Big Ten Tournament: Michigan vs. Illinois Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 84, Indiana 80-16
Dustin Johnston

Michigan opens Big Ten Tournament play this afternoon against Illinois at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The game is scheduled for a noon tip-off with Dan Dakich and Mike Tirico on the call for ESPN. Join in the comments section below before, during and after the game.

Pregame Reading:

  • gobluemd16

    I really, really don’t like that JMo wasn’t in on that last possession. I know Beilein probably wanted to be able to switch everything and that was why Irvin was in, but I disagree. JMo is our best defender, caused the shot clock violation on the possession before, and can obviously better protect the paint than Irvin. Irvin was on Egwu and if Abrams decided to pass, Irvin was at a severe height disavantage. Since he didn’t pass, Irvin was super late contesting after Caris was blown by (Why was he playing so tight??) and I doubt Morgan would be so late and probably puts a better hand in his face. So lucky that shot didn’t go and we escaped with the win, but I would have liked our best defender to be on the court for the most important possession of the game.. Nice, gritty win down the stretch otherwise

    • MLaw

      Generally agree. Counter argument: Morgan may have been called for the foul because Jordan Morgan. Caris has a reputation of being a great defender who doesn’t foul and may have gotten the benefit of the doubt on pushing him a little off his path. Every step counted in him missing that layup. Irvin was late on the contest, but Morgan may have gotten contact that he thought was a charge, but gets called against him.

      Still Morgan has the ability to play much better defense and might be able to deny that play. JB said post game they thought Abrams would get the ball and drive, so they could have set up Morgan to take the charge if they were right. Seems odd, but there may be other reasons Morgan was out (fatigue, gut feeling, certain play calls favor Horford).

    • Chezaroo

      Couldn’t agree more!