Wednesday Bullets: NCAA tournament reading

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 72, Ohio State 69-1
Dustin Johnston

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  • Mith

    I have felt ever since the field expanded about 64, that the poor 16 seeds in the play-in game(s) are getting ripped off. Yes, they get a winnable tourney game before they get pulverized by a 1-seed, but I didn’t know, it seems like a rip.
    I’d rather see the last 8 bubble teams play-in on Tues/Weds and keep the 16’s safe(some of which would move up to 15’s).

  • Tony DeMaria

    You should add this to the list. A great article with tons of retrospective quotes about Spike’s performance in the NT game last year:

    “Now, Albrecht realizes, he’s in full control of the game.

    So does Louisville. “It was sometime around here,” he says, “Peyton Siva came up and nudged me and said something like, ‘You’re not supposed to be this good. What the hell, man?’”

    • jakelam2116

      What a great story. Love all the honest insights from both teams’ players. Has me more than psyched for tomorrow.

    • Rich74

      Thanks Tony, for bringing this article to our attention. Give us better insight into the personality of Spike. Sounds like he is a pretty cool dude. Did he ever hear back from Kate?