seen that lineup sometimes? Probably. LeVert, Stauskas, and GRIII were never at risk of riding the bench, though.

          • hailtoyourvictor

            Cory, who was our wing backup in 2012/2013? Freshman late signee Caris LeVert. Was he ready to contribute significant time? No, probably not, but that didn’t matter because we had wings in Stauskas and THJ capable of playing 30+ mpg.

            I’ll take LeVert (JR) 35mpg, Irvin (SO) 35mpg, ______ (FR) 10mpg over THJ (JR) 35mpg, Stauskas (FR) 30mpg, LeVert (FR) 10mpg, Matt Vogrich (SR) 5mpg.

            Also, consider that Beilein will probably run some 2 PG lineups like he did with Burke/Albrecht.

          • Cory

            Very fair point. Until one of these kids signs it’s all just speculation, isn’t it?

          • Joe Baston

            I agree, it’s going to be “wing” oriented lineup. McGary thrived being the only big during the tournament run in 2013. I don’t think Coach Beilein will play 2 bigs, maybe if Donnal really has that outside touch. I don’t think Irvin is a 4, he’s better at 2 with his shooting, hope he develops a driving game. Levert plays the role of point-forward. He would slide into SG when Irvin is on the bench.

            I am thinking the rotation would be (if the freshmen don’t redshirt):
            PG: Walton, Spike
            SG: Irvin, Levert
            F: Levert, Wilson
            F: Chatman, Donnal
            F: McGary, Biefeldt, Doyle

          • guestavo

            Chatman is described as being better in the paint than GR3. A good rebounder is a good rebounder and he can post-up. A 4 can run PnR. Wilson, Doyle and Max are hardly assurances.

      • Justin Harbin

        Obviously Mark Donnal could start at the 4 but id rather have Chatman start at the 4 if he is physically ready. He is a Glenn Robinson III type of player who is really athletic and can stretch the defense and look how successful thats been over the past two years. Chatman starting at the 4 would be ideal while Donnal can back up the 4-5 positions. The only way Donnal starts at the 4 is if Chatman isn’t physically ready to battle for boards down there. Which I think he will be ready.

  • guestavo
    • guestavo

      Don’t see us taking more than 1 late 2014 which sucks cause some great prospects/ transfers out there. 2015 too promising to only have 2 ships.

      • Indiana_Matt

        I don’t understand that one.

        • Chazer

          John Beilein is a man if his word and committed to his players. The character of the man is in what he does for people and let the results speak for themselves!

          • guestavo

            NO ONE is advocating Hatch not be on scholarship, just that medical schollys don’t count against the limit.

          • Chazer

            We all look at the film and talent of these fine young athletes…..but we don’t know the fabric and character of these young men. The coaches certainly do….and thus because they look good on film does not mean they fit the CULTURE. JB is all about fitting the culture….see Drew Shifino!

      • There are so many possibilities for open ‘ships in 2015:
        Bielfeldt’s 5th year, McGary, any transfers, LeVert NBA, McGary NBA, Hatch.

        I think Michigan has some flexibility with what they do in ’14 because they know what’s ahead next year.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Random comment/observation. Can anyone remember a white player who was under 6’8″ leaving school early for the draft? Not saying that means anything, of course. But it is interesting if Nik’s the first guard in history.

    • guestavo

      Gordon Hayward but its rare.

      • Cory

        He’s not 6’8?

        • kam

          no hes 6’7

          • Cory

            Ah, I thought Matt wrote the question to exclude Hayward.

          • kam

            he’s listed in the NBA at 6’7. i do remember him being listed 6’8 at butler though!

          • Cory

            Well, if we count Hayward as 6’8 then the next one the line I think is Luke Ridnour like a decade ago.

          • Indiana_Matt

            I work in Indy and forgot about Hayward! I actually wrote the question to exclude Adam Morrison who was 6’8″.

    • Cory

      How tall was Luke Babbitt?

      • Indiana_Matt


  • Dustin Stone

    Early entries do show the progress the program has made, and do add prestige and notoriety to what Beilein is doing as coach…but damn! Why couldn’t we bring everybody back at the peak of their powers and may a go at this title as the frontrunners! The money is nice, but NCAA glory is immortal. Maybe if the NCAA didn’t completely exploit and mooch on the athletes, we might see more kids stay in school.

    • kam

      i agree 100% I’m sure kids would like to stay but lets be real its no fun being broke.