Michigan to face Tennessee in Sweet 16

Dylan Burkhardt
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Michigan will play Tennessee in the Sweet 16 on Friday at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind. Tip-off is scheduled for 7:15 p.m. on CBS.

The Vols advanced to the Sweet 16 by beating No. 11 Iowa (play-in game), No. 6 UMass and No. 14 Mercer in the opening rounds of the NCAA tournament. Tennessee is 23-12 (11-7 SEC) on the season, but has won eight of its last nine games.

Michigan last faced Tennessee in the 2011 NCAA tournament, beating the Vols 75-45 in an opening round 8-9 game.

The other matchup in the Midwest Regional features No. 9 seed Kentucky against No. 4 seed Louisville – pitting last year’s National Champions against this year’s preseason No. 1 team.

The Midwest Region features a Friday/Sunday format and Michigan will play on Friday at 7:15 p.m. Tickets for both sessions are available on the resale market starting at $117. Tickets for Friday games only are starting at $92.

  • arsenal926

    Anybody have experience watching a basketball game from the upper levels of a football stadium? Don’t feel like watching the game from the sky, so I think I’ll hope for a win on Friday and make the drive down on Sunday as long as things go as planned. With the Louisville-Kentucky match up I bet we’ll be flying under the radar for most of this week. Excited as heck for this week though.

    • Laura

      Never have before but will be making the journey this weekend! They need us! Go Blue!

    • BraveWolverine730

      I watched the Final Four last year from the 3rd to last row in the Georgia Dome. You can’t see crap at that level (the only reason I could tell similar skin tone players like Nik/Spike or Tim/Glenn apart was because they dribble differently). I obviously still enjoyed the Final Fourn experience immensely as a whole, but actual viewing from that level was not a reason for that.

    • Indiana_Matt

      Yes. From the old RCA Dome in Indy. 1st round NCAA games in 1999. Was still a lot of fun to be in the building, but as someone said below, it was the whole experience that made it great. The viewing is challenging to say the least. I am hoping to go to the open practice for Michigan (assuming they will offer one).

      • Indiana_Matt

        Looks like the open practice is at 3:10 on Thursday.

        • Bigrange

          Will Michigan be coming into Indianapolis on Wednesday, then? Hoping to catch up with them if they stay where they did for the Big Ten tourney.

          • ajerome33

            Just curious, as I will be in Indy…..which hotel did they stay at for the BTT?

          • Bigrange

            They were at the Marriott for the BTT, but have stayed at the Sheraton in the past also.

          • ajerome33

            Thanks -appreciate the info Bigrange

        • Indiana_Matt

          Sorry. 2:10 pm.

  • Mattski

    Mercer was everyone’s darling for a few days, and TN will have that privilege for a few days, too. Meanwhile, John Beilein has already been at work on his game plan for an hour. They might beat us, but it won’t be because we weren’t prepared.

    • jemblue

      Yeah, I bet the media is going to jump on the Tenn bandwagon this week. Fine by me. We know how Beilein does when he has a lot of time to prepare.

      • tpblue

        Do we have an updated record of Beilein at Michigan when he has time to prepare?

        • jemblue

          It’s been awhile, but a couple years ago I remember seeing his record when he had 4+ days to prepare and he had won like 75-80% of those games. (I don’t know if the 10-22 team was counted in that.) I think the record has only improved since then.

      • Kenny

        I ususally feel better whenever the media hype is with the other team.

  • Wayman Britt

    TN has been playing well at the end of the season and brings another big powerful lineup against UM. Better keep lifting weights this week.

  • David

    Fascinating subplot that Tenn is favored by KenPom. I wonder what the betting line will be.

    This game might be the biggest difference in seeds ever in NCAA tourney for which the lower seeded team is the KenPom favorite.

    • jemblue

      How much of their gaudy KenPom ranking is due to one game (their win over UVa in December)?

    • Ben Sheler

      Kenpom wrote an article about this. While Tennessee’s record is not impressive (11-7 in SEC), his algorithms ranks them highly because when they win they tend to win a by a lot, and when they lose it is normally a close game. He believes if the season was 82 games like an NBA season, as appose to around 35 in college, that Tennessee would end up as a top 10 team. link: http://regressing.deadspin.com/is-a-no-11-seed-actually-among-the-best-teams-in-the-c-1547060812

      • Karl

        Pomeroy isn’t saying that they’d be a top 10 team if they played 82 games, he’s saying they’d be top 25. He makes the point in that article that his system almost certainly overrates Tennessee, just as polls (that have the Volunteers unranked) underrate them. When Tennessee wins games, they tend to murder teams, and when they lose, it’s often close, and Pomeroy’s system gives huge points to big wins (that’s why UM jumped up so much after they killed Illinois late in the season).

        The concern I have is that Tennessee is a very fast-starting team, and at times Michigan has been slow out of the gates. Tennessee is also really strong at closing out 3 attempts, which obviously isn’t great for UM. But I still think it’s a decent draw for Michigan– Tennessee doesn’t have a match-up nightmare like Jabari Parker. Of course, Morgan MUST stay out of early foul trouble.

        • kam

          stokes is a match up nightmare.. he plays the 4 and is 6’7 240 and quick and VERY strong. He had 17 points and 18 rebounds yesterday. he will kill glenn down there. that will be a huge problem.

          • Michigan4

            I would imagine they will put Morgan on Stokes and Robinson on Maymom. I really don’t think there is any way Beilein will put Robinson on Stokes. We need to remember that Maymom will also have to guard Robinson on the defensive end. That, too, is a rather large mismatch.

          • Kenny

            That is a challenge that GRIII has to answer and I believe that he will, regardless of what defensive scheme that we will play.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Making me feel better to realize they haven’t played very many good teams in that last 9 games and their best wins in that stretch are Missouri, Iowa and Umass. A lot of SEC teams finished with records under .500.

  • Rollin Sterritt

    Tennessee alum here.. We can go ahead and throw out the game from 2011 as it means nothing in regards to this game. It should be a good game! Tennessee is playing it’s best ball at the right time and Stokes is a beast down low. 22 double doubles this season breaks a mark set by NBA hof player Bernard King! Do a little research and you will see that this team is no slouch. We lost some games that we shouldn’t have early in the year. We have nothing to lose and I wouldn’t be surprised if we came out victorious. I can’t wait for Friday night!
    PS.. Historically Ken Pom is very accurate. 11 of his top 16 made it the the sweet 16

    • Indiana_Matt

      Should be a good game. Sidenote: Who doesn’t love Bernard King? The Bernie and Ernie 30 for 30 was awesome.

  • beelza

    When the ball is tipped kenpom and the game from 2011 both carry the same weight.

    • Mattski

      I would tend to disagree–at least, if you’re talking about the value of each in predicting Friday’s outcome.

      • kam

        YUP. kenpom has more value than a 2011 game

      • Rollin Sterritt

        I wasn’t referring to the ken Pom ratings predicting the outcome at all. What I was saying is that we expected to be in this game wether we had to play mercer or duke to get here. Ken is pretty spot on with his rankings but in now way does that make me think were better that you all or a lock to win! You guys have a great team and we respect you very much. Looking forward to Indy as I WILL BE THERE!

        I was also at the 2001 Citrus Bowl! I know it has no correlation but I’m 1-0 against Michigan as a fan! Haha

  • Chezaroo

    Early line has UM favored by 2, for whatever that is worth. One of the things that jump out at me is that the Vols starting five consists of 3 seniors and two juniors. A very experienced team that will compete to the end. They seem to be getting a lot of love right now, and will certainly be a challenge. This is by no means a gimme.

  • tgio24

    What do we think the gameplan is going to be against Stokes and Maymon? Does Beilein put GR3 on Maymon and see what happens??

    • kam

      thats what i think… NO WAY glenn can guard stokes.. He’s too strong and big.. Maymon is big and kinda heavy but doesn’t have the offensive game of stokes so it wouldnt hurt us as much with glenn on him..

  • Edward

    The 8 & 1/2 minutes of havoc vs TX could work against TN too. Just run those big guys up and down the court for a while to get them winded and reduce their impact. Then the problem is their guards. After I talk to JB, I’ll let you know the rest of the game plan. Not really, I have no idea what to do after that.

  • Mattski

    I think that this game could turn on our poise against a hyper-aggressive TN squad, especially early on. They seemed to want to intimidate the Mercer players in the early going yesterday; maybe to a small extent that worked. Our younger guys have rarely cracked this year (maybe MSU in the tourney was an exception?) Things that almost have to go right are hitting from three, not getting Morgan in foul trouble, and playing sturdy but cagey D. We had a conversation earlier in the year in which many of us expressed the belief that this team would be able to show up on D when needed down the stretch. Thankfully, they’ve got a week to prep.

  • ShamrockCat

    You’ve really got to love all the Tennessee fans coming on here to tell us what a big match-up nightmare the Vols will be for the Wolverines. Our guys are battle-tested and ready to rise to the occasion. Tennessee has to play defense, too, and there are plenty of match-up nightmares there. Michigan has plenty of tools in the arsenal to get it done and the coaching edge is 100% with the Maize & Blue. Looking forward to a good, intense game, but U-M knows how to gut out the wins. Go Blue!

  • jkuofm27

    So this is just something I put together. It is not holistic, but gives a good snapshot of the two teams. If I had to try and make sense of it I would say that these teams are fairly evenly matched. Throughout the year Michigan has performed better against top competition and been a more consistent team. I went back and looked at the schedules and Tennessee really clobbered lesser competition but had almost zero quality wins. A 35 point win against UVA in December is the only real bright spot. That seems like an outlier, but shows the threat that Tennessee can pose if they really bring it.

    The rankings are from ESPN. The other stats are just Kenpom.

  • jkuofm27

    Yeah…I think this works.

  • David DeMember

    This just in. Ken Pomeroy will not play in this game…. Can I remind everyone that last year’s elite 8 was against the #2 Ken pom world beaters from the SEC. Not gonna be a cake walk, but we ARE the better team.

  • Rollin Sterritt
    • Mattski

      The well-timed floater can be a thing of beauty, can’t it? Martin seems like a good guy–hope that Tennessee fans are wising up.